Monday, December 22, 2008


Kebelakangan ini, I have been playing football alot.

And futsal too.

It's kinda weird sometimes, but I think most guys will agree.

We usually start out during primary school playing mostly football...

Then at some stage we start to divert to other sports... eg: Basketball, badminton...

But then now we revert back to football!


This was the case for me. I think I started getting more and more enthusiastic about football at the beginning of the year.

Thanks to Fifa 08...

Playing the game so much made me play it in real life and I'm glad I did... :D


So yeah, just got back from futsal with my cell group peeps: Koks, Jung, Huaj, John, Shuj, Edmund, and Hauyon!

Was a lot of fun. I think I'm improving. /heh

Will give you all loyal readers an update soon! Stay tuned.

p/s: just ignore the lifeless budak that invaded my blog.