Wednesday, January 30, 2008

School Poll.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

And I am stunned.

I think my readers are illiterate or idiotic lol. xD

Hahahahahhaaha, it's good to have fun, but this is a lil.... too much?

I am forever traumatized by polls. I shall never look at them the same way again...

Which colour is darkest?

Black - 1
White - 10
Yellow - 2
Green - 4

Idiocy personified.

Nex poll.

Our "dear" HM. Do you like her?

I'm expecting this.

I love her - 50%
I hate her - 20%
What's a pengetua - 125%

Wao, 200% votes.

Past experiences are cruel.


Last week's youth was darn fun. Hahahahaha, we didn't do much on word, but we sure had a lot of fun through numerous games.

Hahahahha, anyways some pictures to enlighten you!

First to fall was huaJie. O_o He had to imitate a drawing of a monster that ate John and was stepping on Shuj.

Jon was next, he fell prey to our schemes, and was forced to imitate huaJie's stick figure drawing! The face expression was too hard though.

Not long after that, Koks lost his composure and had to pose for my phone.

Next was Wai San. I don't have much to say on this picture lol.


After that, Wei Ee's "ill intentions" backfired and caused him to be knocked out. Soon after, huaJie rejoined the fray.

The end product.....


It's sad, but this are my friends from cell. xD

Hahahahaha that game was so fun.

We played.....

One frog,

Jumped into the pond,


Two frogs,

Two frogs,

Jumped into the pond,

Jumped into the pond,




those in the pictures were the weakest link and were forced to imitate drawings on the whiteboard.

And ta-da!

You can't deny how cool steph looks!

I swear i dreamt about frogs jumping into the pond that night.

Monday, January 28, 2008


After the cross country run (merentas desa) practice today. I have to say I'm quite weak-willed.

Either that or my physique is just not up for it.

I came in 3rd. That's not bad you might think. Well, it is. But these people are only from red and green house, and even then, not all were present - some of the ace runners were absent.

I stopped and walked about 3~5 times, for about an estimated 200 meters worth of journey.

That is quite bad in MSSD standards. In fact, it's horrible (if you intend to finish top).

I pretty damn much intend to finish among the top ten. Hope it can happen.


After that. I felt terrible nausea. In fact, it got so bad that throughout my add math tuition i felt like vomiting. Perhaps it's because I had to keep my head bowed down (doing questions, multitudes of them), my neck felt really sore, and that might have contributed to the nausea.

Work hard, play hard.

May I be blessed with determination.

All the best to me.


Sunday, January 27, 2008


What Yip Li Qi Means

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.

You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.

You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.

You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.

You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are influential and persuasive. You tend to have a lot of power over people.

Generally, you use your powers for good. You excel at solving other people's problems.

Occasionally, you do get a little selfish and persuade people to do things that are only in your interest.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.

You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.

Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

People see you as a complete enigma, and only you truly understand who you are.

You spend most of your time introspecting and seeking truth.

You're a very interesting person... but not many people know you enough to realize it.

You Are 68% Gentleman

You are definitely a gentleman. You're very considerate and you have excellent manners.
Occasionally, you slip and do something foolish... but usually no one notices!

Akira Shock x2. I bettered jinwai. =|

You Have A Type B+ Personality

You're a pro at going with the flow
You love to kick back and take in everything life has to offer
A total joy to be around, people crave your stability.

While you're totally laid back, you can have bouts of hyperactivity.
Get into a project you love, and you won't stop until it's done
You're passionate - just selective about your passions


You Are 20% Emo

You're the furthest thing from emo. Sensitivity is not something you exactly cultivate... and you can't imagine weeping over song lyrics.

omg? /wrist

Your Interpersonal Intelligence Score: 75%

Your Interpersonal Intelligence is High

You are definitely a "people person." You enjoy spending time with others.
You instinctively understand people, and you are both a good counsellor and mediator.
However, there are definitely times when you've had enough. And that's when you cherish being alone.

Akira unsure.

You Are A Fun Friend

You're the one who keeps your group laughing
And you've always got an idea for something fun to do
The party's not complete without you
And you wouldn't miss it for the world

I'd like to be someone like that. O_o

That's allll... lazy blog. =( Time for some Nobuta.


The chances of you meeting the person whose hand you're holding now is like that of a miracle. Even when you step out into the light, don't let go of their hand.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to good manners and elegance.

In love, you feel the most alive when everything is uncertain, one moment heaven... the next moment hell.

You'd like to your lover to think you are optimistic and happy.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something that will confine you. You are afraid of marriage.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

Your EQ is 127

You usually have it going on emotionally, but roadblocks tend to land you on your butt.

On an average day, you're quite happy, together, and content. You live your life well.
Your emotions aren't always stable, but you can go along with the ups and downs pretty well.

You tend to be motivated, energetic, focused, and level headed.
You see the world pretty rationally, and you don't tend to over dramatize things. When things are bad, you know they eventually have to get better.

Your Life is 32% Off Track

In general, your life is going very well.
You're quite happy with where you are and what you're doing.
And even if you get a bit off course, you're usually able to get back on track easily.

You Are an Okay Student

You know how to get by school, but your heart isn't always in it.
Motivation is a problem for you. Maybe you need to study something more exciting!

Oh yezzahs and O RLYs are piling up in my head.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

OU and Drawings...


Me, Yy.
Today is a Saturday.
Yes it is.

So... What are we doing here again?

No idea.

Right, so school ended up being very slow today. We were planning stuff for Tse Kai's farewell gifts though. It ended up alright I suppose.

After school, I left for OU with karMun, Huajie, Koks, Jaz and Zicong.

We split up after that. Me and karMun were meeting up with our old classmate, Eunice... While the rest just went somewhere.

We met up soon and had a headache on deciding where to eat. Ended up walking in big circles before settling for Secret Recipe.

So, we re-met up with koks and jie there and had lunch...

Ate Chicken Gorden Bleu or something. Was good.

Later I left with koks for swimming. Huejie walked back with us as well, while the girls went to do their stuff.

Of course, before that, I had to take pictures with her before she returns to Aus. Geez, everyone's going to Australia.

Yah, so we had swimming lessons from 3-4. And went home around 5.

Before going home though, koks' mum brought us to the market in Seksyen 17. Coolness, we got to drink tong sui for 1.30 per bowl. Neat stuff. It was great. And we ate Hakka mee as well.

Anyway, we set off for home after that.

After a while, I just got bored and started to draw. I'm rather bad at it so please don't laugh. =(

Lion! I like. xD

Another version.... Just camera tricks la.

This is the unshaded version... I think shaded is nicer...

And then I drew a bear.....

The uncrowned version...

Crowned versions.....

Friday, January 18, 2008


Today is the eighteenth. Nothing special happens this day. Hahahahaha.

School was.... alright. For much of the second half of the school (after recess), people were just being emo all around.

Wonder what happened?

I'm heck sleepy. This is madness.


Shut up.

Anyways...... there's school tomorrow, much to my dismay.

And seriously, our headmistress issue is getting crazy big. It's even on papers now.

"First question, are you seen as a friend? If yes, you're finished."

I'm finished. Avenge me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Life in School...

Geez, so what if I got the green light? I lack the ability to begin with.

I suppose we're not too great after all eh?

Such simpletons we are.

Perhaps we're just not suited for this game.


Me, Huajie and Zicong escorted Y.B. Steph to her mother's shop today, after school.

We sort of sat down and had some talks about our lives.... Our problems... And our future.

Huajie and I both agree things are turning sour for us. Zicong seems to be a know-it-all and Steph the part time cashier was just giving comments here and there.

p/s: Auntie, your noodles were great. xD


Today is an extremely sleepy day. According to Pou, I walked past her and didn't notice her at all.


Jennpenn was very pissed today. Chill. Something tells me she'll get removed. Especially after the recent outburst on Mr. Lim's blog.

Heck, we might even do an all-bloggers-blog to protest. But I hope that's unnecessary.

It seems the heat is really rising...

Oh and Encik Siva is hecka funny.

Going off to play basketball soon. Will update if anything of notice comes up.

- Went to Jung's after bball with jung, zicong and jou.

Sort of read old chat logs.

Brought back plenty of memories.... A good refreshment.

[08:19:15 PM] Monkey.: KONNICHIWAAA
[08:19:19 PM] Monkey.: NAK BELI APAAA!??
[08:20:42 PM] (`Someone): erm not buying nythin^^
[08:20:44 PM] (`Someone): wut u doing
[08:20:46 PM] (`Someone): bored ah me
[08:20:54 PM] Monkey.: huh?
[08:20:58 PM] Monkey.: i dun sell that wan
[08:21:00 PM] Monkey.: nak beli apa
[08:21:02 PM] Monkey.: got teh tarik
[08:21:04 PM] Monkey.: apple tea
[08:21:09 PM] Monkey.: chong kok weng
[08:21:12 PM] Monkey.: and toh hua jie
[08:22:07 PM] Monkey.: got one more la
[08:22:10 PM] Monkey.: but i dun think u wan buy
[08:22:14 PM] Monkey.: duno what yipliqi
[08:22:19 PM] Monkey.: in the store room damn long liau
[08:22:20 PM] Monkey.: =\

...Peak form?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ooooohhhhhh Spooky!

junG. says:
junG. says:
be serious dude.
junG. says:
the time for bullcrap has passed.
junG. says:
as the end is near.

liQi. - We is jonned. says:
oooohhhhhhhhhh spooky!!!!!

Couldn't help but chuckle. He is retard!

Anyways. Blog for today.

Merentas desa practice today.

Exhausted as crap. I was such a smartass I did not bring my shoes.

Result? I ended up trampling on stones that hurt my legs. For six rounds around the outside of the field.

I'd hate to walk much right now.


How? Go there and stand? Lol. 24th wei. 30th is final. So it's running 8km TWICE.

Oh well, might as well go for the experience.

Fatigue is at an all time high.
-Muscle pain.
-Sore feet.
-Weak arms.
-Lack of sleep.

Anyways, we had to do traffic today. As in, we, the almighty KRS platoon. xD I was sort of in charge.

I suppose I is taking up new responsibility. Quite enjoyed it I guess. Perhaps I'd do well in the Ushering Division.

karMun kena buli today.

Woman: Oh... So what form are you?
kM: I'm Form 4.
Woman: Wow, that's hard to believe, I thought you're Form 2 or Form 3. You're rather short for a Form 4.
kM: ..... T.T | ._. | ><

"Excuse me, are you here for the Geography meeting? Are you dropping off or are you going to park here? Oh, you can park all the way at the end. Turn left here, follow the road right to the end, and there'll be other students there to escort you. Have a nice day!"

No idea how many times I said that today.


Pep talk of the day?

Heard from Choong Hern and Jane that we did an awesome job. They said the teachers were impressed.

To All KRS who were involved:

All of you have done a good job! I see a bright future for us.

Oh right.

I forgot.




Jinwai and John's birthday eve was quite eventful for me.

Curse of the J!?!

After school, I went ou with Jou, Joel, Sze and KOKIBAI, and he who must not be named (or the world will turn gay.)

So, we went to KFC because of Sze's INSATIABLE HUNGER for KFC.

It had to be cured somehow. Being the amat caring boyfriend, Koks decided to organize a school trip to KFC!

Lawatan sambil belajar ke KFC, One Utama.

Registration fee: RM 6.00
Pay to : LiQi of course.

just kidding. it didn't happen that way. because sze had reaal bad craving for KFC, we just sort of went there to had impromptu lunch.


lawl. well, they just took attendance and left.


On a side note, there were two other small kids from yellow house that left early as well. Hmmm.

Seems like fun ain't it?

Yeah, well, we happened to walk into some of our friends.

As an example, I met a girl near Burger King. I only heard someone calling my name. Looking at that direction, was a girl that looked somewhat farmiliar. (Mind you, I wasn't wearing my spectacles.)

"Ah Hello!" *squints and looks closer*
"It's Eunice la dumb!"
"OH!" *runs up escalator to greet her*

Yeah. So we had a short talk and parted.

And then, we met afro coach Kenny's brother, Kevin.
So he talked with his kawan baik Kokwengto!
Apparently I was right that time around. He was working at TGIF!
No wonder I thought the waiter looked farmiliar.

Anyhow, we finally reached out much sought after destination. The sacred shine of the Kenya Fried Camels!

Yep, so we savoured on the delicious chickens (or was it camels?) there.

We had a talk of buns.
(Just a vague memory, might be very inaccurate.)

Joel Jung Me Jou Sze Kok

Are you eating that bun? Otherwise give me.
Oh okay. (Mistook the nod for "I'm eating")
Take it la.
He want to eat!
Nola, he said you can take it.
Jung Kiang say he can!?!?! Impossible!
Okay, I'll take it.
Yes Joel, take it!
Yes! And savour it! Savour the bun!
Eww that sounds really wrong.
Erm, I'm imagining something that I shouldn't be imagining.
It's just a bun la wei. I have no idea how you all relate it to the errmmm.. That. And melons also.
EH IT'S JUST A BUN LA WEI! Dang fine I'll call it bread!
*Joel finished the bun*
Why you eat so slow?
Full liau.
You don't want that liau?
Don't want la.
Quench is thirst la. Hunger is..... Satisfy.

Something like that. My memory kinda sucks. Should have much more.

Okay, after that, we parted. Me and Jung were going home. Sze and Koks going back to school. Jou & Joe going to get Jinwai's present.

Yep so we left.

When I was about to reach home.

"OH SHIT I LEFT MY BOOKS SOMEWHERE!" I silently thought to myself.

I prayed immediately it was still around. Because lost SPBT books are troublesome.
I took a bath and immediately rode my bike back to One Utama.
Enlisting the help of my friend's memory. I managed to track it down to just one place, KFC.

I asked the overly-perky receptionist,

"Kak, saya lupa bawa-"
"Ya, kamu lupa bawa buku kamu balik tadi."
"Tetapi ada orang dah ambil lah, dia kata dia kawan."

I msged the rest.

No sign.


Just kidding. The books were still there, and she took them out and handed it back to me.

Thanks a lot, Lord!

Yep, that's how it went and I went home and slept.
Right now I'm still suffering from fatigue. Hopefully it will recede soon enough.

I then went for Physikos tuition.

When I was about to sleep.

I did something I never thought I'd ever be brave enough to do (yet).

"I was a step in life I had to take sooner or later." - I told myself.

It worked well to comfort me. But deep down I knew best, I was very worried and very afraid.

Don't screw with me, you have no idea how much courage it took me to say that.

At least, the end result was not the worst case scenario. I am glad nonetheless. Things are still normal as they were before. But I've stepped a foot forward. That's an improvement, no?

Looking forward to an eventful year.


How do you take the scoldings your parents give you?

I just snub them. - 2 (11%)
I reflect upon it a little but don't really take it seriously. - 4 (22%)
I reflect deeply to see if they're right. -1 (5%)
They don't understand me and thus I don't care. -2 (11%)
I sometimes cry and/or talk to my friends. -7 (38%)
I get a heart attack and die. -2 (11%)

That's the result.

My comment.

Great, two people have fallen. May God be with you. Amen.

On a lighter note, seems like many people confront their friends for comfort. This was a little unexpected for me. But I guess it's just my personality to keep certain problems to my own.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


As some may have expected, I haven't had a good experience with my parents lately.

It just reminded me of a phrase said in the popular movie "I Not Stupid Too".

In that show, one of the protagonists said:

"Because whatever we reply, we just end up with more scoldings, so we just ended up not saying anything anymore."

This is true for me... Based on past experiences, that is what always happens.

I wonder why are some things so hypocritical?

I've set up a poll to see what you all think.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007: My favourite posts!


One world. Four sohais.

2007: My favourite posts!


Picture fight.

2007: My favourite posts!


Friends on crack! xD











Hmm, i'm not sure if they're gay.

hi. my best friends love each other. do your best friends love each other too?

btw. they're Koks, and Jungs

baaaaccckkk off. they're together!

Meet Chong Kok Weng. he/she's sexay and hot! plus he/she gets a BIGGGG merit for being my neighbour. (*cough*) oh and he/she's really really funny! so funny that you'll probably cry from laughing too hard!

he/she's....... errr i duno if he/she's straight. so guys and girls, good luck. but i wouldn't take the risk.

how did i meet chong kok weng? hmm. lets just say i bumped into him when he was peeing into the drain. (we were only 4 btw) [Fiction, but we did meet each other around then.]

what an unforgettable first meeting. oh yes. :D

i still remember how amused you were when u saw ur pee. shouting "I'M SHOOTING!!!! MOM, I'M SHOOTINGGGGG!!!" oh yes. Mr. Chong.


oh i have an example of him talking with jung. they're so cool.

[ Jung: noooob~
Koks: I whaccck kao u la~! ><
Jung: Aiya? I whack u back 100 times!
Koks: lol.... i bkb and slap u!
Jung: doesn't matter i using normal atk! slap u 100 more times!
Koks: I guardian angel and spam "Attack of the Mighty Kok"!
Jung: I blink away with 3 hp remaining!
Koks: I stand on top of the mountain and say "I'M KING OF THE JUNGLE!!!!"
Jung: and roshan throws a stone at u! =3
Koks: I slap roshan and slap you too!
Jung: I choose you! Kokuciao! -Kokuciao used Hydro Pump!- ]

.............. it goes on.

"Da shi teng, ma shi ai." for all u bananas, it means. "We hit(punish) because we adore you, we scold because we love you." (literally.)

such good friends we are aren't we. 10 years of friendship jor.

oh here's a pic of him =)


such a beauty, ain't he/she? ; )

next is my friend jungs.

u can call him junk at your own risk of beng bashed up. =x while i'm absolutely sure he's a guy, at the same time i'm absolutely sure he's either gay or bisexual. nonetheless, proceed with caution. and i mean EXTREME caution. he's mentally and physically unstable and has the pontential to unleash a major catastrophe.

how did i meet chua jung kiang? well, i met him on the first day at secondary. though i didn't befriend him until much later. as he was a foul-mouthed bastard (waakakakakaka *echos* ) that rendered chiun wei and the then-innocent me speechless. he sat beside huajie a.k.a flower. one day i saw the name "hui ling" on his book. and i was like. WTF SOME ROUGH GUY LIKE HIM HAS A FEMININE NAME. WAKAKAKKAKAKA.


and he replied. "fuck you la, that's my sister's name."

.............T_T kena pawn. T_T................

i must say. i didnt expect more then it anyway.

i guess that sums up my friend's profile.


.....or not.

jung is a nice guy when he's normal. and a nicer guy when the meter goes above normal, but...... nvm just look. while normal people's temper goes from.....

MOTHEROFALLTULANS! -> babytulan -> normal -> happiness -> papaofallhappiness! ^^

his one goes from....

GRANDDADDYOFALLTULANS! -> SIBEITULAN! -> KNNCCBWTF -> abit tulan. -> SEIFEICHAITULAN. -> normal -> YUNWEIFARTEDTULAN -> abit happy. -> laugh kok. -> happiness of yay!^^ . -> SUDDEN TULAN OF GG!!!!! >=(


hmmmmmmmmmmm might be wrong. as the source is very unreliable.

want a pic of him? wash urself 1st. and brace yourself for hotness!








absolutely no way "christine donalducko" or whatever his name can compare with him.

they have been together for a while. and they've managed to spawn an offspring.....

guess who it is? .__.

not gonna guess? .___.

last chance at guessing now... .___.

he is........



p/s: i copied the bulk of the format from yanyun.
p/s2: there never was a p/s, remember that. Remember.
please/see3: as i said before. It's total fiction. so.... don't take offense ya! =D

2007: My favourite posts!



Yep, i'm going to blog about Life. But first of all, let me clarify a few things.
  • I'm not being emo, i'm just writing down some thoughts that happened to barge into me lately.
  • It's all personal opinion, nothing to do with facts.
Alright, here i go. Scream my lungs out. Trying to....

err. nevermind.

Alright. Let's see...

Have you ever thought about this?

"Life is just a game..."

hey hey, don't mistake this with "Love is just a game"!! It might be, but right now we're talking bout life!

For people who've played role playing games... It's kinda like that. It's like... The Sims you know?

and if this theory is right. (which i very super duper highly doubt)

we're just sims manipulated by "God", who is the player.

then again, if you have a religion, you'd say... God created us for blablabla....

I myself am a Christian. Just not long ago.

Before that, I never believed in Jesus, heck, i didn't give a damn whether such a being as "God" existed.

I had many theories about it too, lol. though it'd take some time to write. so i'll skip that.

Then when i became a Christian, my roommate during camp, Jonathan told me some of his own theories.

We're created by god, and god wants us to love him in return. [1] But he can't just make us with love towards god, cuz it isn't realistic, it's all programmed into us. Hence, he gave us freedom to love him or not, which is, our freedom to choose our religions. In christianity, humans are sinners, and Jesus had cleansed our sins, thus he is our saviour. But who is he? Well, according to christians, he's the son of god, not god himself like often confused with. He is the bridge to god. God understands us through him, and vice versa.

Think of it like this... Say... you're now a god. (wow???) And you've created several thousands of beings... And now you're the father of these beings, just as God is to us. You can't communicate with them, they can't see you [2]. Sooner or later, these beings will start to think... "Hey, does (God) really exist? Why doesn't he care for us? Why doesn't he show himself?" And you'll be like... "Of course I exist! Look I care for you, i'll change your lives!" Yet, they wouldn't know. Thus, Jesus was sent. Down to earth. As a human. So that, God can talk through him, and understand through him. [3] That's how the theory went.

[1]: Lol, I sometimes think, "If God had created us solely for us to love him back, he's just a selfish bastard. But meh... how'd I know what's he thinking."
[2]: You can't see God, otherwise you'd automatically believe and love him, which in theory, isn't what he wants.
[3]: Heck, you can't understand how ants live do you? You have to be an ant to understand. Same goes for Jesus. He lives as a human to understand us.

Time to add another disclaimer.
  • I'm not trying to spread christianity lol...
Lalala. Again, these are just theories, and to non-Christians, don't take any offense or anything. It's just a point of view lol. You can easily change the name "Jesus" to suit your religion. I guess. Well. Theories should remain theories. And reality still prevails... yay.

Back to the main topic: Life.

Life is weird. Everyone agrees, no? Oh you don't, go smack your head on the wall, that should do the trick.

Sometimes, my friends wonder... "Why live?" when they're feeling emo. (And sometimes they'll get a heavy lecture from me lol...) There's also many theories to this... God wants us to learn through life before finally ascending eternity? Hmm maybe... or just because... "God is bored and just wants to play games." Not so possible. But when you're emo, you'd feel that the whole world hates you, including God. Then I'll tell you this.

Anyone that's emo. And thinks the whole world hates him/her, is the one that Really Hates Him/Herself. - LYcH the genius.

In life, there's happy times and sad times... When we're happy... we just... feel happy. Yet when we're sad, we question if God is playing a trick on us... That's just how humans are eh....

Back to the very main topic: Life - God.

kay. So we put less depth into God now. And just concentrate on Life.

"Lifeeee is boring...."

this phrase. is freaking. popular. amongst teenagers. and when i say popular. i mean pop-u-lar. heck even i say that sometimes. indeed, life is boring. I have nothing to say here. Amen.

Just kidding. The only reason life is boring or not, is whether we find things to do or not. Don't give me that " I don't have anything to do " shit. cuz if you find, you'll get one...

Matthew 7:7 : Seek and you will find, Ask and you will receive, Knock and the gates to heaven shall be opened to you.


Sorry. lol. don't mind me.

Goodbye for now. =)

2007: My favourite posts!


(lol almost one year liau.)

So much for friends.

Before I get into the main topic for today...

Happy birthday Shing!

actually i ate her cake and yet i owe her 2 presents, i don't feel good.

okay... right, and I finally got to see Eunice in person after the last time we met, which is 2+ years ago. O_o

right, back on topic.


as i've said before.... "Friends are far and few between."

today i'll say...

"We live our lives for others, and they live theirs for us."

that's "friends". yet again, everything is opinion based. feel free to post comments.

as you can see from my header, our lives are not ours alone.

think about it.

if there was such a situation, where... you're in a pinch, very depressed, or just extremely emo, and you're thinking of suicide as the best option. (like hell that would be!?!?)

have you ever thought... what will you leave behind?

you're suiciding to end your problems, just your problems, you're selfish. you're not worthy of being a "friend".

and does it even solve any problems?

no. people stop living as they are
/move along after that, that's all that happens.

have you ever thought what effects will your actions bring?

your loved ones, family, and friends, all that care for you. have you thought of their feelings?

suiciding doesn't solve any problems, it only adds more. and together with it comes "Sorrow, Pain, and Regret."

We live for others, our lives are not ours alone.

if one only lives for oneself. he might as well seclude himself from public and hide in his corner and emo all he want. all the way to dusty death. alone. what's the point? we all need friends, face the fact.

can you even imagine yourself living in your own world? all alone?
no way, if it was me, i'd die of depression pretty soon. there's just no purpose if you're living alone in a lonely world.

so to the people who are under depression. suicide is not an option. i'm saying this because my cousin's friend suicided because of depression. if you're still alive, then you still have a purpose in life. who knows, maybe you're just a lousy student in school right now, but maybe you might become the most successful person in history in the future? anything is possible.

don't give me that "i don't have any purpose in life anymore..." shit. the fact that you were born and still are alive is enough of a purpose to continue living. if you think like that and proceed to suicide, you might even start a chain reaction of suicides.

girl dies in accident, boyfriend emos and suicides, crush of bf emos and suicides, etc...

that's stupid.

it's time to rise and shine, and live out your life, to the fullest.

i used to question the purpose of life myself. and so did my friends. heck, i don't wanna explain it anymore.

i just feel that, there's many things that i haven't done and i wanna do something with my life. so i'll continue living.

(fek why am i talking about suicides??? that's so dark. ><>

back to the brightside.

friends are great!


lol. that was lame.

alright. actually....

a friend said i act too gay.

what a friend lol? so much for friends. =\

okay, i'm not a very good friend myself, i owe someone 2 presents. ><

but actually, while i feel kinda insulted. (since she meant it.)

i'm kinda happy. at least i know how i should change now.

i've always wanted a friend that can say it right at my face. whatever my flaws. (though i didnt expect it to be her.)



3/4 of my friends rated me.

Not serious.

what the heck? O_o

tell me wei. lol.

the end for now. amazing race! O_o

p/s: actually i have trouble phrasing myself today. so sorry if today's blog had low quality.

2007: My favourite posts!


Camwhore? O_o



Let's start with...

! PAWS !

me jou jin jung yanyun

"Are you sure this is the right one? I expected something more. O_o"

"It is la...."

"Let's go register..."

"LiQi i sit on you!" *horny face*

"Don't try anything funny or I'll shoot you! O_o"

"Damn he's so hot, I love him!"

[Photo removed cuz jung says he look stoo sohai to be seen in public.]

"WHAT? YOU LOVE ME!?!?!?!"

"Ya right... like in your dreams..."


"Paiseh.... Don't think so, proof it by doing this...."

"Errrr, that's too hard! I'll proof to you by smiling!!!"

"Right.... try again..."

"Oh boy..."

"Even I smile better than you...!"

"What're you doing down there anyway?"



"Nice teeth."

"Of course, mine is nicer."

*both sandwich me in anger.*

"Hmmm, what should I do..."

"I EAT U!!!"

"And i go jail..." =[


Must be gayest post I've written. O_o

Quote of the day:

Me and jin walking to secret recipe.

Unknowingly, both look at the blood and chocolate cardboard at the same time.


Same time. lol.

"High Five wei!"

[Usually girls will go jinx all over. guys go like... high 5 man...] Lol.

2007: My favourite posts!



halfway through a random conversation with yongying. not something that happens everyday lol. thank you for being friendly. =|

[20:11:03] '<3<3:>
[20:11:09] liQi.: fhasljkhflashf to you too =D
[20:11:21] '<3<3:>
[20:12:29] liQi.: hmmm interesting.
[20:12:42] liQi.:
[20:12:53] '<3<3:>
[20:13:43] liQi.:
[20:14:43] '<3<3:
[20:16:33] liQi.:
[20:16:50] '<3<3:>
[20:16:56] '<3<3:>
[20:16:58] liQi.: neitherhavei
[20:17:02] liQi.: sexyindeed
[20:17:24] liQi.: assexyasnorbit'swife.
[20:17:33] liQi.: if you have watched norbit u'll know what this
[20:17:39] liQi.: if you haven't
[20:17:53] liQi.: asgayasyanyuntryingtolookinnocent
[20:19:14] '<3<3:>
[20:19:22] '<3<3:>
[20:19:24] '<3<3:>
[20:19:34] '<3<3:>
[20:19:39] liQi.: that's why it's gay when she tries.
[20:19:53] liQi.: lol norbit is just funny, but not sure if it's worth
10 bucks.
[20:21:38] '<3<3:>
[20:21:46] '<3<3:>
[20:24:41] liQi.: manwoman
[20:24:41] liQi.: lol
[20:24:47] liQi.: it's played by the guy
[20:24:48] liQi.: =|
[20:24:56] '<3<3:>
[20:25:06] liQi.: kinda disgusting
[20:25:08] liQi.: the fats.
[20:25:09] liQi.: -.-
[20:25:17] liQi.: worst than yunwei 513x
[20:26:00] '<3<3:>
[20:26:16] '<3<3:>
[20:26:25] liQi.: i mean as in the fats.
[20:26:38] liQi.: if you count who eats more then yun wei gets the
[20:26:59] liQi.: "erm kak, nasi lemak tambah tiga telur.... yang
cantik sikit ya? dan juga satu ayam."
[20:27:11] liQi.: "dik, itu mahal tahu tak."
[20:27:16] '<3<3:>
[20:27:17] liQi.: "tak apa. asalkan ada ayam."
[20:27:42] '<3<3:>
[20:27:58] '<3<3:>
[20:28:10] liQi.: nope
[20:28:10] liQi.: lol
[20:28:14] liQi.: u same school?
[20:28:16] liQi.: cool man.
[20:28:22] liQi.: yong ying and yun wei! bff
[20:28:30] liQi.: [bff=bestfriendsforever]
[20:30:39] '<3<3:>
[20:30:54] '<3<3:>
[20:30:56] liQi.: i salute.
[20:31:06] '<3<3:>
[20:31:07] liQi.: *krs-style salute*
[20:31:29] '<3<3:>
ruler..u know. like eraser dust
[20:31:35] liQi.: in honour of my uncle yunwei. i thank you for all
the care and love you've given him.
[20:31:36] liQi.: LOL
[20:31:37] liQi.: WTF
[20:31:41] '<3<3:>
[20:31:45] '<3<3:>
[20:31:52] liQi.: HE'S SO DAMN COOL IT'S NOT FUNNY

sometimes i feel sad for yunwei. he keeps getting used as examples of.... horror. gluttony. idiot. by asshole bloggers like me and yy. as well as assholes like jung. he's really not that bad of a guy. =|


being such an asshole. i might as well be a bigger asshole. bak kata pepatah "Alang-alang dakwat, biarlah hitam." according to jinwai's version. [if you wanna be a bad guy, be a realllllly bad one.]

Joke # 1: Based on a real story. Cameo appearance by Lim Yong Ying.

[20:02:31] liQi.: lemme tell u a joke.
[20:02:32] liQi.: xD
[20:02:49] liQi.: once upon a time
[20:02:54] liQi.: in a land not so far away.
[20:03:02] liQi.: was a class called 3 teratai
[20:03:04] liQi.: inside there
[20:03:11] liQi.: there was this particular boy who sucked in sejarah
[20:03:13] liQi.: that boy is me.
[20:03:15] liQi.: hmmm.
[20:03:16] liQi.: so.
[20:03:22] liQi.: one day after exam. [today]
[20:03:35] liQi.: his friend got 66 in sejarah
[20:03:43] liQi.: he looked at me and joked.
[20:04:07] liQi.: if u get 80, i'll go to the front and do a frontflip
and then kick teacher's face.
[20:04:15] liQi.: as teacher called my name
[20:04:25] liQi.: i crossed my fingers, made amends, and walked up
[20:04:30] liQi.: i took my paper and giggled.
[20:04:33] liQi.: walked back.
[20:04:35] '<3<3:>
[20:04:36] '<3<3:>
[20:04:46] liQi.: jinwai good luck.
[20:04:50] liQi.: frontflip + kick
[20:04:50] liQi.: gogogo
[20:04:51] liQi.: lol
[20:05:04] liQi.: i got 80 which was..... unexpected.
[20:05:18] '<3<3:>
[20:05:23] liQi.: imagine the pink form.
[20:05:26] liQi.: Kesalahan Murid
[20:05:29] liQi.: Goh Jin Wai
[20:05:42] liQi.: Kesalahan: Membuat "front flip" dan menendang cikgu
[20:06:41] liQi.: Hukuman: Dibuang sekolah, kecuali kalau guru it Pn
Norehan yang sangat dibenci, gemuk, garang seperti ayam
yang kurang satu kaki, pendek seperti karmun dan errr dan
dan sangat tuaaaa!!!
[20:06:54] liQi.: harus tui yao dan memberi peluang kepada generasi
yang akan datang!
[20:07:32] '<3<3:>
[20:07:36] '<3<3:>
[20:07:43] '<3<3:>
[20:08:08] liQi.: lol
[20:08:10] liQi.: maybe....
[20:08:56] liQi.: Hukuman: tidak akan dihukum, sebaliknya dipuji dan
dibawa masuk kepada Sekolah Wushu Kampung Utama kerana
berpontensi besar.
[20:09:09] '<3<3:>
[20:09:24] '<3<3:>
century. thatd be his life story
[20:10:10] liQi.: 31st century?
[20:10:22] liQi.: by that time he'll be hailed as god for living over
10 centuries. *nod*
[20:10:45] '<3<3:>
[20:10:54] liQi.: hmm.

I GOT A FOR SEJARAH! WTHECK!!!!!!! [sukacita! xD]

2007: My favourite posts!


Happy Birthday...


Boy oh boy, I'm Fifteen. Getting old....

haha. today is cuch a meaningful day.
the night could've been better. but oh well. =)
shan't complain. for i have a much better life than most. =D

Was happy in the morning because you called. =)

CG was owning with the holy spirit today >< style="color: rgb(112, 159, 207);">Daryll's testimony was darn funny. hahaha.

yanyun i have prayed for you. I hope you will get better soon. =)

Even though I was late for CG. I learnt something, from being late. Weird, ain't it? Maybe God himself tested me. To see if I would still go to church even though I'm in a very sleepy condition having fallen asleep and missing my transport. =|

I went. haha. on the way. I suddenly had flashbacks in my mind about different parts of my life where my family so mattered. my mum was talking bout how my grandma was getting old... we need to take better care and treat her better. i wondered if she was signaling to me that something was happening. I started to see that my mum was getting older too. I should love her as much as I can, or I'd never be able to again.... I don't want to regret.

I shivered a little. and prayed for my whole family. I recalled kennysia's post on his relationship with his mother and reflected it upon myself. I was the same, as rebellious as he was when I was young. and maybe I still am. I realised the importance of family ties. the bonds that hold us together. one as a family. during your hardest times. they're there with you. sharing your burden, fears, and negativity. just so you would feel better. because you're family. =)

I made a promise to myself that I would kiss her when I got off the car. but. damn i forgot. lol.
But i still did it at night. when she sent me to centrepoint to celebrate my supposedly birthday. =.=

Treasure and love your family. Perhaps this was Jesus' message to me today. Thank you, Lord.

[Haha yeah i'm starting to get attached to God now. Hard to believe that I was a guy who thought religions were a bunch of bullshit weaved by liars just few months ago.]

Church Celebration was fun. We had a last supper imitation. xD

"Jesus broke the bread and gave it to his disciples. He said.

This is my body, take it. and remember me for what i've done. [something like, that can't really remember]

Jesus poured the wine and gave it to his disciples. He said.

This is my blood. take it. and with it, your sins shall be cleansed. [same] "

(It's always the same every first week of the month.)

Baskin Robbins at night. Didn't bring enough money. Lawl. karMuns was there too. nobody turned up anyway. so it was like. me and kokweng laughing ourselves cuz we duno how to buy icecream. with some guidance from jenn the baskin robbins pro through handphone. we did it. xD stupid karmun led us down the wrong path. so we wasted like ten minutes lawl.



Fifteen years ago, on this very day. A man destined for greatness was born!


joking. xD

but i hope it'd be true. Life would be meaningless without dreams. =)

In a way.... Life is just like a dream...

Once upon a time, we are born.

We live through our lives, and we die. That's when we wake up.

Our bodies left behind. Our spirits remain. =)

And then we live in heaven, happily ever after.

Hmmm. complicated matters. Haha, but kind of makes sense to me. In a way.

Thanks to all who wished me. =)

Especially you, you and you. =D

2007: My favourite posts!



Kennysia's random blog generator.


I was in my room this morning, partying, when a UGLY FAT PEOPLE come by and BLOCK MY WAY!!!!!!!!!

I got so angry I shouted at him! But you know what the fucker did? HE IGNORED ME AND CONTINUE TO BLOCK MY WAY!!!! SO ANGRY! For a split second I contemplated putting the UGLY FAT PEOPLE into the microwave just so it will die in the most horrible way possible.

I am so fucking irritated with that UGLY FAT PEOPLE! So what if he is a UGLY FAT PEOPLE? Doesn't mean he can just BLOCK MY WAY like that. If every single UGLY FAT PEOPLE come and BLOCK MY WAY, I still need to live meh?!!



I was at the taxi stand this morning, waiting fot a taxi to come, when a CHAO AH PEK come by and GRAB MY ASS!!!!!!!!!

I was so shocked I immediately took off my slipper and SMACKED HIM OVER THE HEAD. But you know what the fucker did? HE IGNORED ME AND CONTINUE TO GRAB MY ASS!!!! I was going to confront the CHAO AH PEK further, but I was scared he might punch my fragile new fake nose, deforming it permanently and leaving me ugly forever. :( So I walked away quietly.SO ANGRY! Hope some tree branches topple onto the CHAO AH PEK, followed by a monkey! He really deserve it!

I am so fucking irritated with that CHAO AH PEK! So what if he is a CHAO AH PEK? Doesn't mean he can just GRAB MY ASS like that. If every single CHAO AH PEK come and GRAB MY ASS, I still need to live meh?!!



I was in my room this morning, doing some cleaning up, when a RUDE ANG MOH come by and JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD!!!!!!!!!

I tried to be reasonable so I asked politely why he did that. But you know what the fucker did? HE IGNORED ME AND CONTINUE TO JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD!!!! SO ANGRY! To that RUDE ANG MOH, I HOPE YOUR TESTICLES DROP OFF!

I am so fucking irritated with that RUDE ANG MOH! So what if he is a RUDE ANG MOH? Doesn't mean he can just JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD like that. If every single RUDE ANG MOH come and JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD, I still need to live meh?!!



I was at Orchard Road this morning, queuing up to use the ATM, when a CHEEBYE BANGLA come by and CUT MY QUEUE BLATANTLY!!!!!!!!!

I tried to be reasonable so I asked politely why he did that. But you know what the fucker did? HE IGNORED ME AND CONTINUE TO CUT MY QUEUE BLATANTLY!!!! I was going to confront the CHEEBYE BANGLA further, but I was scared he might punch my fragile new fake nose, deforming it permanently and leaving me ugly forever. :( So I walked away quietly.SO ANGRY! I HOPE HE DROPS DEAD AND TWITCHES IN AGONY BEFORE HE DIES, THAT LOUSY, MUTHAFUCKING CHEEBYE BANGLA!

I am so fucking irritated with that CHEEBYE BANGLA! So what if he is a CHEEBYE BANGLA? Doesn't mean he can just CUT MY QUEUE BLATANTLY like that. If every single CHEEBYE BANGLA come and CUT MY QUEUE BLATANTLY, I still need to live meh?!!


I was at the taxi stand this morning, waiting fot a taxi to come, when a FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD come by and STEAL MY TAXI!!!!!!!!!

I got so angry I shouted at him! But you know what the fucker did? HE IGNORED ME AND CONTINUE TO STEAL MY TAXI!!!! SO ANGRY! For a split second I contemplated putting the FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD into the microwave just so it will die in the most horrible way possible.

I am so fucking irritated with that FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD! So what if he is a FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD? Doesn't mean he can just STEAL MY TAXI like that. If every single FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD come and STEAL MY TAXI, I still need to live meh?!!


Sorry, if you want to become a famous celebrity blogger, you have to learn how to bash people kao kao. No choice one.

- Kennysia

2007: My favourite posts!


A tribute to Winston. =D

tribute to hakimi =) winston =D i'm writing this post for hakimi winston. my friend for 5 years 2 years i think.

i've known hakimi winston for 5 2 years. he's a tall short chap. soft duno what hair. big small eyes. actually big yellowish small narrrow eyes. he has some sort of gilbert unknown syndrome. thats why his eyes are yellow always sleepy-looking. he always boasts about it. he told me once whenever he gets angry. his eyes will turn from yellow to red small to even smaller! and then he becomes ultraman jay chou. don't deny that hakimi winston. you can't check my previous post for proof. anyway. hakimi winston always thinks im a 5 years old boy chick magnet. i always think that hakimi winston's a 3 years old gay boy. hrmmm.

liQi's comments: lol.

when i first saw hakimi winston. that was form 1. he had a malay boyish chinese girlish face. like a kampung pretty boy. i had the impression that he was a poor popular boy. i took pity interest in him. i even wanted to be friends with him. raise a charity fund for. buy him new clothes [no money ><]. stand up for him whenever his being bullied(usually by kenny). he always wore crumpled uniforms to school thats why i always thought he was poor. one day. to my amazement. i found out that hakimi is a bloody rich boy living in bu3 with a big big big house and a playstation and 3 computers in his house . playstation dol. i seldom get to touch one thats why i was so shocked he has a playstation that he can touch anytime he likes =/ i mean play. me and hakimi winston weren't really close [actually i don't even know him aside from his name] when i was in form 1. he was often left sitting alone sliding through corridors. emo-ing. although we were not close didn't know each other at all. i knew hakimi winston had a girly voice. somehow everytime amanda or lydia or kai ying some random girl talks to him and he replies with a girly voice. all of them would be like wtf. are you a guy or a girl?? as in like...

the wtflook

okays. that was crap. they never went wtf. but
hakimi winston with a girly voice part was true =) i swear to anyone who sees this man boy. i remember clearly. hakimi winston was often cast away. when we were playing football. we always made him play as a keeper. which is a boring position. and you often get the scolding if you concede a goal. so yeah. we always scolded him. hakimi winston was very close to khairy. wei kang. ainin kristine, boonming and hakimi. it was sort of his group. there was once. wei kang asked me if i wanted to join the 'melancak' group. just so you know. 'melancak' in english translation means masturbation =/ in favour or my curiosity. i joined the group. only for one day. after i found out how lame it is. anyway. the head group was wei kang. and hakimi was a very active member of the group. mind you. the group just keeps talking bout 'melancak' everyday =/ so yeah. i never asked hakimi why he joined the group. maybe he was lonely. but im sure he wasn't. masturbate ain't a good thing if you ever want to know what it is. ask hakimi what it means if you ignore what i say.

liqi's comments: wtf?

when i was in form 2. i got to know hakimi winston better. although hakimi winston still possesed the qualities of a malay kampung pretty boy kid. he was a really nice guy. he listened to me whenever i tell my problems. and kept it a secret too =) thanks hakimi. damn i sound gay. i got to know him because i was being hyperactive, and him and nicholas and terrence would often laugh at me hohoho. hakimi winston was more outgoing eccentric in form 5. he talked more. he played more. he ran around more. i guess it was because his girly voice had then evolved to guys voice after the holidays. though there was still a bit of girly voice. if you listen closely now. you'll still notice =) hakimi winston had this thing for a girl in form 2. her name was [fekithinkishouldn'ttell] shingyi. everyone always teased him bout it. everyone includes kenny(the most) nicholas. kay aun. hemaraj, boonming, and duh me hohoho. we were all friends and friends like to tease and joke around a lot. but i swear to anyone who reeds this again. hakimi winston had a thing for shingyi. i still think he does. anyway. hakimi winston was a really nice guy. polite. helpful. caring. gay [zenzen agree]. i still have a class photo of form 2. hakimi was smiling widely. its kind of a weird smile. but i guess he was really happy. i looked good. =D

liqi's comments: coolness.

i've always thought
hakimi winston was a nice guy. he was more than nice when we were in form 3 he graduated. haha. form 3 post form 5 was really great. not bad. hakimi winston wasn't at all the shy malay kampung pretty boy that i thought he was when I were in form 1. in fact. he was full of guts. [testified by the recent act of calling a certain someone just because we said so] hakimi winston had his first girlfriend when he was in form 3 i was still studying chinese valiantly. her name was mahira. mahira dol. hakimi did really loved her a lot at that time. did lots of things for her. he always talked bout her to me. hakimi took good care of her. [mehasnoidea] so any girls who likes a good man. take hakimi winston man. he's a loyal person. nope. he's not with mahira that girl anymore. they broke up for reasons unknown to me. or maybe i forgot. cause it didn't really matter to me at that time [nope, not at all] =/ hakimi did a lot of crazy things when he was in form 5. everyone did crazy things. damn. i just can't think of what hakimi did now. for example, he danced like a monkey in front of a crown of 300 KRSians. yes this is not real, but kid's, as a reminder, don't try this at home, as it looks extremely gay. but i do remember what crazy things i did. me and kay aun were sliding on the coridor. and we got caught by doctor gomez(he left for the good of the school. one of the happiest daysof my life) i.... i.... don't remember..... i slept in class a lot. despite teachers complaining about my behaviour. [nobody complains, cuz i do it with such skill that nobody knows, except classmates] even my mum. but yeah. can't help it. anyway. most of hakimi winston's form 5 life that i can relate to is about mahira shingyi. thats the only thing i remember right now. wait. i remember he was super close to kristine hakimi. and i often called him winnie the pooh [no i didn't.]. kristine hakimi was so in love with kimi raikonen at that time. and lee hom. and david tao DotA at that time [it's a game btw]. so yeah. kristine hakimi called him kimi raikonen Crystal Maiden. [just kidding]

liqi's comments: wow.

he'ss not serious anymore right now, in fact he's telling me lame jokes all the time. which i either scold him or stare at him or fake laugh. i guess justin was a little jealous of hakimi when hakimi was crowned head prefect. when he found out winston was pn lee's son. actually not a little. a lot. justin wanted to be her son a lot. which he got it now. so i wasn't really close to hakimi winston when I were in form 1. he was the head prefect of the school lah. son of THE PUAN LEE lah.

5 2 years dol. thats how long me and hakimi winston have been friends. at times hakimi winston does gay things to me. or say gay things to me. at that moment. its quite unbelievable that hakimi winston is my friend. people would be like. why are they so gay and give wtf looks at us. and i would give the wtf look at hakimi winston =D hahhaa. hakimi winston liked a lof of girls during these 2 years. i could list them all down for you if you want but hakimi winston would list down all of mine. [actually no, he only knows one, whereas... i know at least 3. nyahahahaha.] which im not sure whose list is longer but i don't wanna risk that. [his list is definitely longer] hakimi winston has a big passion for football. he and kenny are the coach for this years softball team. he would prefer football than to most things out of the opposite sex boundary. if you put me and hakimi winston on the 100m race track. i would win =D no lah. it would be tight. but i would win =D no lah. it would be tight. so 60-40 chance. just so you know. me and hakimi winston are one of the fastest runners in school. pai seh =D sorry lah. lan si a bit only. though we always beat boon ming =D haha. me and hakimi winston always argue a lot. both of us see things in a different point of view. for example. i see a malay girl who is not at all hot to me. hakimi sees that malay girl and says shes so steaming hot. get it? well. thats bout hakimi winston my hand can afford to write type. thanks for visiting =)

liqi's comments: Coolnesseseses.