Monday, January 28, 2008


After the cross country run (merentas desa) practice today. I have to say I'm quite weak-willed.

Either that or my physique is just not up for it.

I came in 3rd. That's not bad you might think. Well, it is. But these people are only from red and green house, and even then, not all were present - some of the ace runners were absent.

I stopped and walked about 3~5 times, for about an estimated 200 meters worth of journey.

That is quite bad in MSSD standards. In fact, it's horrible (if you intend to finish top).

I pretty damn much intend to finish among the top ten. Hope it can happen.


After that. I felt terrible nausea. In fact, it got so bad that throughout my add math tuition i felt like vomiting. Perhaps it's because I had to keep my head bowed down (doing questions, multitudes of them), my neck felt really sore, and that might have contributed to the nausea.

Work hard, play hard.

May I be blessed with determination.

All the best to me.


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