Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Baton Pass.

After this 2 weeks, it'll be down to the athletes who will march on to Sports Day.

But before that, we'll hope that our boys and girls in the Jumps and Throws will be able to give us a stepping stone to win the much coveted trophy. Thus, this section is christened "The Baton Pass."

Here's a rundown of my expectations and hopes.

Lompat Tinggi
Boys High Jump is our forte, and we should be able to grab some medals here.

Girls High Jump.... Not so convincing. Might sneak a medal back to the tent though...

Lompat Jauh
Boys Long Jump is looking good too, and as with high jump, we should score here.

Girls Long Jump... Not so convincing. Might sneak a medal back to the tent though...

Lontar Peluru
Boys Lontar Peluru... Big boys should be okay, small boys... Try your best.

Girls Lontar Peluru... Should be alright.

Lempar Cakera
Boys Lempar Cakera... Big boys should be okay, small boys... Try your best.

Girls Lempar Cakera... Hopefully will be alright.

Complete confidence in all of you. We'll do well.

18/2/09: Fine, I admit my expectations were too high. Fair play to the Blues who were outstanding.

Should be good enough to go through, and probably win.

19/2/09: Still think the lanes were against us.

Tarik Tali
Just do your best, we'll be fine, I'm postive.


To members of the Green House,

You people are the best bunch of Greens for the past 5 years. I have really high hopes for you all and I genuinely think we stand a chance to do something special this year.

We're good enough.
Try your best, and don't give up.
We'll stand firm, and we'll battle to the end.

Hidup Hijau.

Monday, February 16, 2009



Edit: Fixed.

Friday, February 13, 2009

See no Talk.

There's two kinds of people you meet in school.

One is the "See and Talk" type. Which are usually friends of yours, or people you know substantially enough.

The second is the "See no Talk" type. You know who they are, you've seen them for some time now, but yet never really talked to them.

Lately I've got to know more of the latter type and made some friends. Mainly due to my commitments in Green House. And being a senior.

One of them said I always smile.

Another says I always look pissed.

I say... "O_o?"

The moral of the story is:

People are more than meets the eye.

Should have learnt that long time ago, no?

And here's me wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

Being a Tomato.

Greens we need to be a tomato liau.

That is.. we need to.. ketchup.

Geddit? Geddit??


Ya, jokes aside... They did better than us, and we need to haul back the points now.

Cheer, Deco, Marching.... I expect the best from you all, please.

The gap is not impossible to close. We definitely still have a chance. I've spotted a few L1 prodigies which will do us good in the future.


Green house aside, I've signed up for BUD4 Idol. Support me please. Lol.

Don't even know what to sing.

Maybe I'll duet Uptown Girl with Huajie.

Or I Believe In You with Ash...

Or solo? I'm kinda sick of Ronan Keating winning every year though. First Zjin Fei, then Joey.


Something new please.

God bless me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Enter the Greens.

Sports Day, here we come.


Sukan Tara (however you spell it.) has just ended for the Greens.

What can I say?

We've done our best and we'll have no regrets.

While our best may not be the best, it is our very best and the best we can muster.

Good job Greens, may you people bring forth a vociferous crowd on Sports Day.

We're halfway there!

  • Cheerleaders looking good as always.
  • Deco is reliable enough.
  • Now if only the marching people will be more cooperative...

I kinda suck at speaking, so perhaps writing my speech here may help spurring you people.

Some of you may notice I was constantly looking in my book today when speaking.

You guessed it, I forgot what to say. =="

That aside... There are a minority who seriously have an attitude problem.

I seriously cannot fathom what is the difficulty in turning up and taking part in four (4) events without playing a fool.

Yes you have tuition, but is it an almighty loss to miss just one lesson? What would you have missed?

10 questions of Quadratic Equations?

10 questions of a = (v-u) / t?

Relax, it's still early in the year and you can well afford missing just one class.

Come on Greens.

Try your best, your effort is appreciated even if it bears no fruit.

"Aiya, I surely cannot one la... "

Honestly, if you haven't tried, you will never know.

I never knew I could beat HuaJie in 100m but I did today. (lol)

Prove to the other houses we're no losers.

We've lost enough times.

This year, our ambitions extend beyond 3rd place.

Make a statement to them.

Make a statement to the Red, Blue and Yellow houses.

That we, Greens are out here.

That we are here not to lose,

but to challenge for the very top.

That we are 300 people who will battle to the very end to seek out victory.

And that we are The Green House.

p/s: Honestly, best Sukan Tara in the five years I've been here. But how do we compare to Red, Blue and Yellow? We'll have to wait and see.

p/s (2): HIJAU HOT TO GO!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


My cousin just told me I should try out modeling for fun.

Lol... That's gonna be weird.


Speaking of that, it brings up the case of careers.

Really have no idea where I'm headed as of now.

John Ling a.k.a. Mr. Gentleman asked me to go Taylor's next year... Hmm...

Invitation from Mr. President! (likely-to-be!)

But I haven't got any idea on what I'd be studying.

Major dilemma, without the clues.

Gotta clean up this mess soon.


hehehehe. Syok sendiri.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Speaking out.

I managed to present 10% of my speech without stuttering and laughing today!

Well done Li Qi!!!


Lol... It's great to have Mr. Siva as your house teacher as he's quite a good speaker... covers up for me.

Hmm today seemed to have plenty to do with speaking.

English debate today pitted me, Dongers, Alethea and Puishan against Mel, karMun, shing and farm.

We were opposition and they were government.

Lost 3-1-9 to 3-2-9 i think.

Quite close... Got chosen as one of the five to represent class... Yikes...

I get really nervous talking to crowds sometimes so it's high time I patched it up!

Go Li Qi!


Go Green!

Cheerleaders are looking good once more (as always), hopefully the sporting/attendance side of the house doesn't let us down.

p/s: Please come for sukantara next week for those members who read my blog.

1 mark for attendance

1 mark each for lompat tinggi, lompat jauh, lempar cakera, lontar peluru and 100m.



Monday, February 2, 2009

More Than Best Friends.

Watching, watching and watching. That's all I've done.


You know, I've always wondered how it'd feel to have a girlfriend.

I've never had one and probably will not look for one until next year.

I'm kinda lousy when it comes to this.

So... How's it like to be in love?

(I'd prefer comments, easier to keep track of.)