Monday, November 30, 2009

Is it okay if I cry sometimes?


Oh well, at least Barcelona beat Real.

Hi Bio, please requit my love.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Hey! Let's form a team.
Okay, that's cool.
Then we'll need a team name.
Hmmm. Yeah let's think.
I know, how about.. 'The Untouchables!'
... But I wanna be touched! :'(


That's all.
Huh, what do you mean?
That's all I have.
To be able to help you study. 
A cute junior and a brusque father. 
... And this starry sky. 
That's all I have. 
That's all I can give you. 
That's everything.

'Although my life hasn't been very fortunate until now, I'm glad if I caught your eye because of that misfortune.'

Bakemonogatari EP12 resonates in my head....

Ha ha ha. To think I'm actually entranced by this fundamentally romance-oriented series. Unthinkable. 



The only Gods that exist are the ones that you believe in.


On the other hand...



Friday, November 27, 2009

Restaurant with the Japan guy.

Went to Murni Discovery (hence forth abbreviated as Restaurant with the Japan guy or RWTJG for short.) with Ash, Jou and Koks.


Carbonara Meatball: RM15.

Nasi Goreng Marryland: RM10 (IT'S WORTH IT!)

PLUS, RWTJG also has the best desserts in the world.

"Actors can deceive the audience. But actors cannot deceive themselves. The day they become actors, is also the day they become a deceitful person, deceiving and tricking everyone around them with their acts. They act because they have their own goals. But is it really worth the suffering to chase those goals?

Knowing that truth, sometimes I ask myself, how am I going to continue my act?"

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Major Update.

I am going to update this blog now for the sake of updating.

It seems I am very outdated as everyone is telling me "YOU ARE OUTDATED AND HAVE TO UPDATE!" So I have come to the conclusion that I probably am very very outdated and not up to date at all and have to update immediately. So here's the update.

Updating is no easy task. I have to update for long hours before the update is actually up to date. It's no wonder that updating has become a rare phenomenon nowadays as updating is such a chore and I'd rather not update if given the choice to update, or not to update. But nevertheless, I have chosen to update this blog to make it up to date and keep it updated.

You may have noticed that I have not updated this blog for quite some time and indeed, it is quite out of date and not updated to the latest happenings. Hence, I have been forced by my legion of fans (cheers mates!) to update my blog to keep it extremely up to date to the major happenings in this digital world where updates have to occur every passing moment regardless of everything.

In short, updates are essential.


I have just received news that was updated to the internet that updates are now immediately posted without delay. WOW THE WONDERS OF TECHNOLOGY. I have to keep myself up to date from now onwards.


Cleared my spelling mistakes when updating this post. My apologies. Will update again soon.


ARGHHH, I just feel so outdated so quickly! Have to continuously update to rid myself of that feeling.


Oh, I'm tired. But I must update!! UPDATE!


This is the final beta phase of my update, it's gonna be posted soon. Hoorah! Updates!


I... Am tired.... Must... Update! Updates are cool!


Errr. Hi. Am I updated enough yet?



Oh, an update! ^.^V



Update! ^.^V


Phew. Finally retrieved my hamsters from the clutches of that evil man. He's wicked, I tell you! WICKED! >(


Larry and Bob are really cute! @.@

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jack and Sally.




Sometimes I think of things that I can only dare to dream of.

But still, that doesn't stop me from feeling happy whenever I think of it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sometimes I just wish I was a little dumber, a little more blur and a little less cognitive.

Life wouldn't be so vexing at all then.


To the KRSF3 ajks:

Thanks for the good work. Keep it up!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks For The Memories

I love school. 

Simply put, I thoroughly enjoyed my five year tenure here.

But it's gonna end soon. 

What a shame.

Thus... Without further ado...

Sentimental Picture Time!





And pretty much all my friends:

Thanks for the memories.

Maybe, soon, there'll be nothing but empty chairs in those great halls. Remnants of what have happened in the past and a sign of what to expect from the future.

But I'll take heart, knowing how merry and gay this place used to be - and that I was part of it. :)

It's been an entertaining and exciting adventure from day one to the very end - It was one hell of a ride.

... Even so, all that remains are only memories embedded in pictures.

Just like faint footsteps fading into an ephemeral evanescence. 

It's time to turn the page soon.

Here's to the new chapter being even better! :D

(all your fault, shing.)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Just how many times do we put on a fake smile in a day?
Hiding behind this facade. Not wanting to be bad. Not wanting to be disliked.

Just how many times to we have to put up with lying in a day?
Without feeling any guilt. To others. To our ownselves.

Brilliant days are numbered. 
True warmth is ephemeral. 

And thus, let us all treasure it.


And through it all, the rise and fall...

Life is kind.

And The Stars Shine.

I saw the Summer Triangle this morning. 

I think.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

'Who's that guy... He's so cute!'


EHeHEHehHeHEhzXz KaWaaiiIizZzx ^.^V

Oh and....


Monday, November 2, 2009

White Lies.

Sometimes I really wonder which words are true and which words are for show.

Just how many times can you possibly lie in one conversation?


Ever wondered how many lies you've told in a day?

It doesn't have to be conscious, or on purpose. It could be subconsciously, unknowingly or accidentally. But nonetheless, it's a lie. Nothing malignant, nothing vile, nothing mischievous. But still a lie.

Things like...

'Hey I'll be right back.' And you disappear.

'Mmh, I'll talk to you later.' Uhh really?

'Ugh, I don't know how to do this.' Or are you just lazy?

'Ah, I have to go to the toilet.' Or are you just wandering around and loitering?

'I have to go now!' Or are you just tired of talking?

'Sorry, I have to sleep, I'm not feeling well.' Or are you just not focused?

'I told you yesterday, remember? Or maybe something got mixed up.' Oh really?

'I'm fine, really.' Are you?

'I'm feeling really really good!' Are you?

'I haven't been well.' Or are you seeking attention?

'It's too unfair.' Or are you playing victim?

'I can't, I'm busy.' Or do you just not want to?

'It's out of my ability.' Or is it out of your voluntariness?

Many times, we just get caught up in situations like this. We want to get out of situations, and be elegant doing so, instead of running clumsily for it.

I'm certainly not blameless myself. But really sometimes I get a little annoyed when people say things I know they are unlikely to do.

Everybody wants to be nice and it's troublesome. We hate to be mean and we have to veil our meanness by saying something nice. To achieve that, we inevitably lie. Even without malice.

Such a mad, mad world, huh?


I think that fella respects me.
I'm not surprised. A lot of people do.
Just so you know!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bitter Endings.

Feuds have torn us asunder.

Conflicts, not just any number,

Some against one another,

And plenty alongside each other.

I saw the truth, but you pretended.

I told the truth, but they weren’t persuaded.

I begged for truth, but it only saw me injured.

You preached your ‘truth’, and left me disappointed.

There were many instances where you stole my flower,

And countless other times where you stole my thunder.

Often, I pondered and wondered in anger,

Why oh why were you someone I called my ‘Brother?’

Everything I’ve worked for, you plundered.

Everything I’ve wanted, you demanded.

My pleas and entreaties, you have shunted.

I can’t help but wonder, ‘Has it ended?’

(Yes I wrote this, stop asking.)