Monday, November 2, 2009

White Lies.

Sometimes I really wonder which words are true and which words are for show.

Just how many times can you possibly lie in one conversation?


Ever wondered how many lies you've told in a day?

It doesn't have to be conscious, or on purpose. It could be subconsciously, unknowingly or accidentally. But nonetheless, it's a lie. Nothing malignant, nothing vile, nothing mischievous. But still a lie.

Things like...

'Hey I'll be right back.' And you disappear.

'Mmh, I'll talk to you later.' Uhh really?

'Ugh, I don't know how to do this.' Or are you just lazy?

'Ah, I have to go to the toilet.' Or are you just wandering around and loitering?

'I have to go now!' Or are you just tired of talking?

'Sorry, I have to sleep, I'm not feeling well.' Or are you just not focused?

'I told you yesterday, remember? Or maybe something got mixed up.' Oh really?

'I'm fine, really.' Are you?

'I'm feeling really really good!' Are you?

'I haven't been well.' Or are you seeking attention?

'It's too unfair.' Or are you playing victim?

'I can't, I'm busy.' Or do you just not want to?

'It's out of my ability.' Or is it out of your voluntariness?

Many times, we just get caught up in situations like this. We want to get out of situations, and be elegant doing so, instead of running clumsily for it.

I'm certainly not blameless myself. But really sometimes I get a little annoyed when people say things I know they are unlikely to do.

Everybody wants to be nice and it's troublesome. We hate to be mean and we have to veil our meanness by saying something nice. To achieve that, we inevitably lie. Even without malice.

Such a mad, mad world, huh?


I think that fella respects me.
I'm not surprised. A lot of people do.
Just so you know!

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