Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sports Day.... The dreaded day that I had wished would never come (until I was properly prepared).

But of course, it still came. I wasn't the slightest bit prepared.

Marching was a mess. Not everybody were cooperating. I could've easily listed down top 10 most not-serious ahlis.

It's so much of a mess, we didn't get the formation done until that day's morning itself. Bloody idiots. I just want to scream at them sometimes. Why can't they think for the good of the House?

And so it came. Lintas hormat was no problem. It was never hard to begin with.

Great edit by hauyon.

Formation was fucking screwed up.

If you know me well, you know I'm damn serious if I drop the F-bomb.

I'm pretty much still bitter about it. Next year I desire to win even more.

Pompoms.... Oh well. Couldn't say much about it. The Green Girls were definitely shining. BUT, some grave errors allowed Yellow to snatch it. Yellow were the only group without huge visible errors.

Still, I maintain my claim that our house still have the best cheerleaders. Just some misfortune there...

We pulled off most of the tarik tali victories at the end, and were propelled to 3rd, quite close to 2nd placed Blue as well.

We were so happy when the team announced to be fourth weren't Green lol.

It's a dawn of a new generation. Belief is spreading that we can do better, and I certainly agree.

I intend to help the house be serious challengers to the throne long fought between the reds and the blues.

'09 will be a Green Year!

Til then, here's a Nazar.

Oh right, after that, I walked through Centre Park.

It seems that the rain that befell our region for several consecutive days has left a trail of destruction in it's wake.

The leaves littered the ground. Not a pretty sight.

Thankfully, we didn't have to swim for Sport's Day. In fact, it was burning hot, that it was somewhat unhelpful.

See you all. Hope you people will have a great weekend.

Random afterpool images.

So.... me and Koks go to swim quite often, particularly for our lessons. and.... we tend to get quite bored when it ends, and when we're still waiting for transport to arrive.

Here at my Dad's club.... there's a swimming pool. We learn to swim there. (Duh?)

I pointed out how the portraits were rather racist-ish.... and he got maddd...


Wtf? Now even the guys on toilet doors also must wear songkok? What kind of crap is this wei.

Kokweng will so anger that he england drop by 7 ranks.

Ahem, you can even read how traumatic he felt when he saw it. He sympathized deeply for Al the toilet doorman, now known as Ali, who was forced to join the Islamic religion.

True to his nature, Kokss sat down in dismay and talked to himself about how he could've saved Al and shed some tears.

[Okay fine, this is bullshit. lol.]

To cheer him up, I brought him to the nearby playground, where he had some fun.

Oh, this is the poolside btw.

I was trying to demonstrate how small the playground is compared to our sizes, but I overestimated the length of my arm and failed miserably. The hot weather didn't help either. You could tell how hot it was from the look of my face. Heh.

Here's a clearer view. At least that dude stopped worrying about Al. Ahhh...

Kokss: So fun!

Right, then we went somewhere else.

And there was a signboard. Kokss felt sad. He isn't a member. Haihz.

Which is why he rejoiced and jumped for joy when he saw the signboard for the visitor's car park.



Kokss: This one bigger la.

..... You decide.

Late Birthday post again.

This is quite a very late post.

But before that. I'll wish my sister, Yi Hui happy birthday!

Thank you for taking good care of your brother for as long as I have lived!

Although there are times where that brat is too much to take and too temperamental, you've withstood it all and still managed to take care of me. Thank you very much.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is Nicola.

Only knew her last year. But we're quite the good friends I guess. =D

Today she turns sixteen!

Here's some of her pictures. She seems to never fail to laugh at anything, no matter how hard she tries lol.

Very bubbly. Bubblier than Colbie Cailat's Bubbly.

Happy Birthday Nigga-la! Have a nice year ahead!

It's not kinda late yet, right?


I'm gonna wish 490789074 people happy birthday today.

*This is a very late post. Her birthday is 28/2/1992. One day short of being 12 birthdays younger.

First is Jun gua.

This is a happy Jun Yen that took off her braces and is happily flaunting her teeth.

Here's a build up to today!

This is... when we were 14. (Form Two)
Edit: Just realised this was from Jou's 15th birthday.

This is when we're 15. (Form Three)

[Original straight teeth vs Artificial straight teeth.]

And now sixteen. (Form Four)

[Jinwai acting cute.]

She has certainly grown into a fine lady, hasn't she?

I know it's kinda late... But Happy Birthday!

[I sent the exact same msg to Nicola. =="]

Football Crazy.

So I was flipping through the back pages of The Star, and found the EPL table.

With the Big Four gearing up for massive clashes today, I'll be hoping Liverpool does me a favour and beat Manchester United, while Arsenal triumph at Chelsea.

Damn MU are leading with 70 points. With 22 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses from 30 games.

Crap, Arsenal are behind with 67 points, 19 wins, 10 draws and 1 losses from 30 games.

Chelsea are third with 65 points, 109 wins, 8 draws and 3 losses from 30 games.

Liverpool are fourth with 59 poi- WAIT WTF?!?!?!?!


Easter Eve: DUMC -> SSMC

On to celebration after the eventful cell meeting. Maybe you would want to join our cell? :D It's fun! ;D

Oh right I forgot, we weren't just discussing about our pengetua during that session by the way, we were talking about in general how each race acts. But let's not get into that.

Celebration! Today is Holy Saturday. Yesterday was Good Friday and Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.

Oops, I said it wrongly.

YESTERDAY WAS FFFFRRRRIIIIIDAAAY!!!!! FRIIIDAYY! But today is different, today is SAAATUURDAAAY! And tomorrow will be even better. SUUUNDAAAAAY IS COMING!!!

Yes, that was exactly how the speaker, Pastor Peter spoke.

He had a very powerful westerner-ish slang, but is actually a Singaporean. Quite a funny man too.

When introduced as a friend whom Senior Pastor Daniel grew with (if I'm not mistaken), he jokingly stated this:

"Well, thank you very much Pastor Daniel for introducing me as a bald and fat man."

The crowd (or just me) was stunned. For a moment I thought that a commotion might have happened.

He then broke the silence:

"Well I guess when he said grew, he meant that I was growing sideways and frontwards. And then I needed to make room for more brains, so my hair had to make way."

And that drew some laughter from the crowd.

He spoke about what Easter meant to Christians and all, and what it is all about.

Next he also told us about how a man from America likes to preach in what they call a Black Church.

"...... Black church? As in a Satanic church or something?" That's what I thought.

But my doubts were answered. Apparently, a Black Church refers to a church where most of the residents near it's area are African Americans.

That man that Pastor Peter spoke of, was the only Caucasian man in the whole church. He says, he enjoys being in a Black Church, because the blacks will let you know how you're doing.

When you're doing good, they'd go...



And when you're doing not so well....


They make it known.

He once again showed his humorous side when he went:

"And if you say that later, I'm not coming back tomorrow."

AND THEN, some time later, when he was preaching, a youth shouted:


No it wasn't me. When I was plotting to do something similar, Jon gave me "The Stare" and said:

"Don't even think about it!"


And, Jung Kiang produced a drawing.... which drew.... LOTS AND LOTS OF CHUCKLES.

Then I added this.

And he drew yet another.


*This depiction is only meant to make people smile, and not to make others feel offended. I apologize beforehand for any unmeant harm caused.

After celebration, me, Koks and Jung dined at KFC and then took a cab to drop off Jung and pick up Huaj, before heading off to Shing's church.

The taxi driver was the most hilarious one I've ever met, I'll cover the conversation in another blog. Never in my life have I spoke to taxi drivers so much. I think I talked more to this taxi driver than all the taxi driver's I've ever met combined.

Yeah, so we reached SSMC, where we were invited to watch a movie by Shing about how an atheist wanted to prove that Jesus Christ was just another conspiracy, but ended up being drawn into Christianity instead. Karyee was there too.

Doesn't really qualify as "movie" but a great documentary nonetheless.

Then me, Koks and Huaj bummed at McD for an hour or so.... Talking lots and lots of crap.

We ejek-ed Huaj and his "muse/s". [He always calls mine "liQi's muse/s" so I'm calling his the same ;D]

We also played the best game of all time.


Bet you don't know what it's that.

If you want to, grab my phone.

And I also fixed my bracelet which I broke some time ago. Was tedious.

Yeah I know it's uneven. I didn't count before I fixed it.

Then we walked back to BU3, and camped at Kok's house.


No, seriously, we did.

The lots had... very.... eccentric names.







Houses were called Card Shops and Hotels, Duelist Centres.


In the end it was more of a game of sympathy as we kept letting each other go by after landing on a game-over lot.

Obviously, I won. /gggggggggg

Yeah, with my excellent mathematics and clairvoyance, I managed to predict Huaj's downfall easily.

On average he needed to pay me 5500$ per round, IF the game went on. But he kinda chickened out at the thought of bankruptcy and gave up. So I won. He admitted his loss too~!

You get my point? My EXXCEEELLEEENNTTTT clarity allows me to predict my victory.

[Basically we lost terukly to Huaj, and I made up stories that IF the game went on, he would ened to pay me 5500$ each round ASSUMING he falls on my every land every turn. But of course, with my brilliant clairvoyance abilities, I predicted that he will. But will he?]

Then we played Battleships. I beat Huaj again [not]. Despite handed the weaker of the two sets of ships when we messed it up, I manage to beat him.

I was handed the bigger ships because of careless sorting. Bigger ships are more prone to attacks, thus weaker. But I won. /gg xD

Hahaha, then we sleep.

Cell: Racism.

Lately I've been more or less lazy to blog.... Here's a rare one..

But there's probably more to come. When I blog... I sort of get into a "Rush Mode".

Today I went to church. Was fun, undoubtedly.

We (our cell) talked about society problems and many nonsense arose courtesy of Jung Kiang and his leng chaiz (* leng chaiz here doesn't mean handsome, more like "konco") of lameness.

Such problems included....

- DotA Addiction among teenagers.
Jon dismissed this idea because the person in need of help is not someone else but just Jung Kiang.

-Increasing rate of homosexuality among men and women.
Once again, dismissed, this time by me, because the person in need of help, is of course.... Jung Kiang again.

-Severe incline of intelligence among people nowadays.
.... Need I even say? (*Victim is Jung Kiang*)

Then, we ended up talking about racism and how Ram is the victim. Quite comical.

Soon, racism entered a bigger fray. Not just a joke among friends anymore as it was with Ram.

We were discussing our school's recent ruckus involving the new disliked principle.

We sort of, unanimously agreed she was being biased, and many of her actions were invoking racial tension, instead of harmony.

We raised topics such as the now well-known incident during the PIBG Annual meeting.

This, was the only stage where the parents can effectively converse with the school's officials and sort things out.

This, was the only stage where the parents could speak their thoughts right to her face and ask what was her intention of doing certain things that has created a rift among her and the students.

YET, she amazingly brushed aside all those accusations and LEFT the meeting abruptly with the reason being, "Sorry, I need to pray now."

And she never came back.

*These were told to me by a witness who was present at the meeting. I'm sincerely sorry for any inaccuracies. But there shouldn't be any, unless I wasn't told the whole story.

There are also many other issues which annoyed me to no ends, particularly the infamous STAGED Q&A SESSION.

According to many sources (probably reliable, one of them being the question asker him/herself.), our headmistress gathered students from the school to ask questions that SHE HAS SET on the next Monday in a Q&A session.

No wonder I was left wondering what was with her fluency that she has never shown in answering questions. The reason? IT WAS STAGED AND SHE KNEW THE QUESTIONS BEFOREHAND.

The reason why students were unfazed by the challenge she made to answer EVERY and ANY questions, were because, THEY TOO WERE ALREADY NOTED TO ASK QUESTIONS (*Most of the students are passive and could care less to stand up against her, so it was quite shocking originally).

BUT, she couldn't keep her word.

Some students also said that she brushed aside certain questions that deviated from the original one she set and muttered some gibberish nonsense. Some also said that when another student wanted to come up and ask a question, she ignored it and said "It's over."

Some class she has.

Next was the infamous Chinese New Year Celebration incident.

She notoriously raised eyebrows of many when she pronounced that there would be NO DRUMS OR GONGS DURING THE LION DANCE.

This is..... retarded.


Then she gave probably the most (in)famous quotation in our school's history.

"The drums will attract Malay ghosts."


What kind of superstitious BULLSHIT is this? Loud noises attracting Malay ghosts, as she says.
This is the first time in my sixteen years of my life I've ever heard this nonsense.

Even some of the parents could not help but think "KNNCCB!?!?!"

In the end, after immense pressure from teachers and students, she gave in and allowed the drums.

HOWEVER, in what many students deem as an act of defiance, she once again, rose to the stage of fame by wearing the opposite colour of what every other teacher was wearing - Blue.

With every teacher, regardless of race, endorsing the big day of the Chinese by wearing red garments, she wore blue.

She was instantly recognized everywhere she went as "The Blob of Blue" on that day. (*See? Isn't the word instantly recognizable in this sea of red?)

This was a trivial matter though, and I could care less. She might not have even meant it to be an act of defiance. But whatever you think it is, it's up to you.

I would talk about the mandatory prayer every Monday morning, but I think that issue is already well renown enough, I wouldn't need to say anything about it. Just a recap though, for those who don't know and are interested.

Every Monday morning, we are now required to pray.

Not that I have an issue with this.

In her words. "Sekarang, disilakan semua warga Islam untuk angkat tangkat tangan dan berdoa."

Seriously I don't have a problem with this.

But a teacher pointed out. It's because of our carefree attitude that the government are minor-ising our race. We don't give much of a damn even though they're challenging the equality oaths they've sworn.

He/She states (some parts I've changed due to memory inefficiency), "Right now they're asking the Muslims to pray, but not us!? Why is she putting emphasis on the Muslims? That's already an act of inequality. Are we second class citizens to the so called bumiputeras? Just because we are the minority, they're now bullying us around? This is racism."

I couldn't help but agree? Are we second fiddle to the natives just because we aren't the natives? Native or not, we are still human, and why don't we deserve equal rights as you? What have you done to earn that privileges? Nothing, you were born here and spoon-fed with those privileges.

Are there any thoughts on this? Feel free to comment. Any insertion is appreciated.

I'm sorry if I've offended any of you. I was just letting out some thoughts I've welled up in my heart for some time.

Over and out.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dr. Y hits back.

tagged by Dr.Y.

First Name - Li Qi
Nickname - Qi, Lychee, Lych, Jeffery, Lich, Itchy, Chili, Richie, Q-Lame.
Name you wish you had - Kumar Baba.
What do people normally mistake your name as - Li Ki. (Pronouncation of the "Qi" part mainly.
Birthday -1st April 1992!
Birthplace - Johor, Malaysia.
Time of Birth - Around 3 AM.
Single or taken - Single.
Zodiac sign - Aries.

-Your Appearence-
How tall are you - around 5'11.
Wish you were taller - Maybe.
Eye color - Black I think.
Eye color you want - Red, just for fun. But I'll eventually want my natural colour again.
Natural Hair color - Black.
Current Hair color - Black.
Short or long hair - Short.
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color - Haven't touched dyes all my life.
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair - Huh? Totally don't get you dei. Dei dei.
Glasses or contacts - Glasses gua.
Do you wear make-up - Errr... No.
Ever had hair extensions - No.
Paint your nails - YEAH IT'S PINK IN COLOUR!

-In the opposite gender-
What color eyes - Hahahaha, personally I think green is enchanting, but anything will do.
What color hair - Anything really.
Shy or Outgoing - Outgoing. Where her presence will be missed.
Sexy or Cute - I am greedy.
Serious or Fun - Fun mostly, but serious when she has to be.
Older or Younger than you - Doesn't really matter as long as the gap isn't too big.
A turn on - Intelligence.
A turn off - Immaturity. Agreed with The Doc.

-This or that-
Flowers or Chocolates - Chocolates.
Pepsi or Coke -Pepsi.
Rap or Rock - Rock.
Relationship or One night stand - One night stand. Relationship.
School or Work -School definitely.
Love or Money - Love.
Movies or Music - Both.
Country or City - Country.
Sunny or Rainy days - Sunny but not too hot. O_o
Friends or Family - Family. That doesn't mean I'll mengabaikan my kawans yo.

-Have you ever-
Lied - No. Oops, I just did. +D
Stole something- Yeah, but I got caught. Haven't ever since.
Smoked - No.
Hurt someone close to you - Maybe.
Broke someone's heart - Nah, doubt so.
Had your heart broken - No.
Wondered what was wrong with you - Yes.
Wish you were a prince/princess - Nope.
Liked someone who was taken - Yeah.
Been in love - Hahaha, perhaps.
Used chopsticks - Yes.
Sang in the mirror to yourself - *Shy*

Flower - Hardly know their names. O_o
Candy - Mentos. xD
Song - Err.. This changes alot... But I guess I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith / Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden.
Scent - Food. Good food.
Color - Red. Heh.
Movies- Really don't have a clear favourite.
Singer - Jay Chou.
Word - This had me stuck for 5 minutes, and I conclude. I don't have one. =(
Junk food - Ruffles/Pringles.
Website -
Location - Venice or Vienna.
Animal - For the record, my background on my comp is of a lion. So... Lions. Doesn't mean I wouldn't be afraid of one. O_o

Ever cried over someone - Mm, I suppose.

Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - Yep. Laziness is contagious, and I've been hit and finding it hard to get up.
Do you think you're attractive - Not very. But not not.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - Peter Pan I guess. My favourite Disney world to live in.
Do you play any sports - Hahhaa. Duh.

The rules:-Link to your tagger (wtf?) and post these rules. List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people

1. I am an Arsenal fan.
2. I like to sleep.
3. I'm definitely NOT a morning person. I'll be sleeping on my desk 9/10 times when I reach school.
4. I just started learning piano lately.
5. My phone is not a Nokia phone.
6. I'm more or less stingy when it comes to things I've paid for... (particularly food) =|
7. I think dream that I can change the world.
8. Jung Kiang is gay.

I tag.. Shing, karMun, Jin Wai, Pou.

Monday, March 17, 2008


jinwai for waiwai won gold for high jump. yay him.

i lagged behind by several places. (too paiseh to say. heh. sorryla.)

anyhow, i at least was part of the tarik tali side that won against yellow house. yay me!

sports day this year is only tarik tali, 100m and high jump. boo pengetua.

seeing as high jump is past. it means sukan only has 100m and tarik tali.

"Hari sukan 8 o' clock start, 10 o' clock end liau lor." - waiwai.

"Hari sukan 8 o' clock start, then marching and all the ucapan... 9 o' clock go Jaz nice la." - Jaz.

Dumbass hari sukan.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How fast do I type?

1850 words


believe it or not? =D

.......... Only dumbshits believe that.

85 words


This is the real one.

Beat this.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Me: Zzzzzz the weather damn hot today.
Koks: Yeah...
Me: All your fault.

-Incoming SMS : Jung-

"Why you lambat sangat....?!?"


-Reply SMS: Jung-

"Yala, that Jung Kiang damn slow!"



Koks: Of course it's my fault!


Me: Actually.... Nola... Not your fault, it's probably my fault la, the reason why the weather so hot today, is me la....
Koks: Nola, it's me la, don't blame yourself...
Me: Really, it's me... I admit k? I'm to blame for the hot weather.... What to do? Too hot liau....

-Incoming SMS: Jung-

"My fault? ==""


Me: Lool, look.
Koks: Aiseh...
Me: Anyway it's my fault la.
Koks: Paiseh la, it's my fault k? I stay away from you abit, since you feel so hot, my fault la, I move away then won't like that liau...
Me: Nola nola, see? You move liau still so hot... sure is my problem la, I too hot k? Don't blame yourself...
Koks: Oh man, move so far still so hot? Never mind, I move further, this is all my fault la... sorry....
Me: Don't blame yourself la Koks, it's okay la, you don't have to take the blame, it's my fault....
Koks: Really, it's my fault la, Li Qi, face the fact la, don't be like that. I feel bad.
Me: Really, this time it's my fault. Sorry. This time really my fault.....
Koks: Don't like that-
Me: Eeewww.....

*spots a whole dump of MAGGOTS on the floor.*

No joke, a whole dump of maggots were crawling. Needless to say. The stench was unbearable. I could never imagine what caused this.

Wait, where do even these maggots come from? They just pop out from the ground?

I.T S.T.I.N.K.S.

To the point I felt a little nauseas.


Me: Look...
Kokss: Yuck wei.
Me: Disgusting like faeces.

And then we continued our march to One Utama while our battle to be the martyr of the cause of the heat restarted.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This is me being retarded.

Laugh please.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Biggest Camwhore.

And I tell the 50% of you all. You are absolutely right.

I grew tired of uploading.

A Letter to You.