Monday, March 17, 2008


jinwai for waiwai won gold for high jump. yay him.

i lagged behind by several places. (too paiseh to say. heh. sorryla.)

anyhow, i at least was part of the tarik tali side that won against yellow house. yay me!

sports day this year is only tarik tali, 100m and high jump. boo pengetua.

seeing as high jump is past. it means sukan only has 100m and tarik tali.

"Hari sukan 8 o' clock start, 10 o' clock end liau lor." - waiwai.

"Hari sukan 8 o' clock start, then marching and all the ucapan... 9 o' clock go Jaz nice la." - Jaz.

Dumbass hari sukan.

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