Sunday, March 23, 2008


I'm gonna wish 490789074 people happy birthday today.

*This is a very late post. Her birthday is 28/2/1992. One day short of being 12 birthdays younger.

First is Jun gua.

This is a happy Jun Yen that took off her braces and is happily flaunting her teeth.

Here's a build up to today!

This is... when we were 14. (Form Two)
Edit: Just realised this was from Jou's 15th birthday.

This is when we're 15. (Form Three)

[Original straight teeth vs Artificial straight teeth.]

And now sixteen. (Form Four)

[Jinwai acting cute.]

She has certainly grown into a fine lady, hasn't she?

I know it's kinda late... But Happy Birthday!

[I sent the exact same msg to Nicola. =="]

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