Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vision of Love

I realised.

I just really like people. : )

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Tinge Of Jealousy.

Me and Huaj

'Wah, you suddenly have growth spurt for hair is it? Leg hair more apparent liau.'

'Hmmm, it's not something I fancy.'

'Well, at least nobody will call you hairless anymore hahaha!'

'Hahaha you know when the girls call me hairless, I always feel that they say so with a tinge of jealousy.'

'Hahaha! Maybe, maybe!'

'Must be working out la, testosterone level increased, then grow more hair.'

'Hmmm, I don't seem to have much hair yet...'

'... You girl-man.'

'I sense a tinge of jealousy!'


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Coup de Grace.

'This is a pursuit where I see no horizon and chase only shadows. But it is still one dream that I will never regret fighting for, however it may end.'


Today, while swimming, Ashley suddenly popped a question out of nowhere.
'Are you scared of me?' - Ashley.
I burst out laughing immediately.

According to Jun, Jou and Ash, I portray a nerd really really well.


HEHE-worthy quotes.

After being slave-driven by the girls in the shopping mall,




'When you take ideas from one person, that's plagiarism. But when you take ideas from many people, it's research!' - Miss Jess

'If you keep turning the key of your car to start the engine, slowly the battery will start to overheat and might explode. Very dangerous. But sometimes you turn the key, turn turn turn, then the battery, gone liau, no more. Then very safe already. You can keep turning until you are satisfied. Won't explode one.' - Mr Hoo

'You can draw me by drawing one small circle, one normal circle, and one big circle, then attach four limbs and that's me la!' - Miss Chin making fun of herself. xD


Monday, June 21, 2010

She's Nobody's Angel.

'I am really happy and flattered, even honoured that I'm such an important part of your life. But I'm sorry, you're really not that important to me at all.'

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twisted logic.

LET'S SAY, you backed into a man holding a fragile object. The object breaks. You turn around. Thinking it's your fault, you promise him you'd compensate for it. 
However, turns out, that man himself was very much aware of your back-pedalling and could have easily alerted you well beforehand, instead he continued and knocked into you as you backed into him, and thus dropped the object. 
So actually, it's not really your fault after all. 
Should you still have to pay for the object, plainly because you promised, even after you find out it's not your fault at all?

LET'S SAY, I promise to help deliver a package for someone, oblivious to it's contents. 
And then, I find out that it's drugs that is being smuggled. 
Do I comply and still deliver it simply because I promised?

LET'S SAY, you and I are strangers, seeing from afar, I see that you're about my height. I made a bet with you in which I promise to pay you a certain amount of money if you're taller than me. You agreed. We walk towards each other. 
Turns out, you're taller than me.
HOWEVER, you were wearing stilts.
So you really aren't taller than me. No, you're shorter.
I still have to pay because I promised?

LET'S SAY, I promise, I will seek retribution from a certain man for the murder of someone I know.
Turns out, he is innocent.
I still kill him, because I promised, right? By the logic of 'keeping your promises'?

Basically, LET'S SAY:

1) You promise in the state of oblivion.
2) You find out the truth.
3) Do you still have to keep your promise?

Wait, let's put that in perspective once more,

LET'S SAY, you promised to get something done.
Turns out, what you have to do isn't a good deed at all.
I promised you, must I follow suit?

LET'S SAY, I thought I was wrong. I promised to make amends.
Turns out, I was not wrong, YOU were wrong.
But I promised to make amends, so I must keep my promise?

LET'S SAY, I promise, I will massacre the whole of a certain neighbourhood, on the basis that they have contracted an incurable disease that will only spread and cause a pandemic that nobody can escape from.
Turns out, they are healthy and fit as a fiddle.
But I still go on a mass genocide, simply because I promised, even if the basis is no longer true?
'Money is not the problem.' Oh really? Then why are you still seeking compensation, Mr. Hypocrite?

And I thought adults were supposedly much too mature for these games.

I'll keep my end of the bargain, but hey, that's only if Truth keeps its end of the bargain.