Saturday, May 24, 2008


Just came back from Caspian. Quite a good movie.

Tomorrow, camp starts.

Not exactly thrilled.

Let's hope I'm wrong.

Oh and exam's over. Yay.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Here I lay, dejected.

Hahaha. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here.

It's just a rant probably. All these "inner turmoil" surrounding me.

I shouldn't really be thinking of such things, especially when I have better things to do.... *exams.*

It just seems that.... All my life I've been playing second fiddle in everything, or more like, things I bear interest in.

Never good enough.

Never outstanding.

Just average in everything.

And it doesn't help that I'm as lazy as a student can get.

Mmmmh, liqi this is a bad time for your self esteem to drop here. Brush those thoughts away!

Yeah, I'll try.

Regrettably, some nasty thoughts have been building up in my mind. I am getting too cautious and sensitive for my own good sometimes. This is badddddd..... *slaps wrist*

I guess it's not good to be thinking this much, since I usually tell my friends not to be too paranoid about things like this when they're down.


Shall reflect a little in my dreams.

Live life.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two all-beef sauce....

"Two all beef sauce, special seed. *laugh laugh* lettuce cheeblablablabla! *laugh laugh*"

Lee Shing Yi the Great.

I think you took 10 seconds. =="

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pangkor Camp: Prelude

Hmmm, briefing today.

Not fun.

I didn't get to group together with people I'd like to.

I'm not the least bit excited by my group.

Not happy about how I'm sort of "islanded" from my other friends.

Just jealous/envious I supposed.

But I guess I'll have to face it.

I can't always have it my way.

There are bound to be times where I'll have to part with my loved ones/things.

There'll be times where I won't get to be together with people I want to be with.

Be it past, present, future. It has/is/will happen/ed.

Might as well get used to it.

Business is business, I was made leader, and I will try to lead the team well... Huahuahua.

Looking forward to work together with new people, despite not really enjoying their company.

Teacher's Day.

Let me start by getting on the bad side of every other student in school.

I am disgusted by half or more of you.

Today is teacher's day. Many people dissented the fact that we were forced to sit down in the tapak perhimpunan, scorched by the heat of the sun, including me.

We sat down, the atmosphere was obviously not there. It was an exam day after all. Most of the students were working hard, studying. Those that weren't, were too busy talking for their own good.

Slowly but surely, the noise got louder. Deep down I knew one of the teachers were going to step up and shut us all up soon. And sure enough, our headmistress took the first step.

The thing is, I thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with Zabedah scolding us. It was expected after all, after all that noise I wouldn't expect her to sit back and relax.

I would too, if I was the headmaster.

None of the students. NONE of them, were listening or giving a care when teachers are speaking. Talking, maybe studying, laughing, fooling around, making noises. That's what they were doing.

Imagine yourself on the stage for a change. I doubt anyone would not be fazed when their opposite numbers are doing what we were doing. Talking to a wall who does not care what you say, even though it's supposed to be YOUR DAY. How'd you feel for a change?

I agree with Zabedah that it's impolite and unsuitable for students to behave that way, no objections at all.

BUT, she had to blurt out RACIST COMMENTS, before managing to cover it up. But most people could notice it. Way to go HM. Reputation - 1000.

Dumbest thing? She asked us to stand up only to sit down after what, 3 nanoseconds? Retarded.

Fine, it cooled down after that. Performances and songs. Then the Sun peeped through the clouds and scorched the Earth.

A torrent of "WTFs and WOIs" flowed throughout the tapak perhimpunan from the students. And slowly, they retreated into the shells of the school, shying away from sunlight.

They obviously have no integrity. No respect. No care for the teachers.

It was Teacher's Day. Is it that hard to stay under the heat for a while, honestly?


You're disgusting.

Will the heat hurt you? I doubt.

Will the heat scare you? No.

Will the heat make your exams terrible? No fucking way.

Will the heat make your face uglier? Definitely, from the way you all acted.

That is the problem. And this is the question.

Do you appreciate your teachers enough to sit under the heat for a moment or two?

Do you appreciate your teachers enough to stay quiet and listen to what they have to say?

Do you appreciate your teachers enough to applaud them when they make a speech?

Do you appreciate your teachers enough to obey their instructions?

For those who can proudly say "yes". I congratulate you, you've graduated into a mature human being.

For those who knew deep down that the answer is "No" to all. You're a fucking disgusting student, and will do well to reflect upon this.

Of course, I don't fit all the criteria perfectly as well. Perhaps that's why I'm so disgusted of myself as a student sometimes.

And that's why this years Teacher's Day was so fucking screwed up.

If students have behaved themselves, Zabedah wouldn't have had the chance to bring down the curtains and set in such a morbid mood.

I was quite distraught to see the tapak half empty once the sun shone. The students were retreating into corridors as if a great calamity were to befall them.

This caused. THIS CAUSED, the ceremony to be brought to a premature end.

I wouldn't be the least bit happy if I were a teacher.

This Teacher's Day celebration is but a disaster. Not something I'd like to tell my grandchildren about. It was marred by disobedience, disrespect, dishonour, among other things. Totally disgusting.

Fortunately, things were the exact opposite at my mother's school, and she had a warm reception from students and teachers alike.

Students even cheered on their teachers enthusiastically with placards when they were playing volleyball, an event of the day.

My school, on the other hand, was nowhere like that.

Maybe it's time us students go home and reflect upon this.

"What is our fucking problem?"

I'm sure we'll find some.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sleeping while riding a bike.

Kaede Rukawa

His hobby is sleeping, and is usually seen asleep whenever he's not on the court; he can even ride his bike while asleep.



Did someone just said "wtf"?

Oh, it was me.


p/s: Kaede Rukawa is a character from the basketball comic, Slam Dunk.

And then...

Hanamichi Sakuragi

Birthday: April 1


Class Vids: Suicidal

This is Ashley and Yongying trying to end their self proclaimed miserable lives.

But they didn't know how it's done.

So, someone, being so kind, showed them how.

About comments.



I noticed.


When I.

Go around.

Blog hopping...

I see.

Everyone's blog...

Almost every.

Single post....

Has someone.


Commenting in it...


Maybe my posts aren't interesting enough. Hmmm, never mind. I shall bertekad and write more bullshit meaningful posts.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Class Vids: Harry Potter I and II

EP One.

EP Two.


Sorry for sounding so weird, my digitalized voice is like this. Somehow.

Hahahahaha. I is so lame.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Class Vids: Talking Crap as an Indian Descendant.


Premier League: Season Highlights

Click here to select your own team!

Team of the Year.

Petr Cech: Still the best in England. Might not have performed as well as last year, but still nonetheless the best. While some may argue that Van der Sar should be the better one because of the fewer goals conceded, think again. That happened because of...

Centre backs
Rio Ferdinand: One word: Solid. His pairing with Vidic is currently the most formidable defensive pair in the league right now.

Nemanja Vidic: [I might've went John Terry actually...] Nic's boy certainly has presence when the opponent's team are engaging the goalmouth... And often he comes out on top with his robust play.

Full backs
Bacary Sagna: Ya I know his hair is ugly. But to his credit, he is the best right back in the league. At his debut season, he has shown solid defending. Add pace, stamina, a decent eye for a cross (and ugly hair) then you'll get Bacary Sagna.

Gael Clichy: It was either Ashley Cole or Clichy for me. I didn't see LeScott play much, so I'm not sure about him. Clichy beats out his mentor for me. Cole hasn't got as much pace as Clichy. Put the infamous mistake Clichy made against Birmingham aside, and he's played a solid season.

Central Midfield
Francesc Fabregas: At just 20 years old. He is the best centre midfielder in the league, albeit a little inconsistent. Assists, dribbling, crosses, long shots, composure, ability to read the game - He has it all.

Steven Gerrard: Captain Marvel has been the driving force behind Liverpool this season. He supplies most, if not all the assists that set up goals for Torres. He would captain the team.

Cristiano Ronaldo: No-brainer, really. Nearly 40 goals for a winger? Phenomenal. And he doesn't only score, he assists too. He'd be the free kick taker in this line up. Defenses will be shaking, knowing they have to keep goalscoring menaces Adebayor and Torres at bay as well.

Joe Cole: [Actually I wanted Aleksandr Hleb here (I've seen him play on the left many times), but listed him under right wing, which Ronaldo occupies without doubt.] One of the more consistent Chelsea players. He bamboozled defenses when he was on form.

Fernando Torres: He silenced critics with 30 goals this season, a debut season mind you. Rafa Benitez was criticized for splashing 21 Million pounds on him. But it seems the debt has more than been paid back.

Emmanuel Adebayor: Nobody thought he would score this much this season. He was neck and neck with Ronaldo until the Birmingham game which started a streak of bad results. He has hit back in the last few games, and has been on the scoresheet in the last 3/4 games if I'm not mistaken, including a second half hat-trick at Derby.

Team on whole...

With Petr Cech consistent at goal, and backed by rock-solid Ferdinand and Vidic, the opposition would have a hard time scoring.

The Arsenal duo of Clichy and Sagna covers well at left and right back respectively, and is known to make offensive runs pretty often which results in inswinging crosses for Ade and El Nino.

At central midfield we have the young maestro Fabregas and the unmistakable figure of Gerrard at the helm. The pair will certainly top the assist charts, while firing a few from afar as well.

The wings... Ronaldo will terrorize opposition defenses as usual. Cole can cross and dribbles well too.

Adebayor would probably be the target man given his height and physical stature. Torres is the clinical finisher.

Player of the Year.
Cristiano Ronaldo. Debates are pointless.

Rising Star.
Fabregas? lol. Him (if he counts) or Walcott. Walcott is the fastest man on the football field. I'd bet RM10 on that. Heh.

Biggest Surprise
Portsmouth. O_o

Football fans, what say you?

p/s: I notice there's alot of red shirts, but whose fault is it that the best teams wear red at home?