Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh July.

It's the eve of your last day!

As you perish into my memories and into my past,

I hope you will still be at the 'Recycle Bin' of my brain, able to be restored and not forever gone.

While it has been an exhausting month, it has also been an exquisite month. I haven't had such an exhilarating month for years now. Wow, that's three 'ex's' in a row!

Tomorrow marks the ultimate July Day: Hari Kokurikulum. May your blessings be with me.

Thank you July for all the memories you've brought me.

We are almost ready.

Bring it on.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear July,

Oh how I love you and dread you at the same time.

It's funny how in the middle of such a packed month, I still felt very inanimate. I still felt I needed a new lease of life.

Yet, in hindsight, I'm very pleased with how much I've grown in my mind and heart.

Something I didn't particular like and found a burden eventually turned out quite fun.

While some people I liked for a long time somehow seemed less likable.

Some things I used to do seemed very inappropriate all of a sudden.

I guess it's true when they say when you've been around for too long, you see the ugly side of things.


LOUD! seemed fun! Sadly due to my emcee duties I couldn't immerse myself in the atmosphere.

Being emcee had it's own element of fun though, so maybe I shouldn't complain! Haha.

Some pictures!

Steph and me, doing my standard pose of the night.

Foreground: Steph. Background: Me!

Trying to get the crowd excited.

Brave kid, not bad dancer too, did Michael Jackson moves. Was runner up to...

CRAZY DANCER! Jonathan from DJ if I remember correctly.
Just form 3 too!
He's Malaysia's Aiden Davies!

Winner of Pre-LOUD! Blogging Competition: Diong Mei Yih.

Steph and Me acknowledging the people.


All in all, a very fun and memorable night.

I'd take this advantage to thank a few people.

Firstly, Stephanie Ong for being my co-emcee and bearing with my nonsense!

Secondly, the rest of the Ongs for lending their house to be our practice place.

Not forgetting, Jared Ang and Lydia Ong, who were our tutors and predecessors.

Last but not least, God and my fellow brothers who prayed for me and gave me strength.

Thank you all.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tell me tell me can you feel the pressure?

Everybody live, like it's the last day you will ever live.

I think my body is failing me.

I'm sore all over.

But when I see the others giving their all even in rehearsals, I feel it is only fair that I do the same.

So body, don't bail on me yet!

The punishing schedule is finally taking it's toll on me eh?

Irrelevant: Somehow I feel the egg is breaking soon.

Friday, July 24, 2009


It seemed like just yesterday, I would be the one eagerly anticipating the shout of the commander and line up steadfastly in our lines.

It seemed like just yesterday, I would be the one who was on the ground, laying prone on the ground, accepting punishment, until the commander shouted 'UP!'

It seemed like just yesterday, I would be the one standing in front of the stage, singing to the song loudly, and proudly.

It seemed like just yesterday, I would be happily clutching my badge, basking in the success of promotion.

It seemed like just yesterday, I would be listening quietly to the instructions of my seniors, awaiting their orders.

But that was 'yesterday'. Today, is a different day.

A different reign comes with a different leader.

Different ideas rise up to replace obsolete ones.

That, is 'Generations.'

Today, I'm a different person.

Today, I am the one who signals for them to queue up.

Today, I am the one who punishes and the one that shouts 'UP!'

Today, I stand atop the stage, leading them in the song.

Today, I am the proud senior giving out the badges to the up and coming youngsters.

Today, I am the planner, distributor and executor.

Growth is an amazing thing.

I'm not here to boast or anything.

But for those who doubt yourself.

Stop. You'll never know where you'll be in a few days, let alone a few years.

Have faith in yourself and press on.

One day, you'll climb to the top.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sometimes I have to wonder if one year really makes all the difference.

From my observation, people holding the same position, at a different age (one is one year younger), receives different amounts of respect.

This, for me, is a little bit ridiculous.

If he's given a particular position to hold, then it's likely that the higher-ups place good faith in him. People shouldn't doubt him because of his age, nor should they doubt his ability. Because, in the end, it was the consensus that he was the most suitable.

If you doubt him, do you think you can do better?

Sorry, but the answer is very likely to be 'No.'

And thus, listen to him. Respect him. He is the leader. You are the follower.

When first appointed, you all had no qualms. And that's the way it should remain.

It does not mean you are given privilege to slack around because you are his friend, or classmate, or someone who's older/same age as him.

By rank, he is above you.

It's not about acceptance, it's obedience.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Today, I found out that many Indians read my blog. :D

Ahaha, that aside... Malam Bakat has come and gone, but that's for another post, don't really have much to blog about or want to blog about. So that's all for now. Toods.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Driving Test.


.... No car yet.... :(

But still, I passed! :D

I gotta admit, I was very nervous! But when it got going, it just naturally kept going. Ehehehehe, time to hit the road!

And so Chapter II of July 2009 ends!


Next up: Malam Bakat.

July 4th/5th: Cheer 2009
July 6th: Driving exam. (!!!)
July 10th: Malam Bakat.
July 11th/12th: KAKA KRS.
July 18th/19th: KRS Kerja Amal.
July 26th: LOUD! Concert.
July 31st: Hari Kokurikulum.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cheer 2009.

Yo Blitzerz!
What's up? What's up?
What's up? What's up?
What's up? What's up?
You think about winning?
Forget about it.
'Cause you know what?
'Cause we're the best!
'Cause we're the best!
'Cause we're the best!
'Cause we're the best!
Go.... Blitzerz!


And we were.

Best Supporters 2009.
Best Make Up: Second runner up.
And of course....

In Zoe's own words, the 'ecstatic' Blitzerz team smiling in jubilation.

Every bit deserved?



The rabbit won the race.


I'm really happy and proud.

If this has taught me anything, it's that everything can change through sheer hard work. Zoe and the Blitzerz, I salute you. You all deserved it!

Good job juniors for the organization. Though there's always room for improvement. Well done for the most part though.

Thank you to all the vociferous supporters who shouted their lungs out. We are, the best supporters! For the rest though, shame on you! :(

(proper update some time later.)

As evidenced by the pictures. The atmosphere in the stadium was simply electric. Our section alone boasted about 400 loudmouths. Some more enthusiastic than the others, but enthusiastic all the same.

Needless to say, we caught plenty of attention and drowned nearly everyone out. Except maybe the larger Xavier/Adele group on Sunday.

Every volunteer from our camp went down with thunderous support.

Darren, Marwan, Kadri, Nazar and even Mr. Donald and Clara's mum all ventured on the blue mat.

They went with every ounce of support from the supporters and were good in doing everything that was asked (mostly anyway).

Nazar's Mercy was show-stopping! Hahahahaha.

Good job BUD4!


Some of the juniors couldn't resist taking some pictures with me. Haihz.... (syok sendiri. ==")

Well done kids, keep it up! You lot have a lot of potential.

So finally Chapter I of July 2009 came to a close.


Bring on the driving test.

July 4th/5th: Cheer 2009
July 6th: Driving exam. (!!!)
July 10th: Malam Bakat.
July 11th/12th: KAKA KRS.
July 18th/19th: KRS Kerja Amal.
July 26th: LOUD! Concert.
July 31st: Hari Kokurikulum.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Uptown Girl.

And when she's walking, she's looking so fine...

Ahahaha I'm really thrilled to know that the teachers enjoyed it plenty.

Hopefully we can put on a good show. :D


As I enter the seventh month of 2009. I'm faced by mounting challenges and even more responsibilities.

July 4th/5th: Cheer 2009
July 6th: Driving exam. (!!!)
July 10th: Malam Bakat.
July 11th/12th: KAKA KRS.
July 18th/19th: KRS Kerja Amal.
July 26th: LOUD! Concert.
July 31st: Hari Kokurikulum.

Factor in the numerous practices I have during the month and woohoo, it's a jam-packed July.

In fact, malam bakat alone is gonna keep me real busy.

After that, it's intense training for Hari Koko.

AND, if I am really elected to be emcee for LOUD!, it's gonna be a pain in the ass of a July.

But you know what they say, circumstances makes a hero.

And if I emerge from this month as a hero, you can bet I'll have a smile plastered on my face for a long long time!