Monday, March 30, 2009

Long Live The Green.

Fly higher, Green.

I admit, I have been overly ambitious.

I admit, I have expected too much.

I admit, things could have gone better.


But my members, you did not let me down.

Victory escaped us. But there wasn't much we could do about it.

Talent pool is something that's out of our hands.

Yet the things we could accomplish, we did so with distinction, and with conviction.


We put up a great fight.

Few would've expected us to be able to wrestle with Blue and Yellow to the very end.

But we did so, and only lost by the slightest of margins.

It was incredibly tight up there this year. We came up short but we did our best.


May the next generation rise up to the occasion.

Do not relinquish possession.

Push up even harder.

Victory will not elude us much longer.


Anyway, as my tenure as House Captain draws to a close, I'd like to acknowledge certain people who have "Breathed Green", "Ate Green", "Slept Green" and "Lived Green" for the past few months.

Here I go,

0) The Teachers.

For being dedicated and helpful and always supporting us in every endeavor.

1) My Fellow AJKs (and other helpers.).

-Sze Yun
-Choong Yean
-Soo Mei

Thank you for sharing the weight on my shoulders and helping me accomplish a brunt of the work.

2) The Decoration Team.

-Wen Dee
-Xian Qi
-Yu Xin
-Soo Mei
-Chiun Wei
-Rou En

And everyone else who stopped by every once in a while. Without you all, marching would've been plain, morale would have dropped and the overall mood wouldn't have been as good. Thank you for utilizing your artistic minds and helping bring The House into life!

3) The Marching Team.

-Choong Yean
Thanks for being the reliable 2nd in command and you performed admirably when called upon!

Thank you for standing in when both me and Yean were unavailable and helping us whenever needed.

-The other 29 people who have endured the torturous sunlight rays for many many days along with the 3 of us.

Thank you for volunteering to join marching. We're an unappreciated bunch. We work the hardest, yet we don't even have a medal to show despite the win. Thus, thank you for coming to the (many) practices!

4) The Cheerleaders.

-Jie Cheng
-Juat Lee
-Vin Yi

For being sexy For doing your best and working so hard, you all deserved better, really.

5) The Athletes.

The quick, the strong and the nimble.

You people are what Sports Day really is about.

Down the years we've been less gifted in this department. But we've still managed to punch above our weight all the while. Some of you were were enthusiastic, some of you required some persuading. But nevertheless, thank you for participating!

6) Everyone else.

We cannot change the past, but we can choose the future. If we work harder.... We can do it.

Thanks for supporting The House! And thank you for having a noob like me as your captain this year. I wish you all the best for the future. I will be back. Hahahahahha. We may not have won this year, but we're edging ever closer to the coveted trophy. Press on, Greens.

A word or two for my successors:

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." Don't leave things to the eleventh hour. It's one of the mistakes I made this year. Don't do the same. :)

And above all else, value teamwork. For teamwork is a magical spell that makes a group of people more than just the sum of its parts. Do you best, our time is due.

Yours Truly,


I may not have won anything at the end of the day, but I sure made many new friends and had a heck lot of fun!

Hopefully it's the same for you. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Last Hurrah.

It's the final sprint now. Go Green. Do your best.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

BUD(4) Family Day

I have been bribed requested to advertise on my blog about this event.

Meh I don't think many people read my blog anyway. But oh wells.

The details are as followed:

Date: 5th April 2009
Time: 8 AM to 4PM
Venue: Central Park, Bandar Utama.

Misc. Notes (by Natalie Khoo):

"its gonna be lotsa fun food games and hot guyss."

Yes Nat, I'm totally interested in hot guys.

Liven it up.

Lately my blogposts have been all text and no pictures. Well, here's some.

Jun's bday. Quite fun. Heh.

Auditioning for Left 4 Dead.

The card for our yongying in Auckland!

... And that's her!

Derrick, Jo and Me.

She's in aussie now! Hehehehe.

Kinda random, I know. But pictures speak a thousand words. And i've already spoken 5000 words! Wow, that's astounding!

The Thing About Monarchy...

You will have read plenty in studies about things such as "raja berkuasa mutlak" and "kita tidak harus derhaka." Probably in BM and Sejarah.

I've been having this thought hanging in my mind for a long long time now.

I hate monarchy.

It's just unfair.

The Hang Tuah - Hang Jebat story is a perfect example.

Tuah gets framed for doing things he didn't. The Sultan gets swayed. Sultan exerts his "uncompared authority" by announcing the pending execution of Tuah.

Tuah was saved by Tun Perak (I think, or was it Tun Perpatih...), who chose to hide him instead of kill him.

Jebat, being the closest of friends with Tuah, decides to go on a conquest to set things straight. He successfully does so and the Sultan flees.

Sultan now turns to Tuah, the very man he wanted dead, to save his life.

Very wimpy, really.



You know, serving an able and capable leader is one thing. But one that gets swayed so easily, wants you dead, and is a very average leader is another.

I really think it's silly that a "king" can kill whoever he desires, without trial or question.

It's madness. Just because it's your birthright? What have you done to earn our respect and undying loyalty? Come out of your mother's womb?

In my humble opinion, people are born equal. Just because the father was a great king will not mean the son will be the same. It does not warrant him the unsurpassed power just because he was born of royal blood.

Good thing it's different these days.

Geez, I'm having a rant over a komsas prosa klasik. =="

DISCLAIMER: I know things work very differently now, but I just feel very agitated over how the kings of the past had so much power it was sickening.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Thoughts on April 1st and Aries Man.

Seems like the in-thing to do nowadays. Oh I'll play along!

Phillips, Jill M. "April 1 Birthday Astrology." 19 August 2007. 04 March 2009.

April 1 Birthday Astrology

An Aries born on April 1 is anything but a fool, despite their connection to this questionable "holiday". Their quiet nature masks an ability to make the best of any situation. Although frequently centered on their own concerns in the way most Aries natives are, they rarely ignore an opportunity to help or inspire others.

Aries Information
for April 1
You should embrace: Reality, temperance, generous impulses

You should avoid: Being insincere, hoping against hope, valuing only what you can see

Friends and Lovers

April 1 individuals are sunny and enthusiastic about their relationships. They have a magnetic charisma; others feel good around them. Romantic relationships are more complicated. When it comes to love, these people seem destined for disappointment on some level, but they continue to have an upbeat view of romance.

Children and Family

April 1 individuals rely on the considerable love and support they receive from family members. They also make good parents. Even if they are not intimately involved in the day-to-day aspects of parenting, they never cease to act as emotional cheerleaders for their youngsters.


April 1 natives are born with excess energy. Although they may not follow a prescribed health regimen, they usually remain active and fit well into old age. The keynote to their physical well-being is their emotional health. If they lead unhappy or unfulfilled lives, their health is likely to suffer.

Career and Finances

April 1 natives are natural go-getters who are adamant about making their mark. They generally have definite career goals from an early age. Even if their path to success is rocky, they will keep on striving. They have an ability for both making and losing a great deal of money. Their losses may come about because of their incredible generosity to friends and family members.

Dreams and Goals

April 1 natives don't mind life's ups and downs because they prefer to be caught up in extremes rather than dull routine. They have trouble admitting that certain goals have not materialized in their lives and may continue to expect success long after the cheering has died down and everyone else has gone home.

Aries Personality: March 21 - April 20

Aries is the first sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Ram. Aries individuals are willful, positive, and independent. People born under this sign have amazing stamina and a potent drive to succeed.

Below you’ll find general characteristics for the Aries man, woman, child, lover, and friend. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to articles with detailed personality profiles for every day that falls under the Aries sign. Read on to see if the characteristics ring true for you or the Ram in your life.

The Aries Man

Even if he isn't handsome -- though he usually is -- he's the one noticed by everybody when he walks into a room. Aries men are dedicated to their career aspirations and getting ahead, and people often assume that family life doesn't fit in with their lifestyle, though this is unfair. The ideal Aries man combines rugged masculinity with urbane charm.

Aries Information
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Planetary ruler: Mars
Birthstone: Diamond
Flower: Hawthorn
Color: Scarlet
Key characteristic: Leadership
Strengths: Intelligent, assertive, adventurous
Challenges: Trouble with sharing, too much ego, vindictive

The Aries Woman

This independent lady knows what she wants and isn't the least bit shy about going after it. Aries women have quick tempers and may often give the impression of bossiness. These women have a bold sense of style that adds to their natural beauty. They prefer to be noticed for their intellect and capabilities rather than for their good looks.

The Aries Child

Anyone who has ever raised an Aries child knows that these determined little overachievers need a firm hand to keep them from getting out of line. They are extremely self-possessed and prone to demanding their own way. They may be especially troublesome during their teen years. When Aries young people rebel, they generally have a good idea of what they're rebelling against.

The Aries Lover

Aries natives have a powerful love nature and a strong sexual drive. Once they set their sights on a romantic interest, they go after that individual with all of the enthusiasm and purpose typical of this sign. Aries men and women are highly romantic. They have an extremely idealistic view of what love should be. Unfortunately, Aries natives often revert to type after they marry, devoting the greatest amount of their energy to career goals.

The Aries Friend

With their powerful leadership potential, Aries natives make inspirational friends. They often will do what they can to help their pals achieve their dreams. The typical Aries friend will try to help his/her buddies become more successful and professionally centered. It's difficult for these driven individuals to understand anything but absolute dedication to career goals. Aries people are interesting and enjoyable social companions. They make friends easily and show remarkable loyalty.


Accurate for the most part I guess. Would you agree? Ahahahaha.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Emotions.

Lately, I've been approached by a few people.

"Eh Li Qi, why you always look so grumply lately one?"

"Li Qi, smile!"

"Li Qi, why so emo?"

"Li Qi, why so angry!?"

"Li Qi, you always look pissed!"

"Li Qi, stop making that face!"


Is my face that misleading?

I'm sorry people, but that's the only face I can make when I don't feel particularly expressive or don't feel any emotion. =="

Well, at least I've recieved "Li Qi, you always smile!" once.

And that's from a very smiley girl as well. Ahahahahha.

Many have attributed My Grumpiness to Green House and they might not be wrong.

It's kinda sickening when you have to approach this able athlete, only to find he's such an unable human being.

(very shortened version.)

Do You want to join-



No, I'm lazy.

Come on la, you're one of the best among them, just stay back one day la.

When ah?

2 30 - 4.

Wah, like that. I can go home and sleep until 4, come to school, and see you all lose!


You're beyond cure.

Sometime I wonder what goes through their minds.

Yet, I can never understand human beings like this no matter how much I try.

Life Lately.

I feel obliged to blog today.



Okay maybe not.

Hello my faithful readers. I have returned! Ho ho ho.

Today marks the return of the "Notebook-Bearing-Days." A term coined by JENNers the Menace which apparently points to the habit of House Leaders to bring a notebook wherever they go. A.K.A. Busy period.

Tomorrow, saringan resumes. Not very good news to me. Not that I want to procrastinate, but I could do with a few spare days where I can clarify my athlete lists and make sure they know what they're doing.

But nooooo. En. Salahuddin never fails to inform us last minute, despite my pleas to let us know as soon as there's any changes. Instead, a half-asleep me was treated to shocking news this morning during assembly when I heard a familiar phrase...

"Lontar Peluru L1 dan L2"

Me: Wutt? *wakes up grimly* (Thinks to self: HOLY CRAP?) Eh Jinwai, what day he said ah?
Jinwai: Tomorrow.
Me: ( &$*()@&$*(!@)(!*^($*! )

So yeah, tomorrow there's saringan in the school swimming pool field.

And that marks the continuation of my search. Time to approach/confront a few individuals.

Namely: Asyiqin, Joey Chan, Sze Min.

Watch out, I'm coming for you! Haahahhahaha.

Oh and today when I was scouring the streets of SMKBUD4, I got ambushed by Pn Lee! Hehehehhee. Good thing is our relationship is not that poor, so she kinda let me off the hook, but only after I managed to convince her about the importance of approaching the athletes personally. And that'd be the ignorance of 82.4125% of the students towards assembly announcements.

*Looking towards the corridor.*
Pn Lee: Why do I always see you around?
*Turns around and sees Pn Lee coming down the stairs.*
(Oh snap.)

Classic. Ahahaha.