Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Thing About Monarchy...

You will have read plenty in studies about things such as "raja berkuasa mutlak" and "kita tidak harus derhaka." Probably in BM and Sejarah.

I've been having this thought hanging in my mind for a long long time now.

I hate monarchy.

It's just unfair.

The Hang Tuah - Hang Jebat story is a perfect example.

Tuah gets framed for doing things he didn't. The Sultan gets swayed. Sultan exerts his "uncompared authority" by announcing the pending execution of Tuah.

Tuah was saved by Tun Perak (I think, or was it Tun Perpatih...), who chose to hide him instead of kill him.

Jebat, being the closest of friends with Tuah, decides to go on a conquest to set things straight. He successfully does so and the Sultan flees.

Sultan now turns to Tuah, the very man he wanted dead, to save his life.

Very wimpy, really.



You know, serving an able and capable leader is one thing. But one that gets swayed so easily, wants you dead, and is a very average leader is another.

I really think it's silly that a "king" can kill whoever he desires, without trial or question.

It's madness. Just because it's your birthright? What have you done to earn our respect and undying loyalty? Come out of your mother's womb?

In my humble opinion, people are born equal. Just because the father was a great king will not mean the son will be the same. It does not warrant him the unsurpassed power just because he was born of royal blood.

Good thing it's different these days.

Geez, I'm having a rant over a komsas prosa klasik. =="

DISCLAIMER: I know things work very differently now, but I just feel very agitated over how the kings of the past had so much power it was sickening.

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