Thursday, April 30, 2009

Define Your Justice.

What is justice?

Who can judge what is justice?

Now is it justified that he/she/it can judge what is justice?

In the end it's a game of perspective.

On a side note, choir got 2nd place again. For the fourth year in a row! And so it continues. Is it a curse? Only time will tell. Good luck lads for next year. Sadly there's no next year for us anymore.

Every time we got 2nd we told ourselves "We'll be back next year!". Seems like our time has truly ran out.

Oh and they said I look like I was "meant to be" when I wore the prefect uniform lol. I wonder how'd my life pan out if I said "yes" instead of "no" that time?

For good measure.

And this is the awesome choir! Hahahaha. I had fun. :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Senior Poll.

So, this week, a sheet of paper was given out to all form five students. On top of it read: Class of 2009 Senior Poll.

Below it... was many columns. We were asked to nominate one guy and one girl for each category.

And so the frenzy began. (Almost) Everyone's going bonkers with it now.

The categories all start with "Most Likely to" and includes...

be everyone's favourite teacher
be the best all rounder
be the most attractive person
be the most unforgettable
be elected into Pro Sports Hall of Fame
be a drama king/queen
be the most talkative and outspoken
be the next Einstein
have the best personality
be the shyest and quietest
be the most creative and imaginative
succeed in life
make you laugh until your stomach hurts
be the most stressed
get out of trouble by smiling
be the most musically inclined

I think that's all. Lol. Don't really remember.

So... Who'd be your nominees?

How can it not be you?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Fairytale Ending.

Ah, we fought valiantly, and honestly have been a tad bit unlucky.

What was a ticket to the final turned into a 4th placed finish just half an hour later.

We were poised to charge into the final when we led 45-42 with 30 seconds remaining.

But a lapse in concentration allowed the opponent to 'foul-in' and put the tie into overtime.

Sadly, we were second best and lost 57-52 in the end.


Honestly I'm gutted. Gutted by some dubious refereeing decisions. Gutted by some poor mistakes. Gutted at not cherishing some opportunities.

We had only about 15 minutes worth of rest before the 3rd place play off and fatigue took it's toll.

We weren't taking it seriously.

Wait let me rephrase that.

We had no ability to take it seriously.

The SAS game sucked out all of the spirit in us and we were shadows of what we are. We were too tired to help it.

I forgot the final score, but we were more than 10 points behind.


Regardless, I felt very disgusted with some people.

People who make fun of and throw insults at opponents in a sport.

They contaminate the sport. Whatever happened to sportsmanship?



Oh well no point dwelling on the past. Next up, MSSD Softball!

Haven't been training at all. Oh my.

Hopefully we won't humiliate ourselves! Heh.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The 17th of Many.

Prelude: Seventeen years ago, on this very fateful day, a great man was born into the world...



I've been through a lot, and hopefully more of the fun and less of the not-so-fun will come along in years to come. I now have another year's of experience under my belt, and may it aid me in my lifelong undertakings!

Time flies, I still don't feel like a fifth former, or someone who's 17 years old. I guess everyone feels the same as they grow up. We always think we aren't as 'old' as our predecessors when they were our age.

Nevertheless, time does not wait. I AM SEVENTEEN no matter how young i feel, and it's a fact that cannot be changed. It's high time I kick start my life and look onwards!


It was my birthday today.

I must say I got a lot of cards this year!

As well as many unexpected wishes (and hugs), some from people I barely knew few months back.

To add the icing on the cake, we defeated DJ in a basketball friendly match 55-38 today!

Not much to gloat about, but oh wells.

I'll post up pictures tomorrow. (If I get them.)

Once again, thank you for the wishes people!

And Happy Birthday to Aiman and Shahriman too.

One year older; One year Wiser.

Happy Birthday to my best friend and worst enemy, Mimaiself Andi.

Here's wishing you a happy 17th Birthdaywhichnobodybelieves!

May all your dreams come true and hopefully you can find your Cinderella.

-Li Qi.

P/S: Please study hard, you know you can. And you know you want the Straight A1s.