Thursday, April 30, 2009

Define Your Justice.

What is justice?

Who can judge what is justice?

Now is it justified that he/she/it can judge what is justice?

In the end it's a game of perspective.

On a side note, choir got 2nd place again. For the fourth year in a row! And so it continues. Is it a curse? Only time will tell. Good luck lads for next year. Sadly there's no next year for us anymore.

Every time we got 2nd we told ourselves "We'll be back next year!". Seems like our time has truly ran out.

Oh and they said I look like I was "meant to be" when I wore the prefect uniform lol. I wonder how'd my life pan out if I said "yes" instead of "no" that time?

For good measure.

And this is the awesome choir! Hahahaha. I had fun. :)


Vertino Aleci said...

Unlucky on coming up runner up again in the choir. Who knows it could open the way for something better in the long run anyway? I'm guessing the questions to do with justice are related to the competition?

Came across your blog while I was searching for Arsenal fans, feel free to have your say on my Gunners blog. I'd love to hear from arsenal people all over the world.
Take care.

liQi said...

Ah, actually the justice issues are more to do with my personal life, thus the "on a side note" before I touched on the choir competition.

I'm surprised you actually dug me up! Sure I will. Gooner til I die. :D