Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The 17th of Many.

Prelude: Seventeen years ago, on this very fateful day, a great man was born into the world...



I've been through a lot, and hopefully more of the fun and less of the not-so-fun will come along in years to come. I now have another year's of experience under my belt, and may it aid me in my lifelong undertakings!

Time flies, I still don't feel like a fifth former, or someone who's 17 years old. I guess everyone feels the same as they grow up. We always think we aren't as 'old' as our predecessors when they were our age.

Nevertheless, time does not wait. I AM SEVENTEEN no matter how young i feel, and it's a fact that cannot be changed. It's high time I kick start my life and look onwards!


It was my birthday today.

I must say I got a lot of cards this year!

As well as many unexpected wishes (and hugs), some from people I barely knew few months back.

To add the icing on the cake, we defeated DJ in a basketball friendly match 55-38 today!

Not much to gloat about, but oh wells.

I'll post up pictures tomorrow. (If I get them.)

Once again, thank you for the wishes people!

And Happy Birthday to Aiman and Shahriman too.

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