Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Senior Poll.

So, this week, a sheet of paper was given out to all form five students. On top of it read: Class of 2009 Senior Poll.

Below it... was many columns. We were asked to nominate one guy and one girl for each category.

And so the frenzy began. (Almost) Everyone's going bonkers with it now.

The categories all start with "Most Likely to" and includes...

be everyone's favourite teacher
be the best all rounder
be the most attractive person
be the most unforgettable
be elected into Pro Sports Hall of Fame
be a drama king/queen
be the most talkative and outspoken
be the next Einstein
have the best personality
be the shyest and quietest
be the most creative and imaginative
succeed in life
make you laugh until your stomach hurts
be the most stressed
get out of trouble by smiling
be the most musically inclined

I think that's all. Lol. Don't really remember.

So... Who'd be your nominees?

How can it not be you?

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