Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Fairytale Ending.

Ah, we fought valiantly, and honestly have been a tad bit unlucky.

What was a ticket to the final turned into a 4th placed finish just half an hour later.

We were poised to charge into the final when we led 45-42 with 30 seconds remaining.

But a lapse in concentration allowed the opponent to 'foul-in' and put the tie into overtime.

Sadly, we were second best and lost 57-52 in the end.


Honestly I'm gutted. Gutted by some dubious refereeing decisions. Gutted by some poor mistakes. Gutted at not cherishing some opportunities.

We had only about 15 minutes worth of rest before the 3rd place play off and fatigue took it's toll.

We weren't taking it seriously.

Wait let me rephrase that.

We had no ability to take it seriously.

The SAS game sucked out all of the spirit in us and we were shadows of what we are. We were too tired to help it.

I forgot the final score, but we were more than 10 points behind.


Regardless, I felt very disgusted with some people.

People who make fun of and throw insults at opponents in a sport.

They contaminate the sport. Whatever happened to sportsmanship?



Oh well no point dwelling on the past. Next up, MSSD Softball!

Haven't been training at all. Oh my.

Hopefully we won't humiliate ourselves! Heh.

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