Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh my...

I had a sudden urge to post this picture.

Wonder why? Shing knows.

That's the toilet?

We lay defeated in the wake of pars carking in the par cark.

And got lost and disoriented.

Finally we got lost in a jungle. super stress.

Shing is damn cool.

Three cheers - Third.


Abbreviated as FCS, otherwise known as Friendship Connection Saturday, or variously known as Food Competition Saturday and Flag Capturing Saturday. No matter, it's FCS round and round.

As the name suggests, this Saturday is no ordinary Saturday, it's a freaking cool Saturday. First KRS dominated the marching field, and next we celebrate this victory at the Fatastic Celebration Saturday party.

Fantabulous and Mah-velous isn't it? <- words from the "Mah dictionary, courtesy of Justin Mah-sle Okay. So... we got to the party a little late, at 2. 15. But as I had speculated. Malaysian time is truly Normal time + 30 minutes. Guests did not finish arriving until roughly 3.30. But we still started at 2 anyways.

We began with the traditional "Tribe Game" where you form groups, give names to your groups, and create a sketch on how you came up with the name.

The teams were...
WIDY. - Wait I Duno Yet.
The Winning team.

and then we ate. the food was good.

afterwards, we played a short game called "The Peg".

Soon, the teams merged and became 2 tribes instead of 4. they came up with new names.

I don't know why we're winning. - WIDY + The Winning Team. Later changed to Dingdingdongs on a whim and then changed again to Kenny's Nut's by the organizers.
Mah's Nuts. - Mah-velous + Coconut.

We played capture the flag. which took alot of preparation and still caused many problems. It was fun though, or so I've heard. Many of my friends enjoyed it. It involved alot of strategy - strength, speed, recon, stealth, tactics, distractions, dexterity, etc. and of course, the deciding factor was TEAMWORK.

Overall, it was arguably a success. Not what we've hoped for, but didn't fall short of the standards we set.

Thus ends a meaningful week-

Wait, not yet. I must finish Harry Potter first.

(hours later)

Ah ended. Great book.

Thus ends a meaningful weekend. =) Hope yours was too!

Three cheers - Second.

Hari Kokurikulum. Saturday.

I must say we were not ready. Lack of practice really depresses me. I very much prefer laboring under the sun than being humiliated in front of a crowd.

However, I must say, we successfully winged this one. We still received quite some applause, and I was particularly motivated by the "warcries" we created out of thin air. Many which are tributes to the film 300.

Reason? Simple, we were using flags, which when without the flag, becomes the pole. This pole, is no ordinary pole, it has a sharp end, and a blunt end, drawing comparisons with a spear/javelin from the film 300. But it does not stop there. Many members, particularly Tse Wei, became obsessed with it and started throwing it around and "fighting" other members with another "spear".

Right, back on topic. These warcries include the "AWOO AWOO" cries. and "CADETS, BRACE YOURSELF FOR GLORY! FOR TONIGHT, WE DINE IN THE CANTEEN!"


Okay, I'm one of six the flagbearers in our squad. Our performance consists of Static Marching (Where you remain where you stand), Dynamic Marching (Where you march around the place) and Formation (Where creativity comes to mind. Make patterns that appeal to the crowd).

We, the KRS, absolutely dominated. The other teams can only lay defeated by our enormous effort. One reasoning can be that our formations are much longer than any other squad, and in many ways, more entertaining. Needless to say, after receiving thunderous applauses, winning was just a matter of time.

So, as the results were about to unravel, we sat at the Tapak, and waited silently. And they started announcing...

Sagu Hati (consolation) : Pandu Puteri.
Sixth : PBSM (Red Crescent)
Fifth: One of the Pengakap (Scouts)
Fourth: Kadet Polis.
Third: The other Pengakap team.

At this, we roared. It did not matter who won, it was KRS who won. We pumped our fists into the air, embraced each other, it was all smiles. Our hard work paid off. It was a sentimental moment, really. Emotions were surging amidst the atmosphere, the commanding presence of the KRS supporters and the KRS themselves were surely felt.

KRS won. I don't care what you say. KRS won, not KRS A. We KRS, train as one, perform as one, and win as one. Heh. Spirit of Unity you see? (Well if you really want to know, we [KRS B] lost only by a single point.)

Anyway, I can't help but give a sigh of relief after finishing our formation. I did one brutal mistake during the performance, I had not known that they changed one of the commands, and I stoned for a few seconds before correcting it. There were several mistakes from other members as well, but our goal wasn't to win, but to perform, and entertain. I hope we did well in that aspect.




*KRS bursts into laughter*

Commander Cadets

Yo Cadets!
What's up what's up?
What's up what's up!
You thinking about winning?
Cuz you know what?
Cuz we're the best!
Cuz WE'RE the BEST

And you know the rest. ; )

Three cheers - First.

First hurdle: Choir Audition - Passed.
Second hurdle: Hari Koko - Won!
Third hurdle: FCS - Arguably successful.

Three cheers.

Let's see.

reviews on the past week.

Tuesday was choir audition day.

Was slightly nervous I tell you. But sleepiness generally overcame the feelings of nervousness and caused me to fall asleep and nearly forget about it. Nevertheless I still remembered, and headed to the Music Room after school.

MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, it was dominated by form threes. Wait, let me rephrase it. There were ONLY FORM THREES! Ah My Goddess.

Well, Joel was up first, but Pn. Gan signaled for me to sit down as well. Goddess, that's nerve wrecking! I was a little annoyed, or rather stunned by the fact that Joel sat quite rudely, or should I say overconfidently? Either way it didn't matter. We had to sing "Negaraku", as many had speculated. Joel passed, and was probably happy because Pn. Gan complimented him on his wide range of vocals.

However, that was the beginning of the end for me, I was next. I bit my lips, gritted my teeth, and answered her questions and finally sung.

Right. Turned out pretty bad. I couldn't make out the difference of the notes she gave me, thanks to not having a musical background that almost everyone else has. And so, I failed at first try. I sat at one corner, partly sulking, and partly grimacing for another chance at it. Friends came to comfort me, particularly Jou, Yy, June and Soonyi. Can't say I felt a little dissapointed of myself, they had high hopes for me.

At first yy said. "Don't worry, liQi, we know you can sing, doesn't matter if you can't get in. Heck, Mika got kicked out of American Idol!"

And, i was thinking in my mind... "Who the heck is Mika?" But I didn't say it out. Hmmm, Perhaps I was feeling blue after all.

Nevertheless, I sat on the arm of June's chair and watcehd the others.

Many of my friends passed, piling more disappointment on myself. I thought to myself... "Perhaps I shouldn't have thought so highly of my own vocals anyway." after seeing many whom I thought was inferior pass the test. [particularly yunwei, but oh the wells.]

(Lesson One: Don't judge a book by it's covers. While he/she may be weak at one aspect, he/she might have other talents)

[actually I learnt this lesson on Monday as well, when Mel brought her latest HP book to school to lend me. I was slightly disapointed when I saw the cover which read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which was the sixth book. I pointed that out and she retorted... "Liqi, do not judge a book by it's covers." and proceeded to remove the cover, revealing the book that read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I must say I felt a bit shy of myself. xD]

After everyone has finished, I relished my second shot at entering choir. After practising for quite a while while the others were auditioning, confidence grew in me and I was quite sure I could pull it off this time. Right as I was, I still didn't completely get it right, but still passed anyway.

Pn. Gan wanted to put me in the tenor column, but after seeing how there were dozens of tenors from the audition and only ONE bass, I asked if she would want me in bass instead, (since I was quite confident in pulling that off as well) and after a series of tests, I was put into the bass column, joined shortly by Edmund and Zhenchi who requested for a change too, seeing me in bass.

I guess, overall it was a great harvest for the Choir club which will be short of MAN-power after the departure of form fives.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

and abit more...

Hi, i am Bla, i got chesthair! JinWai is gay, and gay is me! =D

Hi, i am boon ming, forever noob and short. Liqi like to call me BUN! =D and buns solve all problems. gogo bun! Oh ya, I quite gay also. =D best friend is Mr Siva and Dr Gomez! they super cool, can't see them at night!! ^^

10:09:36 PM] jung.: every time he say a sentencve i jump in and do
wtf attack thus amking him curse in exasperation.
[10:09:47 PM] jung.: sentence** making**
[10:10:00 PM] MonkeyPie. H: -.-
[10:10:04 PM] MonkeyPie. H: it;s like saying...
[10:10:16 PM] MonkeyPie. H: everytime he tries to do something funny.
sven jumps in and smiles. making him faint.
[10:10:31 PM] jung.: OHNOES.
[10:10:36 PM] MonkeyPie. H: it's not just any ordinary smile
[10:10:47 PM] jung.: then sven jumps into his open mouth which is
bubbling bile and disapears,never to be seen again.
[10:10:48 PM] MonkeyPie. H: it's the type of johny bravo smile that
can kill you when you're sleeping, or not.

Sum Wan? Nowe Wan? Annie Wan?

One day, Lee Sum Wan called the school to speak with his sister Annie Wan. And Mr. Sori picked up the call.

Sum Wan: Hi, I'm Sum Wan. Can I speak with Annie Wan?
Mr. Sori: Yes, you may speak with me.
Sum Wan: No, I want to speak with Annie Wan. It's urgent!
Mr. Sori: You asked to speak with anyone, so you may speak with me. What's the urgent matter?
Sum Wan: Huh? Anyway, just tell Annie Wan that a car accident occured. Nowe Wan was badly injured and now Nowe Wan is being sent to the hospital. I would request Annie Wan to come with me --
Mr. Sori: Wait wait wait. If noone was involved in a car accident, noone was badly injured, and noone is being sent to the hospital, then what's the big deal? You pranking me or something, brat?
Sum Wan: That's rude of you. What's your name?
Mr. Sori: I'm Sori.
Sum Wan: You'd better be sorry, now tell me your name.
Mr. Sori: I'm Sori.
Sum Wan: Quit playing around and tell me your name.
Mr. Sori: I'm Sori, I'M SORIIIII!!!
Sum Wan: You're getting on my nerves now, watch out, my father is Sam Buddie.
Mr. Sori: Oooooh, I'm so scared! AS IF!?
Sum Wan: I really hate your attitude. My uncle would be mad at you. He holds a high position in his company. He's Nowe Buddie.
Mr. Sori: Look, I don't care if everybody thinks your father is the top dog in his company, I don't give a --
Sum Wan: Avery Buddie is my uncle.
Mr. Sori: HAHAHA! I don't care if which one of your aunt screws everybody, that's just sad, but I --
Sum Wan: Huh? Wheech Wan is my sister.
Mr. Sori: HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU MAKE ME LAUGH! You're seriously dumb aren't you. How'd I know whih one is your sister? Anyway, this is some funny shit, i'm going to put this on the P.A. System.


"Excuse me, I suppose you students are stressed out by the upcoming exams, now I'll share a really funny joke with all of you... Someone just called to speak with anyone. Me, being the kind soul that I am, offered to hear him out. He told me that a car accident happened, but not to worry, noone was badly injured and noone is being sent to the hospital. Then he scolded me when I said he's pranking, which he obviously is. You know what? If you're his father, you may be somebody. But if you're his uncle? You're nobody. Now that's some funny shit. HAHAHA!!!"


Annie Wan: Why does it feel so weird? Someone? Noone? Anyone?

[08:54:50 PM] jung.: mine StHL syarikaat the huajie lover
[08:54:52 PM] ..: cannot betray me!..
[08:54:55 PM] Monkey.: cheh
[08:54:55 PM] ..: no n no no
[08:54:58 PM] ..: canonottttttttt
[08:55:04 PM] Monkey.: it's Syarikat the Hamsap Lous

last one for today....

[08:59:16 PM] jung.: huajie is gging me
[08:59:17 PM] ..: we must put an end 2 therefore...we mus
kill teh jie!!!!
[08:59:33 PM] Monkey.: invite him here
[08:59:34 PM] Monkey.: we gang
[08:59:37 PM] Monkey.: i take m4a1
[08:59:38 PM] ..: ehhe
[08:59:40 PM] Monkey.: u take cv 47
[08:59:41 PM] zhiling.: u know wat? this involves perjanjian
[08:59:43 PM] zhiling.: /gg
[08:59:45 PM] huajie. has been added to the conversation.
[08:59:45 PM] Monkey.: we shoot until his balls boom
[08:59:49 PM] ..: hua jieeeeeeeeeeeeee
[08:59:50 PM] Monkey.: BANG
[08:59:52 PM] Monkey.: BANGGG
[08:59:53 PM] Monkey.: BANGGG
[08:59:53 PM] jung.: -.-
[08:59:55 PM] ..: snipe kau ur SIFATTT
[08:59:56 PM] jung.: BANG
[08:59:56 PM] Monkey.: FLASHBANGGG
[08:59:57 PM] ..: bangggggggggggggg
[09:00:01 PM] Monkey.: HE
[09:00:02 PM] ..: grenadeeeeeeeeee
[09:00:02 PM] huajie.: shutup la.
[09:00:04 PM] Monkey.: PUT HE!!
[09:00:04 PM] ..: mati!!!!!!!!!!!11
[09:00:05 PM] zhiling.: LOL
[09:00:06 PM] ..: hahahha
[09:00:07 PM] Monkey.: KILL
[09:00:08 PM] Monkey.: DIEEE
[09:00:11 PM] jung.: i melee you to death
[09:00:11 PM] ..: ki;lll!!
[09:00:14 PM] ..: i guna knigfe la
[09:00:15 PM] huajie.: you got 2x scope also cannot hit me from 3
[09:00:15 PM] ..: senang
[09:00:20 PM] jung.: then stupid koks kill me with friendly fire
[09:00:21 PM] Monkey.: lol
[09:00:24 PM] Monkey.: sweat
[09:00:27 PM] Monkey.: i take brrom stick
[09:00:30 PM] Monkey.: pwn all of u
[09:00:32 PM] Monkey.: /gg
[09:00:33 PM] zhiling.: janitor
[09:00:34 PM] zhiling.: xD
[09:00:35 PM] Monkey.: yala
[09:00:40 PM] huajie.: BUT KOKWENG GOT NO KOK!
[09:00:41 PM] huajie. has left the conversation.
[09:00:46 PM] Monkey.: lol
[09:00:46 PM] zhiling.: HAHAHA
[09:00:48 PM] Monkey.: invite him back
[09:00:51 PM] Monkey.: WE ARUBAA
[09:00:54 PM] zhiling.: bengkok edyy
[09:00:56 PM] ..: ehhehe
[09:00:56 PM] huajie. has been added to the conversation.
[09:00:57 PM] zhiling.: LOL
[09:00:58 PM] Monkey.: ARUBAAAAA
[09:01:00 PM] Monkey.: ARUBAAA
[09:01:02 PM] ..: arubaaaaaaaaaa
[09:01:03 PM] Monkey.: I TAKE LEG
[09:01:05 PM] jung.: ARUBAAA
[09:01:06 PM] ..: splashhh
[09:01:08 PM] zhiling.: i take hand!
[09:01:08 PM] ..: gone liaooo
[09:01:09 PM] zhiling.: =p
[09:01:09 PM] Monkey.: ARUBAA
[09:01:10 PM] jung.: i take other leg
[09:01:10 PM] ..: oh no,,,
[09:01:16 PM] ..: tiada kuku liao..
[09:01:18 PM] jung.: we aruba him with zhiling =X
[09:01:22 PM] Monkey.: /gg/gg/gg/gg/gg/gg/gg/gg
[09:01:23 PM] zhiling.: WTH
[09:01:25 PM] Monkey.: LOLLL
[09:01:27 PM] zhiling.: wahliao
[09:01:27 PM] Monkey.: TOGETHER
[09:01:28 PM] jung.: LOL
[09:01:29 PM] Monkey.: FOREVER!
[09:01:31 PM] zhiling.: shoot me huh!!!
[09:01:33 PM] ..: FOREVERR....
[09:01:36 PM] jung.: not shoot la
[09:01:37 PM] zhiling.: =="
[09:01:37 PM] ..: WE KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:01:38 PM] jung.: ARUBAAA
[09:01:40 PM] ..: Xp..
[09:01:44 PM] zhiling.: =\\
[09:01:52 PM] Monkey.: KK
[09:01:56 PM] Monkey.: we must write perjanjian now!
[09:01:56 PM] jung.: aruba until dick pecah
[09:01:58 PM] jung.: berkecai
[09:02:00 PM] jung.: !!!
[09:02:01 PM] ..: ahahaha..
[09:02:03 PM] ..: !!...
[09:02:04 PM] ..: yea mnass
[09:02:11 PM] Monkey.: Perjanjian Persahabatan H.J dengan STKL
[09:02:18 PM] * jung. has changed his/her personal message to S.T.K.L.
vice president!
[09:02:23 PM] zhiling.: yea man1
[09:02:26 PM] Monkey.: syarat pertama: HJ akan disunat
[09:02:26 PM] jung.: LOL
[09:02:29 PM] ..: hj tidak akan bergaduh dgn kokss
[09:02:32 PM] jung.: disunad
[09:02:38 PM] jung.: with a 'd'
[09:02:51 PM] Monkey.: syarat kedua: HJ perlu membawa Joel ke Lembah
Klang untuk menjadi Pole Dancer
[09:02:56 PM] zhiling.: kedua : ahli-ahli kelab tidak dibenarkan
meninggalkan syarikat
[09:02:58 PM] zhiling.: xD
[09:02:59 PM] zhiling.: xD
[09:02:59 PM] ..: ==;...
[09:03:04 PM] ..: yes yess
[09:03:12 PM] Monkey.: syarat ketiga: zhiling perlu pusing tiga puluh
enam kali
[09:03:18 PM] jung.: ketiga: huajie perlu menanggalkan seluar di depan
pn sow setiap rabu dan jumaat
[09:03:29 PM] zhiling.: LOL
[09:03:30 PM] ..: ehhe...!
[09:03:34 PM] ..: thism eeting not badd. (not bad? PWNAGE LA!)
[09:03:35 PM] zhiling.: what pusing?!
[09:03:35 PM] ..: .xP
[09:03:39 PM] Monkey.: keempat: huajie perlu membawa puan sow ke Hotel
[09:03:46 PM] Monkey.: dan main dengan syok sekali
[09:03:47 PM] jung.: !!!
[09:03:47 PM] jung.: omg.
[09:03:47 PM] Monkey.: /gg

moral of the story? Don't mess with STKL!

Fox see crow fly over. Cheese in beak. Crow fly high, go highest branch, so high! Fox hungry, Go to tree. Praise crow. "Crow sexy, feather shine, eye like stars, voice honey! Please sing song prove you queen!" Crow open beak. Crow caw, cheese fall, inside fox mouth, fox laugh. advise crow: "you sexy? i god! Flatter no good!" crow cry, no cheese. fox happy, say cheese, take photo.

Melis: We're going on air... 3-2-1 Action!
Me: Camera's rolling!
Caryi: Hi! This is CarYi reporting from SMKBUD4. I'm here to tell you about the tragic life of Tham Kar Mun! But first, let me invite my co-host Lee Shing Yi!
Shing: Hihi!!! Kk now....
Caryi: Nonono. First, we invite our main star, Tham Kar Mun here.... *pulls karmun* okay, so how do you feel?


Me: Stop laughing and get on with the damn show.
Caryi: Kk... our guess of honour is having problems with her mouth. Now i shall tell you all about what has happened. Our friend here, Tham Kar Mun, almost fell into the drain, and when she saw the oil in the drain, she dramatically talked about how animals will die if this pollution goes on... Awww.....
Shing: Yaya!!! ^^
Me: Kay... end liau. "This is LimCarYi reporting live from SMKBUD4"
Shing: This is Lee Shing Yi....
Caryi: Waitwaitwaitwait..... first, we must say goodbye to our guests. Goodbye.
Shing: Kay kay. This is Lee Shing yi reporting....
Caryi: Patience, shing. This is LimCarYi reporting live for LimCarYi News at SMKBUD4!
Shing: AND Shing too! ^^
Melis: Cut!

qiqi wrote this in his blog.which i am very much going to complain.

noticably, the noisy girl didnt come today. yes i'm talking about you, shing. =|
usually, during krs meeting, shingyi will entertain everyone else by doing something stupid. x) no offense there. =| but today, the absence of her left us a void to fill.

excuse me yapqiqi!!! .i am not noisy! i dont produce noise.i do lah.! but its call sound. not noise!! cis! ><" and i do NOT DO STOPIID THINGSS OKK! i smartly do smart things =) and that last line there wus just hopeless >.< but as i am a veryvery nice person i shall forgive you cuz u bought me kitkat icecream just now but that was because u owe after that worldcup so yea =) ^.^ *cheers*

* please note that this is the major part of the blog, the remaing parts do not offer any useful material to my blog, and therefore is not included. you can view the original copy at . sorry for the inconvenience caused.

*please notice that i enlarged a part of the blog. which is...

but as i am a veryvery nice person

gods, all of you, legends, prime ministers, presidents, kings, and all other people out there. i have a question.

is this statement true?

based on the survey i ran... the results were as follows:

Yes: 1, (0.01%) No: 9999, (99.99%)

and it is later known that the 1 at the yes section was none other than shingyi herself, and she is ineligible to vote anyway. so it is nulled. =\

bleeeh, has it become a trend that "as i am a very nice person" is used so widely, and so often? another example is as follows...

[10:04:02 PM] karMun.: yeaaaap
[10:04:10 PM] karMun.: i left a msg there i think.
[10:04:17 PM] karMun.: being the nicest human on earthh

what has gotten to this peacful, pure, ever graceful and beautiful world??? inhabitants are now thinking they're the nicest ever. whyyy?

this is absolutely, unacceptable, and would not be accepted by anyone who can accept, until i accept it, which is quite impossible as this is totally unacceptable, u-n-a-c-c-e-p-t-a-b-l-e. if you can't see it properly, here's a larger version : u-n-a-c-c-e-p-t-a-b-l-e. clear? good. and until i accept it, all of you must bear this in mind. sorry for the abundance of "accepts" used, but as i said, i am feeling high, so please accept my apology, as it is not as unacceptable as these strange unacceptable happenings on earth, which are totally unacceptable. no chance of being accepted at all.

Enough, i guess.


Memories fade, people change. feelings dissapear. Time never waits. But people move on. =) - Yours truly.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some posts from my old blog...

[20:25:17] liQi.: worst than yunwei 513x
[20:26:00] '<3<3:>
[20:26:16] '<3<3:>
[20:26:25] liQi.: i mean as in the fats.
[20:26:38] liQi.: if you count who eats more then yun wei gets the
[20:26:59] liQi.: "erm kak, nasi lemak tambah tiga telur.... yang
cantik sikit ya? dan juga satu ayam."
[20:27:11] liQi.: "dik, itu mahal tahu tak."
[20:27:16] '<3<3:>
[20:27:17] liQi.: "tak apa. asalkan ada ayam."

being such an asshole. i might as well be a bigger asshole. bak kata pepatah "Alang-alang dakwat, biarlah hitam." according to jinwai's version. [if you wanna be a bad guy, be a realllllly bad one.]


Yun Wei Canteen Worker

kak, nasi lemak, tambah 2 telur.
2 ringgit.
oh, errr tambah lagi 1 ayam. paha.
tiga setengah.
satu lagi ayam la. dada.
dik, nanti bird flu la. tak takut ka?
tak apa kak, saya sedia berkorban demi ayam.
jangan main main tahu tak?
Tak apa. Tengok saya? Bulat sangat. sudah makan 2 tahun di sini.
baiklah. 5 ringgit. selamat makan. saya akan berdoa untuk awak.
terima kasih kak, saya akan mengenang budi kak dan selalu membeli ayam di sini.
Tak apa. Makan sahaja.

Based on a real story. Cameo appearance by Lim Yong Ying.

[20:02:31] liQi.: lemme tell u a joke.
[20:02:32] liQi.: xD
[20:02:49] liQi.: once upon a time
[20:02:54] liQi.: in a land not so far away.
[20:03:02] liQi.: was a class called 3 teratai
[20:03:04] liQi.: inside there
[20:03:11] liQi.: there was this particular boy who sucked in sejarah
[20:03:13] liQi.: that boy is me.
[20:03:15] liQi.: hmmm.
[20:03:16] liQi.: so.
[20:03:22] liQi.: one day after exam. [today]
[20:03:35] liQi.: his friend got 66 in sejarah
[20:03:43] liQi.: he looked at me and joked.
[20:04:07] liQi.: if u get 80, i'll go to the front and do a frontflip
and then kick teacher's face.
[20:04:15] liQi.: as teacher called my name
[20:04:25] liQi.: i crossed my fingers, made amends, and walked up
[20:04:30] liQi.: i took my paper and giggled.
[20:04:33] liQi.: walked back.
[20:04:35] '<3<3:>
[20:04:36] '<3<3:>
[20:04:46] liQi.: jinwai good luck.
[20:04:50] liQi.: frontflip + kick
[20:04:50] liQi.: gogogo
[20:04:51] liQi.: lol
[20:05:04] liQi.: i got 80 which was..... unexpected.
[20:05:18] '<3<3:>
[20:05:23] liQi.: imagine the pink form.
[20:05:26] liQi.: Kesalahan Murid
[20:05:29] liQi.: Goh Jin Wai
[20:05:42] liQi.: Kesalahan: Membuat "front flip" dan menendang cikgu
[20:06:41] liQi.: Hukuman: Dibuang sekolah, kecuali kalau guru it Pn
Norehan yang sangat dibenci, gemuk, garang seperti ayam
yang kurang satu kaki, pendek seperti karmun dan errr dan
dan sangat tuaaaa!!!
[20:06:54] liQi.: harus tui yao dan memberi peluang kepada generasi
yang akan datang!
[20:07:32] '<3<3:>
[20:07:36] '<3<3:>
[20:07:43] '<3<3:>
[20:08:08] liQi.: lol
[20:08:10] liQi.: maybe....
[20:08:56] liQi.: Hukuman: tidak akan dihukum, sebaliknya dipuji dan
dibawa masuk kepada Sekolah Wushu Kampung Utama kerana
berpontensi besar.
[20:09:09] '<3<3:>
[20:09:24] '<3<3:>
century. thatd be his life story
[20:10:10] liQi.: 31st century?
[20:10:22] liQi.: by that time he'll be hailed as god for living over
10 centuries. *nod*
[20:10:45] '<3<3:>
[20:10:54] liQi.: hmm.

[09:02:02 PM] Kychee. Hika: mcdonald]
[09:02:15 PM] jung.: har?
[09:02:25 PM] Kychee. Hika: mcdonald la
[09:02:49 PM] jung.: whats that got to do with anything
[09:04:03 PM] Kychee. Hika: they suck
[09:04:57 PM] jung.: mcdonalds sucks?
[09:05:04 PM] Kychee. Hika: yea
[09:05:54 PM] jung.: why?-.-
[09:06:27 PM] Kychee. Hika: duno
[09:06:35 PM] jung.: why can birds fly?
[09:06:47 PM] Kychee. Hika: they have wings
[09:07:00 PM] jung.: why does wings enable them to fly?
[09:07:06 PM] jung.: WHY YOU SO GAY DE
[09:07:12 PM] jung.: ask you serious question
[09:07:14 PM] jung.: duno
[09:07:15 PM] jung.: duno
[09:07:16 PM] jung.: duno
[09:07:23 PM] jung.: ask you mou liu question
[09:07:33 PM] jung.: because *insert answer here*
[09:07:40 PM] jung.: -.-
[09:07:40 PM] Kychee. Hika: mm hmm *nod*
[09:08:26 PM] jung.: *take sledgehammer and hammerfall your head*
[09:09:35 PM] Kychee. Hika: u cant do that
[09:10:27 PM] jung.: why not?zTT
[09:10:35 PM] Kychee. Hika: there's no sledgehammer in ro
[09:11:04 PM] jung.: who said must be ro
[09:11:18 PM] jung.: hammerfall is just a straightforward description
of my actyion
[09:11:26 PM] jung.: i let the hammer fall on you!
[09:11:29 PM] jung.: ma hammer fall lor
[09:11:32 PM] jung.: see?
[09:11:34 PM] Kychee. Hika: ooo
[09:11:38 PM] Kychee. Hika: i quickly dodge
[09:11:51 PM] jung.: then i take a lychee and lycheethrow!
[09:11:59 PM] Kychee. Hika: i spam defense of the taboo!
[09:12:08 PM] jung.: taboo?
[09:12:09 PM] jung.: -.-
[09:12:10 PM] Kychee. Hika: mm hmm
[09:12:28 PM] jung.: i ropebreaker you!
[09:13:49 PM] Kychee. Hika: i nod
[09:13:59 PM] Kychee. Hika: and u get run over by bulls and bananas
[09:14:23 PM] jung.: while getting to me to run over me the bananas
start eating the bulls
[09:14:50 PM] Kychee. Hika: as they merge and become more powerful, u
get ran over by bullanas
[09:15:15 PM] jung.: but the bananas shed their skins while merging!
[09:15:36 PM] jung.: so the bullanas slipped on banana skins and fall
into KFC bangsar outlet
[09:15:36 PM] * Kychee. Hikaru! has changed his/her personal message
to I'm not bound by Fate and Destiny.
[09:15:51 PM] Kychee. Hika: they start eating snack plate 4!
[09:16:21 PM] jung.: but realise they no walllets!
[09:16:29 PM] Kychee. Hika: u rmb snack plate 4 ma? -.-
[09:16:42 PM] jung.: so they cut up their own skin and make new brand
of wallets with authentic bull skin!
[09:16:53 PM] jung.: erm.
[09:16:55 PM] jung.: what arh?
[09:17:03 PM] jung.: one got zinger and wedges
[09:17:07 PM] jung.: thats two
[09:17:24 PM] jung.: three is 2 piss chicken and coleslaw andmashed
[09:17:36 PM] Kychee. Hika: ........
[09:17:37 PM] Kychee. Hika: nola
[09:17:39 PM] Kychee. Hika: u went kfc
[09:17:42 PM] Kychee. Hika: and u ordered
[09:17:43 PM] Kychee. Hika: snack plate 4
[09:17:49 PM] Kychee. Hika: he almost gave u 4 snackplates
[09:17:49 PM] jung.: no la
[09:17:52 PM] jung.: three
[09:17:52 PM] Kychee. Hika: u thought it was the number
[09:17:54 PM] Kychee. Hika: -.-
[09:17:56 PM] jung.: OHYA

yang: wei got wht game to play?
ivan: trickster!
yang: dun wan ur trickster la.
ivan: dota!
yang: sien la, what else?
ivan: trickster!!!
everyone: shut up with ur trickster la.
ivan: but it's damn fun!!! trickster!
me: wei, if he say trickster one more time we whack him k?
ivan: but trickster is fun!
bm: settle la lets go.


This is probably my favourite post ever...

Friends on crack! xD











Hmm, i'm not sure if they're gay.

hi. my best friends love each other. do your best friends love each other too?

btw. they're Koks, and Jungs

baaaaccckkk off. they're together!

Meet Chong Kok Weng. he/she's sexay and hot! plus he/she gets a BIGGGG merit for being my neighbour. (*cough*) oh and he/she's really really funny! so funny that you'll probably cry from laughing too hard!

he/she's....... errr i duno if he/she's straight. so guys and girls, good luck. but i wouldn't take the risk.

how did i meet chong kok weng? hmm. lets just say i bumped into him when he was peeing into the drain. (we were only 4 btw) [Fiction, but we did meet each other around then.]

what an unforgettable first meeting. oh yes. :D

i still remember how amused you were when u saw ur pee. shouting "I'M SHOOTING!!!! MOM, I'M SHOOTINGGGGG!!!" oh yes. Mr. Chong.


oh i have an example of him talking with jung. they're so cool.

[ Jung: noooob~
Koks: I whaccck kao u la~! ><
Jung: Aiya? I whack u back 100 times!
Koks: lol.... i bkb and slap u!
Jung: doesn't matter i using normal atk! slap u 100 more times!
Koks: I guardian angel and spam "Attack of the Mighty Kok"!
Jung: I blink away with 3 hp remaining!
Koks: I stand on top of the mountain and say "I'M KING OF THE JUNGLE!!!!"
Jung: and roshan throws a stone at u! =3
Koks: I slap roshan and slap you too!
Jung: I choose you! Kokuciao! -Kokuciao used Hydro Pump!- ]

.............. it goes on.

"Da shi teng, ma shi ai." for all u bananas, it means. "We hit(punish) because we adore you, we scold because we love you." (literally.)

such good friends we are aren't we. 10 years of friendship jor.

oh here's a pic of him =)


such a beauty, ain't he/she? ; )

next is my friend jungs.

u can call him junk at your own risk of beng bashed up. =x while i'm absolutely sure he's a guy, at the same time i'm absolutely sure he's either gay or bisexual. nonetheless, proceed with caution. and i mean EXTREME caution. he's mentally and physically unstable and has the pontential to unleash a major catastrophe.

how did i meet chua jung kiang? well, i met him on the first day at secondary. though i didn't befriend him until much later. as he was a foul-mouthed bastard (waakakakakaka *echos* ) that rendered chiun wei and the then-innocent me speechless. he sat beside huajie a.k.a flower. one day i saw the name "hui ling" on his book. and i was like. WTF SOME ROUGH GUY LIKE HIM HAS A FEMININE NAME. WAKAKAKKAKAKA.


and he replied. "fuck you la, that's my sister's name."

.............T_T kena pawn. T_T................

i must say. i didnt expect more then it anyway.

i guess that sums up my friend's profile.


.....or not.

jung is a nice guy when he's normal. and a nicer guy when the meter goes above normal, but...... nvm just look. while normal people's temper goes from.....

MOTHEROFALLTULANS! -> babytulan -> normal -> happiness -> papaofallhappiness! ^^

his one goes from....

GRANDDADDYOFALLTULANS! -> SIBEITULAN! -> KNNCCBWTF -> abit tulan. -> SEIFEICHAITULAN. -> normal -> YUNWEIFARTEDTULAN -> abit happy. -> laugh kok. -> happiness of yay!^^ . -> SUDDEN TULAN OF GG!!!!! >=(


hmmmmmmmmmmm might be wrong. as the source is very unreliable.

want a pic of him? wash urself 1st. and brace yourself for hotness!








absolutely no way "christine donalducko" or whatever his name can compare with him.

they have been together for a while. and they've managed to spawn an offspring.....

guess who it is? .__.

not gonna guess? .___.

last chance at guessing now... .___.

he is........



p/s: i copied the bulk of the format from yanyun.
p/s2: there never was a p/s, remember that. Remember.
please/see3: as i said before. It's total fiction. so.... don't take offense ya! =D


A disturbing photo....

I went to hauyon's blog. *point at the "Yon" on the right side.*

and... I found this.....

Nothing special la.... but then arh, HE DAMN KAO FREE GO EDIT...

the resulting photo is....


Highly disturbing, parental guidance advised.


You still have time to leave the blog. You have been warned.


I will not take any responsibility for any mental damage caused by this picture.


You asked for it.



I think I just got scarred for life.

Omg. Wtf. Bbq. Busybody?

Okay.... first take a look at this picture...

then at the real life version.....

wait, there's something wrong with it.... I shall fix it...


ah, now that's more like it. ;)

Random pictures that I found lying around.

Candidate Number One: We must eat Shing, for she is the only source of food in Jon's house.

Candidate Number Two:

Loong: I think we're lost.
Rahh: Yeah... what's a jungle doing in the middle of an old building?
liQi: I think I see trees.

*All proceed to bash liQi, dang poor him.*

Candidate Number Three:

Me in Secondary D. The movie did not air due to financial difficulties.

Candidate Number Three:

Shaun, may I ask what else did you do while I was sleeping?

And Sean too, what have you been taking while I am asleep?

No idea who this is. Skip.

Me: I sense something dense and heavy behind me!

[To be amat de honest, I had no idea when this was taken until Hakimi sent it to me about half a year later.]

Me: Ahhh, the wonders of the armpit....!
Choong Yean: Ahhh, yeah....

Seba: What am I doing?

Ram: Fly....

Loong/Shaun: Must... Act... Cool...

Jin: Damn, I'm in jail...

Jung: REALLY?!?!?



Wait, maybe not.

This is.

Shall present you a real life version pretty soon. Once I receive the pics.

This is.... some horny grandpapa. Or so Beat says.

No idea who he is, don't ask me.

Nah, of course it's not me.

Look properly la, without the specs, the shirt, the mouth, the nose, the eyes, and the ears...

Where got look like me?

Was feeling abnormal that day. Don't mind me.

Captured by karMun.

Or more like...

Interrupted by liQi...


100% agree.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Operation OCHEH. [Success.]

OCHEH also known as OJE or Ong Jou Ee, succeeded and ended at Friday, 13 July 2007.

It was a great success.

Proven by the face of Miss. Ong. Who looked like she wanted to swallow a Big Mac in one bite.

Granted, it was thanks to the Power of Three. [Also known as...]

liQi. [That guy.]
Yanyun [Her]
Liesa [She]

Oh right. for those who don't know.

this is Jou Ee.

On the right of course.
The right one is Lim Yan Yun. a.k.a. Her.

Ah, Friday at last... I gave a sigh of relief at the beginning of the day. It's the day alright.

Seemed to be smooth sailing at first. Miss Birthday Girl was totally sucked into believing that we postponed the party.

However, near the end of the day, we were faced by a roadblock.

Dang. Miss Ocheh told us suddenly that she is suffering a headache and does not want Joel (whom we planned to send to her house beforehand) to follow her to her house later that day.

"Shit!" We [Me, Yy and Lis] muttered. "We need backup!"

"Eh, why don't you go make her happier by cracking some lame jokes." Jin suggested.

"Err. I Doubt it'd be that easy...." I replied.

However, after some effort, and some help from an unlikely person, we managed to persuade her back to the original plan.

"Woohoo!" We rejoiced.

After the short jubilation, we proceed to continue with our plan. That is, until we realised we had kelas tambahan for Chinese.

"Shit." We muttered. Again.

However, we persevered and managed to go on with the plan.

Okay. So school's ended. We waited patiently for Yanyun and Liesa's mum to arrive.

And at last, they came. We hitched a ride to Jou's house, not far away at BU2.

We stopped few doors away. And then asked Joel, who was inside to open the gate for us.

We sneaked in, and ran to the backdoor when we heard Jou's voice. Apparently, she was on the phone. Darn weird. I stayed at the front door cuz she was running towards there and shocked her.

She was absolutely joyful... Ahhh... the wonders of a well planned surprise party. Much unlike mine, which I found out several days beforehand due to their lousy planning and acting. [Boast. xD]

She was shocked that her mother also took part in it and immediately hurried up to the stairs and shouter "Mum!!!!". I suppose she hugged her mum afterwards. I'd do that.

The overjoyed Miss Birthday ran around in circles with a jovial attitude much unlike that of hers during school, where she supposedly suffered a series of headaches that almost destroyed our great plans.

The cake was out. We lit the candles. Sang songs in 3 different languages. And finally she blew the candle.

Charlson was pretty smart, tricking her to take out the candles with her mouth, saying only by doing so will her wishes come true.

"Haha, she got tricked!" I mumbled, while looking at her happy face reluctantly taking out the candle with her mouth.

After that, the people who attended took a lot of interesting photos. Of which I shall publish a few here.

Firstly, Me, Koks and Joel obtained brand new spectacles. New brand, new outlook, new colour.

Best of all, it's edible. Unvelievable? Believe it.

Wonderful, ain't it. A rare breed I must say.

Next, I took a photo with the ever-smiling (or at least on that day) birthday girl, whom I had went out with the previous night to One Utama, taking advantage of the brilliant discounts they offered for J-Card Day.

HOWEVER, some gay molester ruined the picture. His name was Hua Jie, I think, not worth remembering.

Say "WTF" with me please. At the count of three.

One. Two. Three.


Next, we had a posing shot. Reflects how retarded we can get at times. Can't picture it? Just scroll down.

Ahhhhh, that just rejuvenated my youth. It was a wonderful day. I shall end it with the group photo, which includes the nice guy, Hau Yon, who is also the cameraman for all the above pictures.

With all my heart, I thank you. However, please do not be overjoyed and speculate about my sexuality, as that would prove to be futile and will end with a smack on your head, by yours truly, of course.

-Cecil Heart.

... Jaz.

Steph: Where's Jaz?
Me: Jaz is with his own gang la.... the gang that plays music...
Shing: Hah? Jaz got another gang one meh?
Me: Nehhh... Jazz, Rock, Pop, all those la...


Me: Hey Jaz, I'm Pop... Nice to meet you.
Jaz: Hi, wah, same name as my brother.
Me: Really? He pop I pop, sure good friend. Must meet him.


All about jaz?

damn bored. sorry.

shall take a leave for a while. maybe after I DotA i shall blog again. =p

(lucky i finished my homework in the afternoon)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

One world. Four sohais.

too bad we don't have a camera. =.=

sorry the very late update.

after carnival. the four sohais.... namely, liQi, koks, huaJie and david, went to.... One world hotel.



we went to ou with shing, sze, haomin and her bro.

guess where we go....?


i open menu straight zha dou. at the count of three, i shout wtf 3 times before cursing in tongues.

(original = at the count of three, we shout hallelujah 3 times and pray in tongues.)

everything amat expensive dol.

only huajie ordered cuz he's rich. or so i thought.

i never expected haomin to order..... coke.

Me: How much is that?
Her: Six bucks.
Me: wow, care to tell me the difference between six bucks coke and 1 buck coke?
Her: Errr.... It comes in a glass!
Me: Nola, the difference is five bucks!
Her: This one got lemon!
Me: Wow the lemon costs 5 bucks!


afterwards. they ciao-ed the mao-ed. left we 4.

i think we broke down due to loneliness. as we started to do ridiculous stuff. O_o

first, we walked around the outside of one utama doing stupid stuff.

this is the list of what we've done:

Act like robots.
Talk like robots.
Mimic a guard.
Eat marshmallows.

okay, and then we went to the rainforest....

again doing stupid stuff.

David: Got duck also!
Koks: What duck?
Me: The Digi advertisement one.
huajie: I hate fish....
Koks: Why???
huajie: Cuz they look damn sohai. *imitate fish look*


Koks: OMG POKEMON!?!?!
David: What happen to its eye?
huajie: OMG u see how sohai it is? stay there cock eye only.
Me: Ya.... Must be shaun's fish.
huajie: Walao there got another one.

*fish suddenly move*

David: Run!!!
Me: Why?
David: It's gonna evolve to Gyrados!!!!


Me: okay... where go next?
Koks: Let's pergi one world!!!
Me: Serious ka?
Koks: gogogo saja la!
Me: Eh you know under the bridge got mamak one?
Huajie: Huh? Got?
Me: Ya, come I bring you.

Me: Shit, raining. chiong?
Koks: chiong la!
Me: Peroduabots! Transform and roll out!!!!

*all take bag, put on head*


chiong under the bridge. so cool.

Wah, that mamak ar. i tell you la. their teh tarik for free one. they take teh tarik from the teh tarik river. that river damn brown. -.-

guess what's the name of the mamak.....



(u all know what's mc right? -.-)

zzzz. damn scared. i straight ciao. we transform sekali lagi to go to the other side.

mana taufu.

the door lock!


so we transform sekali lagi chiong up the stairs, 2 floors!!!!

then finally get to a door.

i swear the malay couple was looking at us!!!! as if saying: "Alamak, itu empat siaokias tak ada life!"

Okayyyy! then we chiong to one world!


Finally. we lay our feet into one world.

huajie damn funny.

first. we walk in. then suddenly he walk different direction.

.... he thought the guard chasing him. but in reality the guard walking same direction nia. he damn scared until walk damn fast. -.-

we were like.

huajie what are you doing!!!

i scared la, i think cannot wear shorts and slippers here.

stupiddd arhhh, you "customer" la, they where can care what you wear.

oh ya hor.... *cough* eh, yesterday the bed not bad hor?

*cough* ya....


so we went to the upper floor, and found something we could play with....

the lift. *shimmering light glowing from within*

okay. let's go in....

where to?

*koks pressed 23*

.... bbqs.

few seconds later we arrived at top floor.

huajie: eh is this the penthouse. -.-
david: look, got window!!!

*all rush to window*

walao, we at top of bandar utama!

*david try open window*

me: oi dun la. later the wind suck us out!!!
david: scared what, we peroduabots can fly la!!!
me: ohyezzah? you want try? we throw you out! /gg
koks: ya, and then deceptiprotons fly inside!!!

*semua ketawa*

me: eh do what now?
huajie: let's run down every floor!
koks: lol like fire drill man!!!
me: must scan for deceptiprotons!!!

*all gogogo*

then we saw a man. cleaning the room....

Me: Must be a deceptiproton.... hmmmm...


we were like....

"Hello" and then we run. swt betul.

then we reached the bottom 5 floors (on stairs)

koks: eh, what now? want go in anot?
me: (open door) walao, renovating, dun wan la.

we go down and open lagi then, mana taufu, all renovating.

zzzz then we reach second floor. ZHA DOU GOT CEMENT!!! Haven't even build finish meh? then suddenly got one worker come out. then we ciao back up 3rd floor, run to the lift and ciao downstairs!


then... we were ready go out liau....

..... the same guard as the beginning was standing there.

huajie damn zha dou. he say...

"Eh, wait him turn the other side then we run!!!"

but then we failed to do it anyway, cuz all laughing. -.-

then before we stepped out....

huajie said once more...

"The bed really not bad wei!!!!"

then we all laugh.... and then...

david made a conclusion:

"One world hotel is free of Deceptiprotons!!!!"

swt. then we we went to McD. it was at this place the shocking truth was revealed.......

We sat down.....

after some random whispers....

three of them declared...

Koks: Err, liQi.... sorry. but actually.... WE ARE TEH DECEPTIPROTONS!!!!!

Me: Oh. Dang. Who have I been spying on then??? I AM ALSO A DECEPTIPROTON!!!!!!

Koks: OMG SWT WTF!!!!


The End.