Sunday, July 29, 2007

Three cheers - Third.


Abbreviated as FCS, otherwise known as Friendship Connection Saturday, or variously known as Food Competition Saturday and Flag Capturing Saturday. No matter, it's FCS round and round.

As the name suggests, this Saturday is no ordinary Saturday, it's a freaking cool Saturday. First KRS dominated the marching field, and next we celebrate this victory at the Fatastic Celebration Saturday party.

Fantabulous and Mah-velous isn't it? <- words from the "Mah dictionary, courtesy of Justin Mah-sle Okay. So... we got to the party a little late, at 2. 15. But as I had speculated. Malaysian time is truly Normal time + 30 minutes. Guests did not finish arriving until roughly 3.30. But we still started at 2 anyways.

We began with the traditional "Tribe Game" where you form groups, give names to your groups, and create a sketch on how you came up with the name.

The teams were...
WIDY. - Wait I Duno Yet.
The Winning team.

and then we ate. the food was good.

afterwards, we played a short game called "The Peg".

Soon, the teams merged and became 2 tribes instead of 4. they came up with new names.

I don't know why we're winning. - WIDY + The Winning Team. Later changed to Dingdingdongs on a whim and then changed again to Kenny's Nut's by the organizers.
Mah's Nuts. - Mah-velous + Coconut.

We played capture the flag. which took alot of preparation and still caused many problems. It was fun though, or so I've heard. Many of my friends enjoyed it. It involved alot of strategy - strength, speed, recon, stealth, tactics, distractions, dexterity, etc. and of course, the deciding factor was TEAMWORK.

Overall, it was arguably a success. Not what we've hoped for, but didn't fall short of the standards we set.

Thus ends a meaningful week-

Wait, not yet. I must finish Harry Potter first.

(hours later)

Ah ended. Great book.

Thus ends a meaningful weekend. =) Hope yours was too!

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