Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random pictures that I found lying around.

Candidate Number One: We must eat Shing, for she is the only source of food in Jon's house.

Candidate Number Two:

Loong: I think we're lost.
Rahh: Yeah... what's a jungle doing in the middle of an old building?
liQi: I think I see trees.

*All proceed to bash liQi, dang poor him.*

Candidate Number Three:

Me in Secondary D. The movie did not air due to financial difficulties.

Candidate Number Three:

Shaun, may I ask what else did you do while I was sleeping?

And Sean too, what have you been taking while I am asleep?

No idea who this is. Skip.

Me: I sense something dense and heavy behind me!

[To be amat de honest, I had no idea when this was taken until Hakimi sent it to me about half a year later.]

Me: Ahhh, the wonders of the armpit....!
Choong Yean: Ahhh, yeah....

Seba: What am I doing?

Ram: Fly....

Loong/Shaun: Must... Act... Cool...

Jin: Damn, I'm in jail...

Jung: REALLY?!?!?



Wait, maybe not.

This is.

Shall present you a real life version pretty soon. Once I receive the pics.

This is.... some horny grandpapa. Or so Beat says.

No idea who he is, don't ask me.

Nah, of course it's not me.

Look properly la, without the specs, the shirt, the mouth, the nose, the eyes, and the ears...

Where got look like me?

Was feeling abnormal that day. Don't mind me.

Captured by karMun.

Or more like...

Interrupted by liQi...


100% agree.


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