Sunday, July 15, 2007

One world. Four sohais.

too bad we don't have a camera. =.=

sorry the very late update.

after carnival. the four sohais.... namely, liQi, koks, huaJie and david, went to.... One world hotel.



we went to ou with shing, sze, haomin and her bro.

guess where we go....?


i open menu straight zha dou. at the count of three, i shout wtf 3 times before cursing in tongues.

(original = at the count of three, we shout hallelujah 3 times and pray in tongues.)

everything amat expensive dol.

only huajie ordered cuz he's rich. or so i thought.

i never expected haomin to order..... coke.

Me: How much is that?
Her: Six bucks.
Me: wow, care to tell me the difference between six bucks coke and 1 buck coke?
Her: Errr.... It comes in a glass!
Me: Nola, the difference is five bucks!
Her: This one got lemon!
Me: Wow the lemon costs 5 bucks!


afterwards. they ciao-ed the mao-ed. left we 4.

i think we broke down due to loneliness. as we started to do ridiculous stuff. O_o

first, we walked around the outside of one utama doing stupid stuff.

this is the list of what we've done:

Act like robots.
Talk like robots.
Mimic a guard.
Eat marshmallows.

okay, and then we went to the rainforest....

again doing stupid stuff.

David: Got duck also!
Koks: What duck?
Me: The Digi advertisement one.
huajie: I hate fish....
Koks: Why???
huajie: Cuz they look damn sohai. *imitate fish look*


Koks: OMG POKEMON!?!?!
David: What happen to its eye?
huajie: OMG u see how sohai it is? stay there cock eye only.
Me: Ya.... Must be shaun's fish.
huajie: Walao there got another one.

*fish suddenly move*

David: Run!!!
Me: Why?
David: It's gonna evolve to Gyrados!!!!


Me: okay... where go next?
Koks: Let's pergi one world!!!
Me: Serious ka?
Koks: gogogo saja la!
Me: Eh you know under the bridge got mamak one?
Huajie: Huh? Got?
Me: Ya, come I bring you.

Me: Shit, raining. chiong?
Koks: chiong la!
Me: Peroduabots! Transform and roll out!!!!

*all take bag, put on head*


chiong under the bridge. so cool.

Wah, that mamak ar. i tell you la. their teh tarik for free one. they take teh tarik from the teh tarik river. that river damn brown. -.-

guess what's the name of the mamak.....



(u all know what's mc right? -.-)

zzzz. damn scared. i straight ciao. we transform sekali lagi to go to the other side.

mana taufu.

the door lock!


so we transform sekali lagi chiong up the stairs, 2 floors!!!!

then finally get to a door.

i swear the malay couple was looking at us!!!! as if saying: "Alamak, itu empat siaokias tak ada life!"

Okayyyy! then we chiong to one world!


Finally. we lay our feet into one world.

huajie damn funny.

first. we walk in. then suddenly he walk different direction.

.... he thought the guard chasing him. but in reality the guard walking same direction nia. he damn scared until walk damn fast. -.-

we were like.

huajie what are you doing!!!

i scared la, i think cannot wear shorts and slippers here.

stupiddd arhhh, you "customer" la, they where can care what you wear.

oh ya hor.... *cough* eh, yesterday the bed not bad hor?

*cough* ya....


so we went to the upper floor, and found something we could play with....

the lift. *shimmering light glowing from within*

okay. let's go in....

where to?

*koks pressed 23*

.... bbqs.

few seconds later we arrived at top floor.

huajie: eh is this the penthouse. -.-
david: look, got window!!!

*all rush to window*

walao, we at top of bandar utama!

*david try open window*

me: oi dun la. later the wind suck us out!!!
david: scared what, we peroduabots can fly la!!!
me: ohyezzah? you want try? we throw you out! /gg
koks: ya, and then deceptiprotons fly inside!!!

*semua ketawa*

me: eh do what now?
huajie: let's run down every floor!
koks: lol like fire drill man!!!
me: must scan for deceptiprotons!!!

*all gogogo*

then we saw a man. cleaning the room....

Me: Must be a deceptiproton.... hmmmm...


we were like....

"Hello" and then we run. swt betul.

then we reached the bottom 5 floors (on stairs)

koks: eh, what now? want go in anot?
me: (open door) walao, renovating, dun wan la.

we go down and open lagi then, mana taufu, all renovating.

zzzz then we reach second floor. ZHA DOU GOT CEMENT!!! Haven't even build finish meh? then suddenly got one worker come out. then we ciao back up 3rd floor, run to the lift and ciao downstairs!


then... we were ready go out liau....

..... the same guard as the beginning was standing there.

huajie damn zha dou. he say...

"Eh, wait him turn the other side then we run!!!"

but then we failed to do it anyway, cuz all laughing. -.-

then before we stepped out....

huajie said once more...

"The bed really not bad wei!!!!"

then we all laugh.... and then...

david made a conclusion:

"One world hotel is free of Deceptiprotons!!!!"

swt. then we we went to McD. it was at this place the shocking truth was revealed.......

We sat down.....

after some random whispers....

three of them declared...

Koks: Err, liQi.... sorry. but actually.... WE ARE TEH DECEPTIPROTONS!!!!!

Me: Oh. Dang. Who have I been spying on then??? I AM ALSO A DECEPTIPROTON!!!!!!

Koks: OMG SWT WTF!!!!


The End.

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