Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Operation OCHEH. [Success.]

OCHEH also known as OJE or Ong Jou Ee, succeeded and ended at Friday, 13 July 2007.

It was a great success.

Proven by the face of Miss. Ong. Who looked like she wanted to swallow a Big Mac in one bite.

Granted, it was thanks to the Power of Three. [Also known as...]

liQi. [That guy.]
Yanyun [Her]
Liesa [She]

Oh right. for those who don't know.

this is Jou Ee.

On the right of course.
The right one is Lim Yan Yun. a.k.a. Her.

Ah, Friday at last... I gave a sigh of relief at the beginning of the day. It's the day alright.

Seemed to be smooth sailing at first. Miss Birthday Girl was totally sucked into believing that we postponed the party.

However, near the end of the day, we were faced by a roadblock.

Dang. Miss Ocheh told us suddenly that she is suffering a headache and does not want Joel (whom we planned to send to her house beforehand) to follow her to her house later that day.

"Shit!" We [Me, Yy and Lis] muttered. "We need backup!"

"Eh, why don't you go make her happier by cracking some lame jokes." Jin suggested.

"Err. I Doubt it'd be that easy...." I replied.

However, after some effort, and some help from an unlikely person, we managed to persuade her back to the original plan.

"Woohoo!" We rejoiced.

After the short jubilation, we proceed to continue with our plan. That is, until we realised we had kelas tambahan for Chinese.

"Shit." We muttered. Again.

However, we persevered and managed to go on with the plan.

Okay. So school's ended. We waited patiently for Yanyun and Liesa's mum to arrive.

And at last, they came. We hitched a ride to Jou's house, not far away at BU2.

We stopped few doors away. And then asked Joel, who was inside to open the gate for us.

We sneaked in, and ran to the backdoor when we heard Jou's voice. Apparently, she was on the phone. Darn weird. I stayed at the front door cuz she was running towards there and shocked her.

She was absolutely joyful... Ahhh... the wonders of a well planned surprise party. Much unlike mine, which I found out several days beforehand due to their lousy planning and acting. [Boast. xD]

She was shocked that her mother also took part in it and immediately hurried up to the stairs and shouter "Mum!!!!". I suppose she hugged her mum afterwards. I'd do that.

The overjoyed Miss Birthday ran around in circles with a jovial attitude much unlike that of hers during school, where she supposedly suffered a series of headaches that almost destroyed our great plans.

The cake was out. We lit the candles. Sang songs in 3 different languages. And finally she blew the candle.

Charlson was pretty smart, tricking her to take out the candles with her mouth, saying only by doing so will her wishes come true.

"Haha, she got tricked!" I mumbled, while looking at her happy face reluctantly taking out the candle with her mouth.

After that, the people who attended took a lot of interesting photos. Of which I shall publish a few here.

Firstly, Me, Koks and Joel obtained brand new spectacles. New brand, new outlook, new colour.

Best of all, it's edible. Unvelievable? Believe it.

Wonderful, ain't it. A rare breed I must say.

Next, I took a photo with the ever-smiling (or at least on that day) birthday girl, whom I had went out with the previous night to One Utama, taking advantage of the brilliant discounts they offered for J-Card Day.

HOWEVER, some gay molester ruined the picture. His name was Hua Jie, I think, not worth remembering.

Say "WTF" with me please. At the count of three.

One. Two. Three.


Next, we had a posing shot. Reflects how retarded we can get at times. Can't picture it? Just scroll down.

Ahhhhh, that just rejuvenated my youth. It was a wonderful day. I shall end it with the group photo, which includes the nice guy, Hau Yon, who is also the cameraman for all the above pictures.

With all my heart, I thank you. However, please do not be overjoyed and speculate about my sexuality, as that would prove to be futile and will end with a smack on your head, by yours truly, of course.

-Cecil Heart.

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