Sunday, July 29, 2007

Three cheers - Second.

Hari Kokurikulum. Saturday.

I must say we were not ready. Lack of practice really depresses me. I very much prefer laboring under the sun than being humiliated in front of a crowd.

However, I must say, we successfully winged this one. We still received quite some applause, and I was particularly motivated by the "warcries" we created out of thin air. Many which are tributes to the film 300.

Reason? Simple, we were using flags, which when without the flag, becomes the pole. This pole, is no ordinary pole, it has a sharp end, and a blunt end, drawing comparisons with a spear/javelin from the film 300. But it does not stop there. Many members, particularly Tse Wei, became obsessed with it and started throwing it around and "fighting" other members with another "spear".

Right, back on topic. These warcries include the "AWOO AWOO" cries. and "CADETS, BRACE YOURSELF FOR GLORY! FOR TONIGHT, WE DINE IN THE CANTEEN!"


Okay, I'm one of six the flagbearers in our squad. Our performance consists of Static Marching (Where you remain where you stand), Dynamic Marching (Where you march around the place) and Formation (Where creativity comes to mind. Make patterns that appeal to the crowd).

We, the KRS, absolutely dominated. The other teams can only lay defeated by our enormous effort. One reasoning can be that our formations are much longer than any other squad, and in many ways, more entertaining. Needless to say, after receiving thunderous applauses, winning was just a matter of time.

So, as the results were about to unravel, we sat at the Tapak, and waited silently. And they started announcing...

Sagu Hati (consolation) : Pandu Puteri.
Sixth : PBSM (Red Crescent)
Fifth: One of the Pengakap (Scouts)
Fourth: Kadet Polis.
Third: The other Pengakap team.

At this, we roared. It did not matter who won, it was KRS who won. We pumped our fists into the air, embraced each other, it was all smiles. Our hard work paid off. It was a sentimental moment, really. Emotions were surging amidst the atmosphere, the commanding presence of the KRS supporters and the KRS themselves were surely felt.

KRS won. I don't care what you say. KRS won, not KRS A. We KRS, train as one, perform as one, and win as one. Heh. Spirit of Unity you see? (Well if you really want to know, we [KRS B] lost only by a single point.)

Anyway, I can't help but give a sigh of relief after finishing our formation. I did one brutal mistake during the performance, I had not known that they changed one of the commands, and I stoned for a few seconds before correcting it. There were several mistakes from other members as well, but our goal wasn't to win, but to perform, and entertain. I hope we did well in that aspect.




*KRS bursts into laughter*

Commander Cadets

Yo Cadets!
What's up what's up?
What's up what's up!
You thinking about winning?
Cuz you know what?
Cuz we're the best!
Cuz WE'RE the BEST

And you know the rest. ; )

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