Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Hi, i am Bla, i got chesthair! JinWai is gay, and gay is me! =D

Hi, i am boon ming, forever noob and short. Liqi like to call me BUN! =D and buns solve all problems. gogo bun! Oh ya, I quite gay also. =D best friend is Mr Siva and Dr Gomez! they super cool, can't see them at night!! ^^

10:09:36 PM] jung.: every time he say a sentencve i jump in and do
wtf attack thus amking him curse in exasperation.
[10:09:47 PM] jung.: sentence** making**
[10:10:00 PM] MonkeyPie. H: -.-
[10:10:04 PM] MonkeyPie. H: it;s like saying...
[10:10:16 PM] MonkeyPie. H: everytime he tries to do something funny.
sven jumps in and smiles. making him faint.
[10:10:31 PM] jung.: OHNOES.
[10:10:36 PM] MonkeyPie. H: it's not just any ordinary smile
[10:10:47 PM] jung.: then sven jumps into his open mouth which is
bubbling bile and disapears,never to be seen again.
[10:10:48 PM] MonkeyPie. H: it's the type of johny bravo smile that
can kill you when you're sleeping, or not.

Sum Wan? Nowe Wan? Annie Wan?

One day, Lee Sum Wan called the school to speak with his sister Annie Wan. And Mr. Sori picked up the call.

Sum Wan: Hi, I'm Sum Wan. Can I speak with Annie Wan?
Mr. Sori: Yes, you may speak with me.
Sum Wan: No, I want to speak with Annie Wan. It's urgent!
Mr. Sori: You asked to speak with anyone, so you may speak with me. What's the urgent matter?
Sum Wan: Huh? Anyway, just tell Annie Wan that a car accident occured. Nowe Wan was badly injured and now Nowe Wan is being sent to the hospital. I would request Annie Wan to come with me --
Mr. Sori: Wait wait wait. If noone was involved in a car accident, noone was badly injured, and noone is being sent to the hospital, then what's the big deal? You pranking me or something, brat?
Sum Wan: That's rude of you. What's your name?
Mr. Sori: I'm Sori.
Sum Wan: You'd better be sorry, now tell me your name.
Mr. Sori: I'm Sori.
Sum Wan: Quit playing around and tell me your name.
Mr. Sori: I'm Sori, I'M SORIIIII!!!
Sum Wan: You're getting on my nerves now, watch out, my father is Sam Buddie.
Mr. Sori: Oooooh, I'm so scared! AS IF!?
Sum Wan: I really hate your attitude. My uncle would be mad at you. He holds a high position in his company. He's Nowe Buddie.
Mr. Sori: Look, I don't care if everybody thinks your father is the top dog in his company, I don't give a --
Sum Wan: Avery Buddie is my uncle.
Mr. Sori: HAHAHA! I don't care if which one of your aunt screws everybody, that's just sad, but I --
Sum Wan: Huh? Wheech Wan is my sister.
Mr. Sori: HAHAHAHAHAHA! YOU MAKE ME LAUGH! You're seriously dumb aren't you. How'd I know whih one is your sister? Anyway, this is some funny shit, i'm going to put this on the P.A. System.


"Excuse me, I suppose you students are stressed out by the upcoming exams, now I'll share a really funny joke with all of you... Someone just called to speak with anyone. Me, being the kind soul that I am, offered to hear him out. He told me that a car accident happened, but not to worry, noone was badly injured and noone is being sent to the hospital. Then he scolded me when I said he's pranking, which he obviously is. You know what? If you're his father, you may be somebody. But if you're his uncle? You're nobody. Now that's some funny shit. HAHAHA!!!"


Annie Wan: Why does it feel so weird? Someone? Noone? Anyone?

[08:54:50 PM] jung.: mine StHL syarikaat the huajie lover
[08:54:52 PM] ..: cannot betray me!..
[08:54:55 PM] Monkey.: cheh
[08:54:55 PM] ..: no n no no
[08:54:58 PM] ..: canonottttttttt
[08:55:04 PM] Monkey.: it's Syarikat the Hamsap Lous

last one for today....

[08:59:16 PM] jung.: huajie is gging me
[08:59:17 PM] ..: we must put an end 2 therefore...we mus
kill teh jie!!!!
[08:59:33 PM] Monkey.: invite him here
[08:59:34 PM] Monkey.: we gang
[08:59:37 PM] Monkey.: i take m4a1
[08:59:38 PM] ..: ehhe
[08:59:40 PM] Monkey.: u take cv 47
[08:59:41 PM] zhiling.: u know wat? this involves perjanjian
[08:59:43 PM] zhiling.: /gg
[08:59:45 PM] huajie. has been added to the conversation.
[08:59:45 PM] Monkey.: we shoot until his balls boom
[08:59:49 PM] ..: hua jieeeeeeeeeeeeee
[08:59:50 PM] Monkey.: BANG
[08:59:52 PM] Monkey.: BANGGG
[08:59:53 PM] Monkey.: BANGGG
[08:59:53 PM] jung.: -.-
[08:59:55 PM] ..: snipe kau ur SIFATTT
[08:59:56 PM] jung.: BANG
[08:59:56 PM] Monkey.: FLASHBANGGG
[08:59:57 PM] ..: bangggggggggggggg
[09:00:01 PM] Monkey.: HE
[09:00:02 PM] ..: grenadeeeeeeeeee
[09:00:02 PM] huajie.: shutup la.
[09:00:04 PM] Monkey.: PUT HE!!
[09:00:04 PM] ..: mati!!!!!!!!!!!11
[09:00:05 PM] zhiling.: LOL
[09:00:06 PM] ..: hahahha
[09:00:07 PM] Monkey.: KILL
[09:00:08 PM] Monkey.: DIEEE
[09:00:11 PM] jung.: i melee you to death
[09:00:11 PM] ..: ki;lll!!
[09:00:14 PM] ..: i guna knigfe la
[09:00:15 PM] huajie.: you got 2x scope also cannot hit me from 3
[09:00:15 PM] ..: senang
[09:00:20 PM] jung.: then stupid koks kill me with friendly fire
[09:00:21 PM] Monkey.: lol
[09:00:24 PM] Monkey.: sweat
[09:00:27 PM] Monkey.: i take brrom stick
[09:00:30 PM] Monkey.: pwn all of u
[09:00:32 PM] Monkey.: /gg
[09:00:33 PM] zhiling.: janitor
[09:00:34 PM] zhiling.: xD
[09:00:35 PM] Monkey.: yala
[09:00:40 PM] huajie.: BUT KOKWENG GOT NO KOK!
[09:00:41 PM] huajie. has left the conversation.
[09:00:46 PM] Monkey.: lol
[09:00:46 PM] zhiling.: HAHAHA
[09:00:48 PM] Monkey.: invite him back
[09:00:51 PM] Monkey.: WE ARUBAA
[09:00:54 PM] zhiling.: bengkok edyy
[09:00:56 PM] ..: ehhehe
[09:00:56 PM] huajie. has been added to the conversation.
[09:00:57 PM] zhiling.: LOL
[09:00:58 PM] Monkey.: ARUBAAAAA
[09:01:00 PM] Monkey.: ARUBAAA
[09:01:02 PM] ..: arubaaaaaaaaaa
[09:01:03 PM] Monkey.: I TAKE LEG
[09:01:05 PM] jung.: ARUBAAA
[09:01:06 PM] ..: splashhh
[09:01:08 PM] zhiling.: i take hand!
[09:01:08 PM] ..: gone liaooo
[09:01:09 PM] zhiling.: =p
[09:01:09 PM] Monkey.: ARUBAA
[09:01:10 PM] jung.: i take other leg
[09:01:10 PM] ..: oh no,,,
[09:01:16 PM] ..: tiada kuku liao..
[09:01:18 PM] jung.: we aruba him with zhiling =X
[09:01:22 PM] Monkey.: /gg/gg/gg/gg/gg/gg/gg/gg
[09:01:23 PM] zhiling.: WTH
[09:01:25 PM] Monkey.: LOLLL
[09:01:27 PM] zhiling.: wahliao
[09:01:27 PM] Monkey.: TOGETHER
[09:01:28 PM] jung.: LOL
[09:01:29 PM] Monkey.: FOREVER!
[09:01:31 PM] zhiling.: shoot me huh!!!
[09:01:33 PM] ..: FOREVERR....
[09:01:36 PM] jung.: not shoot la
[09:01:37 PM] zhiling.: =="
[09:01:37 PM] ..: WE KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[09:01:38 PM] jung.: ARUBAAA
[09:01:40 PM] ..: Xp..
[09:01:44 PM] zhiling.: =\\
[09:01:52 PM] Monkey.: KK
[09:01:56 PM] Monkey.: we must write perjanjian now!
[09:01:56 PM] jung.: aruba until dick pecah
[09:01:58 PM] jung.: berkecai
[09:02:00 PM] jung.: !!!
[09:02:01 PM] ..: ahahaha..
[09:02:03 PM] ..: !!...
[09:02:04 PM] ..: yea mnass
[09:02:11 PM] Monkey.: Perjanjian Persahabatan H.J dengan STKL
[09:02:18 PM] * jung. has changed his/her personal message to S.T.K.L.
vice president!
[09:02:23 PM] zhiling.: yea man1
[09:02:26 PM] Monkey.: syarat pertama: HJ akan disunat
[09:02:26 PM] jung.: LOL
[09:02:29 PM] ..: hj tidak akan bergaduh dgn kokss
[09:02:32 PM] jung.: disunad
[09:02:38 PM] jung.: with a 'd'
[09:02:51 PM] Monkey.: syarat kedua: HJ perlu membawa Joel ke Lembah
Klang untuk menjadi Pole Dancer
[09:02:56 PM] zhiling.: kedua : ahli-ahli kelab tidak dibenarkan
meninggalkan syarikat
[09:02:58 PM] zhiling.: xD
[09:02:59 PM] zhiling.: xD
[09:02:59 PM] ..: ==;...
[09:03:04 PM] ..: yes yess
[09:03:12 PM] Monkey.: syarat ketiga: zhiling perlu pusing tiga puluh
enam kali
[09:03:18 PM] jung.: ketiga: huajie perlu menanggalkan seluar di depan
pn sow setiap rabu dan jumaat
[09:03:29 PM] zhiling.: LOL
[09:03:30 PM] ..: ehhe...!
[09:03:34 PM] ..: thism eeting not badd. (not bad? PWNAGE LA!)
[09:03:35 PM] zhiling.: what pusing?!
[09:03:35 PM] ..: .xP
[09:03:39 PM] Monkey.: keempat: huajie perlu membawa puan sow ke Hotel
[09:03:46 PM] Monkey.: dan main dengan syok sekali
[09:03:47 PM] jung.: !!!
[09:03:47 PM] jung.: omg.
[09:03:47 PM] Monkey.: /gg

moral of the story? Don't mess with STKL!

Fox see crow fly over. Cheese in beak. Crow fly high, go highest branch, so high! Fox hungry, Go to tree. Praise crow. "Crow sexy, feather shine, eye like stars, voice honey! Please sing song prove you queen!" Crow open beak. Crow caw, cheese fall, inside fox mouth, fox laugh. advise crow: "you sexy? i god! Flatter no good!" crow cry, no cheese. fox happy, say cheese, take photo.

Melis: We're going on air... 3-2-1 Action!
Me: Camera's rolling!
Caryi: Hi! This is CarYi reporting from SMKBUD4. I'm here to tell you about the tragic life of Tham Kar Mun! But first, let me invite my co-host Lee Shing Yi!
Shing: Hihi!!! Kk now....
Caryi: Nonono. First, we invite our main star, Tham Kar Mun here.... *pulls karmun* okay, so how do you feel?


Me: Stop laughing and get on with the damn show.
Caryi: Kk... our guess of honour is having problems with her mouth. Now i shall tell you all about what has happened. Our friend here, Tham Kar Mun, almost fell into the drain, and when she saw the oil in the drain, she dramatically talked about how animals will die if this pollution goes on... Awww.....
Shing: Yaya!!! ^^
Me: Kay... end liau. "This is LimCarYi reporting live from SMKBUD4"
Shing: This is Lee Shing Yi....
Caryi: Waitwaitwaitwait..... first, we must say goodbye to our guests. Goodbye.
Shing: Kay kay. This is Lee Shing yi reporting....
Caryi: Patience, shing. This is LimCarYi reporting live for LimCarYi News at SMKBUD4!
Shing: AND Shing too! ^^
Melis: Cut!

qiqi wrote this in his blog.which i am very much going to complain.

noticably, the noisy girl didnt come today. yes i'm talking about you, shing. =|
usually, during krs meeting, shingyi will entertain everyone else by doing something stupid. x) no offense there. =| but today, the absence of her left us a void to fill.

excuse me yapqiqi!!! .i am not noisy! i dont produce noise.i do lah.! but its call sound. not noise!! cis! ><" and i do NOT DO STOPIID THINGSS OKK! i smartly do smart things =) and that last line there wus just hopeless >.< but as i am a veryvery nice person i shall forgive you cuz u bought me kitkat icecream just now but that was because u owe after that worldcup so yea =) ^.^ *cheers*

* please note that this is the major part of the blog, the remaing parts do not offer any useful material to my blog, and therefore is not included. you can view the original copy at . sorry for the inconvenience caused.

*please notice that i enlarged a part of the blog. which is...

but as i am a veryvery nice person

gods, all of you, legends, prime ministers, presidents, kings, and all other people out there. i have a question.

is this statement true?

based on the survey i ran... the results were as follows:

Yes: 1, (0.01%) No: 9999, (99.99%)

and it is later known that the 1 at the yes section was none other than shingyi herself, and she is ineligible to vote anyway. so it is nulled. =\

bleeeh, has it become a trend that "as i am a very nice person" is used so widely, and so often? another example is as follows...

[10:04:02 PM] karMun.: yeaaaap
[10:04:10 PM] karMun.: i left a msg there i think.
[10:04:17 PM] karMun.: being the nicest human on earthh

what has gotten to this peacful, pure, ever graceful and beautiful world??? inhabitants are now thinking they're the nicest ever. whyyy?

this is absolutely, unacceptable, and would not be accepted by anyone who can accept, until i accept it, which is quite impossible as this is totally unacceptable, u-n-a-c-c-e-p-t-a-b-l-e. if you can't see it properly, here's a larger version : u-n-a-c-c-e-p-t-a-b-l-e. clear? good. and until i accept it, all of you must bear this in mind. sorry for the abundance of "accepts" used, but as i said, i am feeling high, so please accept my apology, as it is not as unacceptable as these strange unacceptable happenings on earth, which are totally unacceptable. no chance of being accepted at all.

Enough, i guess.


Memories fade, people change. feelings dissapear. Time never waits. But people move on. =) - Yours truly.

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