Sunday, July 29, 2007

Three cheers - First.

First hurdle: Choir Audition - Passed.
Second hurdle: Hari Koko - Won!
Third hurdle: FCS - Arguably successful.

Three cheers.

Let's see.

reviews on the past week.

Tuesday was choir audition day.

Was slightly nervous I tell you. But sleepiness generally overcame the feelings of nervousness and caused me to fall asleep and nearly forget about it. Nevertheless I still remembered, and headed to the Music Room after school.

MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, it was dominated by form threes. Wait, let me rephrase it. There were ONLY FORM THREES! Ah My Goddess.

Well, Joel was up first, but Pn. Gan signaled for me to sit down as well. Goddess, that's nerve wrecking! I was a little annoyed, or rather stunned by the fact that Joel sat quite rudely, or should I say overconfidently? Either way it didn't matter. We had to sing "Negaraku", as many had speculated. Joel passed, and was probably happy because Pn. Gan complimented him on his wide range of vocals.

However, that was the beginning of the end for me, I was next. I bit my lips, gritted my teeth, and answered her questions and finally sung.

Right. Turned out pretty bad. I couldn't make out the difference of the notes she gave me, thanks to not having a musical background that almost everyone else has. And so, I failed at first try. I sat at one corner, partly sulking, and partly grimacing for another chance at it. Friends came to comfort me, particularly Jou, Yy, June and Soonyi. Can't say I felt a little dissapointed of myself, they had high hopes for me.

At first yy said. "Don't worry, liQi, we know you can sing, doesn't matter if you can't get in. Heck, Mika got kicked out of American Idol!"

And, i was thinking in my mind... "Who the heck is Mika?" But I didn't say it out. Hmmm, Perhaps I was feeling blue after all.

Nevertheless, I sat on the arm of June's chair and watcehd the others.

Many of my friends passed, piling more disappointment on myself. I thought to myself... "Perhaps I shouldn't have thought so highly of my own vocals anyway." after seeing many whom I thought was inferior pass the test. [particularly yunwei, but oh the wells.]

(Lesson One: Don't judge a book by it's covers. While he/she may be weak at one aspect, he/she might have other talents)

[actually I learnt this lesson on Monday as well, when Mel brought her latest HP book to school to lend me. I was slightly disapointed when I saw the cover which read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which was the sixth book. I pointed that out and she retorted... "Liqi, do not judge a book by it's covers." and proceeded to remove the cover, revealing the book that read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I must say I felt a bit shy of myself. xD]

After everyone has finished, I relished my second shot at entering choir. After practising for quite a while while the others were auditioning, confidence grew in me and I was quite sure I could pull it off this time. Right as I was, I still didn't completely get it right, but still passed anyway.

Pn. Gan wanted to put me in the tenor column, but after seeing how there were dozens of tenors from the audition and only ONE bass, I asked if she would want me in bass instead, (since I was quite confident in pulling that off as well) and after a series of tests, I was put into the bass column, joined shortly by Edmund and Zhenchi who requested for a change too, seeing me in bass.

I guess, overall it was a great harvest for the Choir club which will be short of MAN-power after the departure of form fives.


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