Saturday, October 27, 2007




This is my friend Jin Wai. He's a little gay on the outside.

But don't worry.

He's a whole lot gayer on the inside.

This picture is so classic I'm gonna photocopy it.

There's really something wrong about this picture.

Ah. I don't know.

Perhaps the shading.

Ah, I fail.

Don't ask me why I'm smiling so gay-ly.

One of my favourites.


Emits light that has 1/1000 the power of the Sun.

Mind you, that's a lot of power.

This was... last year I think. I don't remember how I did the hair anymore.

This is Shing.

One of the few, if not the only decent picture we have together.




Fear not though. I'm so pro I can fix it. xD

How do you like that, now? ;)

An edited version....

We should go out like that more often. =)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Battle scars.

My leg.

My hand. (back view)

My arm.

Walao. Play basketball 2 days like that d. I don't want to be scarred all over please.



Teratai 28-22 Kekwa

Teratai 28-22 Anggerik

Proud that we won. Even more proud that we did not use players from other classes. We were thought as black horses mostly. I wonder if we can win.


Teratai 5-3 Anggerik

Err we won. Actually no. All the goals for our team were scored by "Imported Players"

Brian Hat Trick and Huajie Brace.

So... Technically... we lost 3-0. Oh well.

I feel so....


Geez, really. I'm not taking this shit anymore.

I've tried numerous times to get on your good side. offering to help, and helping when you actually accept.

Yet, the results are directly opposite of what I expected. Heck, I was foolish to expect anything to begin with.

I've given up, I'm not tolerating anymore.

You're not worth my time.

Don't even bother asking. I'm not gonna answer any questions relating to this person.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Skating @ Pyramid.

Upholding my promise...

Yep, so I went skating.

First time after three years plus loolz.

Not a good feeling. Tumbled multiple times and fell a few times.

Jatuh terjelopok.

It means fall on your ass btw.

It sucks. xD

But it was fun I suppose. Kinda get the hang of it after a few minutes.

HOWEVER, getting a hang of it does not mean you are immune to falling down...

Despite that, you should take falling down as a lesson and not an embarrassment.

Sure, it's rather embarrassing to fall flat on your ass on the ice-cold ring. But it is only through this kind of mistakes, that we learn how to overcome it and not repeat it.

Kinda reminds me of how I used to learn how to walk.

Just kidding, my memory is no where as good as that. Haha, I bet yours isn't too.


I went with....

Jou, Joel, Shing, Jaz, Zichuen, Jinwai, Charlson and... his friend.

Did I forget someone? Eh, not really. That person is a calafare [pronounced care-lair-fair] anyway.

I think... his name was.... kungkiang or something. Oh wells. Like I said. Calafare. Not worth a few bytes (unit for memory) in my brain.

Overall a meaningful outing. It's not everyday that I get to skate. And the experience is invaluable.

Reminds me of Lin Yng. Ah. The days.


Quote: Jaz help me refill please. Later the fella say AIYA YOU LAGI.

(Inside joke. xD)

Quote of the Day, actually yesterday:

Sorry that I was rude before this. But... I find it hard to express myself... When I'm... On the verge... Of... Exploding... In my pants...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Future of My Blog.

Haha I think I'm gonna take blogging seriously from now on....

When I get more viewers I'll probably go Nuffnang for side income. O_o

So I made a rule for myself.

Blog at least once every three days... Unless I'm away. =|

Can I do it? I can!

Of and I'll bring back the good old quote of the day.

Quote of the day: Dare to dream, and keep the dream alive.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

How to be a Cheese

title by Yanyun.

Ah, this is easy. (not)

To be a cheese, you need to...

Eat the cheese, see the cheese.
Touch the cheese, break the cheese.

Easy? Perhaps.

Step One: Eat the cheese.

There. Eat it. Ok fine you can't eat a cheese out of a computer. But at least you tried!!

(I still don't get why cheese have holes in them.)

Warning: Calorie content is rather high, not suitable for Yunwei-sized people.

Cheddar and Parmesan are some of the best cheese. Excluding the very limited Liqi Cheese, otherwise known as Lycheese.

Step two. This is EASY! See the cheese.

See that cheese? Yeah, I know it's the same cheese. But I just wanna test if you have what it takes to be a cheese.

To be a cheese, you must see the cheese. If not.....

We will be very disappointed.

Step Three: Touch the cheese.

Okay, touch is the wrong word.

You know there is this chinese idiom.

"Jing zhu zhe che, jing mo zhe hei."

Which means.

When you're close to a good influence, you will be good natured. If you are close to an ill natured influence, you will be ill natured.

Likewise, when you're close to cheese, you will get to be a cheese!

Fourth step: Break the cheese.

I know this is weird.

Why do you want to break the cheese when you want to be a cheese?

This is because, you know. They always say.

"In the end, the greatest of men are men themselves."

Therefore, to be a true cheese you must break the limit of ordinary cheese and reach for the heaven of cheese, a.k.a. Cheesaven.

Not to worry, I've included ways to help you.


is your most powerful weapon. The RAT3X74 cheese hunter.

It will track down cheese, eliminate the cheese, and stomach the cheese.

In the liver, lipase will be released to help digest the fats in cheese.

And, they will totally eliminate the cheese from then on. Skinning layer after layer of the cheese until it is nothing but a shadow of it's former glory, a faecheese.

Bonus step.

If all else fails, use the internet!

This is one of the examples of how the internet can help you in research. Picture credits to Jung.

Intriguing indeed.

Besides that, watch movies.

The Seeker will help you, even though it's crap.

These lines must be memorised. It will be the most important phrase for the rest of your life!

I am Will Stanton, the seventh son of the seventh son!

I did not find the sixth sign. That is because it was not hidden from me. I am the sixth sign!

*Sticks butt out and puts hand in front as if to imitate the talk-to-the-hand pose.*

-Will Stanton the Level 25 Seventh Son of the Seventh Son has pawned Level 25 Darkness.

Oh my, the movie was bad. Everytime the darkness guy comes out. He updates you.

1st scene:

In 5 days, my power will reach it's peak! But the seeker has one sign already. Keep an eye on him.

2nd scene:

In 3 days, I will reach the peak of my power. However, the seeker has 3 signs already. I need you to carry out your task.

3rd scene:

In a day, my power will be at it's peak. When that happens, they will be no match for me, save the seeker, who now has 5 signs. Should he find the sixth sign, even I will not be a match.

(Or something like that.)

Conclusion: It sucks.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lots of pictures.

Lots of pictures, that caught my attention. These are pictures that were taken in the past year. Haha. Memories.

This is Beat standing still! With the rest of us bending our knees. EH? BEAT YOU'VE GROWN TALLER!

McD's Malam bakat. We love Ronald.

We likey oranges. The rest think we is dumb, but we no think so!

Me and koks, clowns @ Jou's bday!

Me and Jin sleeping on our hard home made sofa.


Only on U!

(You know, channel E! ? Ours is U!)

This is why Zhenchi is cool.

Loong is trying to conceal the fact that he has no cock by blocking!

Hari Koko, aftermath. The Monday after the sixth victory in six years. Nyahahaha.

My friends. My life.

This is Jinwai.

This is Jou.

That is Liesa!

That's us.

The effects of hearing Yanyun's lame jokes.

That is Bahrain, the one without a face!

Actually he has a face, but it's too frog-like to be seen.

Clockwise: Me, Jin, Yy, Jenn.

Ah I so sepet when I smile.

Bimbos. Yy and Jou.



Have a nice day. O-o

How to make Yun Wei fit.


Ah, but I know you won't be satisfied with just one word. So I'll try my best. Yun Wei, if you're looking at this, you should take down some notes!

1) Must eat less chicken. And curry.

Right now, Yun Wei's signature phrase:

"Kak, Nasi Lemak tambah tiga telur dan satu ayam. Cantik sikit ya!"

Has become known throughout the world. It took the world by shock. Such elegance. This phrase.... is the best.

One small meal for Yun Wei, a giant leap for obesity patients.

Sorry, but Malaysia's first astronaut, Sheikh Muszaphar copied Neil Armstrong's words, so I must copy him too!

Anyway. Yun Wei, cheer up, it's not impossible for you to lose weight! Eat less chicken! Chicken contains high amounts of calorie. And if you do not exercise often enough, it will make you fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter.

That's good for you ain't it?

Ah ya, and don't put curry on your armpit please, it's not nice to look at. People might think you secrete oil!

Wait, you do? Oh wow.

Second! (This is not proven to work.)

Sit properly. Right now. You sit like..... a hunchback. Ah I can't find the right word, so hunchback will do.

It's like, you're trying to act cool but it's not cool, so why bother to act cool when the outcome is not cool at all? That's so uncool, Yun Wei.

When you hunch like this, your stomach will be pressured, and thus will grow outwards!

When that happens, you will grow fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter. You do not want that, do you?

You do? That's good for you!

Oh ya, and please don't open your mouth when you sit under the fan please, it makes you look like a crossbreed of a dog and a pig.

You know? Dogs like to stick their tongue out? To help perspiration? I know you need the extra help in that department, but don't over do it, alright? ;)

Third! Exercise pl0x.

If you do not exercise you will never ever be fit. I don't want to discourage you but inilah hakikat! Kamu mesti tabah menerima hakikat, seperti Nazar!

You must not be like Sahar, who bakars Nazar's Zakar!

That is an example of immorality. Thou must not be like him.

So, Yun Wei, hustle up! Join Tan Juan whenever he jogs around school during PJ.

By doing that, you not only become fitter, so the chicks will dig you, but you also get to enjoy the morning scenery!

Who knows, you might even become so fit you have six packs, the chicks will love you. Perhaps your dream of becoming a underwear model ain't too far off!

While jogging, you can study as well, thanks to Tan Juan, just ask him, how much calories will be burnt in one round of jogging, I'm sure he'll gladly tell you, but at the same time you will be rather disappointed, because the calorie you take in > the calorie you burn.

Sad ain't it? In the end you will get depressed and grow fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter and fatter.

Good for you.

I have given you my advice, young one. It is up to you to take up the path of fit-dom, or not.