Friday, October 19, 2007

Skating @ Pyramid.

Upholding my promise...

Yep, so I went skating.

First time after three years plus loolz.

Not a good feeling. Tumbled multiple times and fell a few times.

Jatuh terjelopok.

It means fall on your ass btw.

It sucks. xD

But it was fun I suppose. Kinda get the hang of it after a few minutes.

HOWEVER, getting a hang of it does not mean you are immune to falling down...

Despite that, you should take falling down as a lesson and not an embarrassment.

Sure, it's rather embarrassing to fall flat on your ass on the ice-cold ring. But it is only through this kind of mistakes, that we learn how to overcome it and not repeat it.

Kinda reminds me of how I used to learn how to walk.

Just kidding, my memory is no where as good as that. Haha, I bet yours isn't too.


I went with....

Jou, Joel, Shing, Jaz, Zichuen, Jinwai, Charlson and... his friend.

Did I forget someone? Eh, not really. That person is a calafare [pronounced care-lair-fair] anyway.

I think... his name was.... kungkiang or something. Oh wells. Like I said. Calafare. Not worth a few bytes (unit for memory) in my brain.

Overall a meaningful outing. It's not everyday that I get to skate. And the experience is invaluable.

Reminds me of Lin Yng. Ah. The days.


Quote: Jaz help me refill please. Later the fella say AIYA YOU LAGI.

(Inside joke. xD)

Quote of the Day, actually yesterday:

Sorry that I was rude before this. But... I find it hard to express myself... When I'm... On the verge... Of... Exploding... In my pants...

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