Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lots of pictures.

Lots of pictures, that caught my attention. These are pictures that were taken in the past year. Haha. Memories.

This is Beat standing still! With the rest of us bending our knees. EH? BEAT YOU'VE GROWN TALLER!

McD's Malam bakat. We love Ronald.

We likey oranges. The rest think we is dumb, but we no think so!

Me and koks, clowns @ Jou's bday!

Me and Jin sleeping on our hard home made sofa.


Only on U!

(You know, channel E! ? Ours is U!)

This is why Zhenchi is cool.

Loong is trying to conceal the fact that he has no cock by blocking!

Hari Koko, aftermath. The Monday after the sixth victory in six years. Nyahahaha.

My friends. My life.

This is Jinwai.

This is Jou.

That is Liesa!

That's us.

The effects of hearing Yanyun's lame jokes.

That is Bahrain, the one without a face!

Actually he has a face, but it's too frog-like to be seen.

Clockwise: Me, Jin, Yy, Jenn.

Ah I so sepet when I smile.

Bimbos. Yy and Jou.



Have a nice day. O-o

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