Monday, September 24, 2007

A girl.

Today, just as I reached home.

A Proton Waja passed by.

So I thought it was my brother, and looked at it.

( I am short sighted in case you forgotten. =| )

Then, it turns out it isn't my brother. Nevertheless, I still looked at it.

Or specifically, the girl sitting in the backseat.

From my short sighted pair of eyes, I thought she looked quite attractive, so I continued to look for a few more seconds.

And then.

She waved at me. O-o

I was pondering. Who was that? Seems like I know her and she knows me.

I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but my mum confirmed she saw the girl waving to me. =\

So, if you read my blog, please kindly identify yourself. =D

(Although I get the feeling I wouldn't get the answer for a very long time, if ever.)

Anyways, today Chern Yao asked the most retarded question ever.

I was (not so) happily doing my (not quite) endless pile of sejarah workbooks when suddenly his high pitched voice disrupted my (not so) peaceful mood.

"Why do guys need to wear underwear."

Holy shit, are you retarded or something.

The whole class was laughing at this.
Anyways, being the friendly classmate that I am, I gladly enlightened him.

"Why do I need to wear underwear!?"

"Chern Yao, you're asking ME why YOU need to wear underwear? I don't know why you wear it but I wear it for protection and hygiene."

"Really?" *laughters in the background*

And Bahrain cut in.

"Of course la, but I don't think you need to wear, you got nothing to protect!"

Of course, Chern Yao did the right thing --- Ignoring him.

"Actually you made a good point."

"Of course."

"Not you!"

"Eh, you ever tried wearing school pants without underwear?"

"Oh ya! It's gonna hurt right?"

"Yes, a whole lot of pain."

And he finally went off, bringing back peace to me and my new girlfriend, Book(s).

BUT, just minutes later.

"Doesn't it hurt to run when two things are dangling in front of you?"

I turned around. Chern Yao was asking others (notably, juan, yun wei, natalie and mel) questions again. I could only think.

"You mean this two things *points at lower body* or that two things *points at upper body*?"

Retard? I think not.
Over-curious? Definitely.

Ah. Seven days. Time to hustle up.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Give thanks.

We have to give thanks! For all that we have. =D

Anyways. I feel amat the happy right now.

I just did a good deed!

Perhaps it's just as the Chinese idiom says.

"Zhu Ren Wei Kuai Le Zi Ben."

It means, helping others is the basis of happiness.

Okay. So when I got home from church. I took off my shoes, and left my bag on my couch.

It is a normal habit of me to take off my shoes, but not socks, and step into my house.

So as I was going to take off my socks, I spotted a familiar looking dog outside on the street.

I pondered for a second. Ah, it's my neighbour's dog, Scissors! I memerhatikan from afar, wondering what is it doing outside.

And then, I decided to alarm my neighbour of his "stray dog".

I put on my slippers and walked out of my house, I lured him near me.

HOWEVER, he ran into my house. So I sprinted ahead of him and closed my door shut, preventing him form entering my house. Then, I closed the gate to sort of "trap" it, preventing it from going somewhere I can't find.

I pressed the doorbell, notifying my neighbour, and led his dog back to him.

Ah, I feel so good now.

How the dog got out in the first place is beyond me though.

That's all for today, I suppose.

And remember, give thanks!


Puan Hasni will be proud.

Friday, September 21, 2007



A picture speaks a thousand words.

This is Nakatsu Shuichi.

And this is how he introduces himself.



And this is Jane's favourite, Sano Izumi.

Told you he looks much better in the show than in the poster.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hana Kimi.

Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e (HanaKimi) a.k.a. For You in Full Bloom, - or more well known in Malaysia as the japanese (original) counterpart of Hua Yang Shao Nan Shao Nu which starred Wu Chun, Ella and Jiro Wang - was plain lol.

Good show. Funny. Entertaining. And Ashiya is win.

For whatever reason, watching shows (stories) in their original language just feels ten times more enjoyable.

Spot the girl! xD


FINALLY A POSTER WITH NAKATSU. Fine it's not a poster, it's just a screen shot.

For those who care, their positions are..

(Nakatsu Shuichi) (Ashiya Mizuki [the girl] ) (Sano Izumi)

Just to clarify.

Oh and mel, the guy I was talking about is on the bottom right.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I cut my hair yesterday. =D

It is very short. =|

But it's okay, I personally prefer myself with short hair. Although my friends' opinions differ.

At first. I was kinda shock at how my hair turned out. Not only was it short, it was like a freaking coconut. -___-

So, I asked him to cut even shorter. Which brought about better results.

Though this is really slightly too short to my liking.

Sorry, no pictures. I don't own a camera you see.

During tuition, Rahul again with his sick ass ways, hogged the limelight for the most part.

"Rahul, what is make out?"
"Make out is being friends in bed."

Great. Shall not bother to elaborate.



"Hello Lychee! I
going school
tomorrow. :)"



Lol. For some reason I laughed.

Right, so today I went to school...

What's so special about it?

A lot of things actually.

1) Jinwai didn't come.
2) Jou didn't come.
3) Yanyun didn't come.
4) Liesa didn't come.
5) Jenn didn't come.

as if it wasn't enough.

6) Vi Kie didn't come.
7) Boon Lee didn't come.
8) A few more people that I don't remember.

Basically, there was one empty row.

Of course, this is no match for other classes' attendance, or so I've heard.

Oh well, so I attended school.

Jeremy cut his hair!

Nicola said:

"My brother also went to cut his hair. We went to Centrepoint there. The lady damn dumb la, she cut my brother's hair like one straight line. I scold her like mad. (Ganas.) And my brother almost cried. (wtf.) Then we ask her cut shorter."

Okay. Chill Jeremy, your hair is still quite nice. Serious. =D

And Nicola also asked/said.

"Why guys like to wear their pants so low? Bahrain I can see your underwear."
"Eh, this is cool lah kay?"
"No it's not. Even my brother also wear like that and it's so gay. Why you all don't wear just like liQi?"
"Come on lah Nicola, this is the new age."
"My brother said liQi is like the only cool guy that doesn't drop pants."
"And it's true!"

Wow thanks Jeremy, and Bahrain. Never knew I was cool. xD

(Self publicizing. =x)

That's all for now. Ta. (Learnt from Jou.)

The red apple looks more delicious than the green apple. -__-

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Apple! =D


My name is liQi, and I like to eat apples!

I want my apple! =(


Are cool and yet so cruel.

I had consecutive dreams about her, and how I can help my friend.

Sometimes these dreams just make you wonder... and question.

Dang. If only she liked him, and he liked her, just like in the dream, it'd be that much easier to help my friend, wouldn't it?

Haha, this is so cool.

Spring likes Summer, and ponders if Summer likes him as well.

I'm not sure what to say anymore. Can I live in a dream?

In the dream, Spring and Summer were walking to school. Summer nudged Spring with her head. Spring, ever the stoner, refuses to stone anymore. He took the chance to hold Summer's hands. After a long while, he asked. "Would you?"

I wonder. Probably no, ain't I right?

I have nothing but vague recollections past that. I was sure she walked away. But before that she said something.... something.

"... Not now."

Yeah..... But that gives me hope, at the very least.

I think I love you.

"Things aren't what they seem to be."

If you're any good with geography, have common sense, and know my character. You'll easily solve this riddle. But if you do. I sincerely hope you would not make my life harder. Use your judgements.


I got shinged by tag.

got tagged by Shing(:


1) Most Female Hottie;

2) Most Male Hottie;

(i duno she/he guy or girl.)

3) 2 of the Most Trustworthy
Mel & Boon

4) Best Listener

5) Most Needed Shoulders
Eh? I don't really need them.

6) Greatest Male Singer

7) Top 2 Whores (camwhores)
dafan & sarahh

Part2 [FACTS]

1) What are you currently thinking of?
what happened last night.

2) What kind of clothes are you putting on?
pajamas. -__-

3) Who is the last person you chat with via msn.
Pikyen. not really chat. i just left a msg saying happy birthday.

4) Did someone manage to influence you nowadays?
no, but huajie is trying.

.5) What have you done just now

6) What kind of theory you have just created ?
drink + call = lots of nonsense.

7) Which music score are you learning ?
Would love to.

8) Do you stay up late nowadays ?

9) 4tags go to ?

10) What's your definate abomination ?

I am (rather) drunk/

it feelsd rather good!~ =)


On second thought, it doesn't. But that's because I'm not drunk anymore. lol.

Well. It doesn't really feel good.

Being drunk, or quite drunk. but not very drunk. makes you do lots of stupid things.


you drink more!
-it certainly feels addictive sometimes. but doesn't really taste good.


you laugh alot!
-yes you do. you just feel the need to laugh when something funny, or just even the slightest bit of funny is said. makes you feel better I guess.


you sway!
-like captain jack sparrow. everybody likes him, no?


your head's density seems to reduce!
-it feels light and the weight of the world seems to have evaporated. (science mind, you see.)


you make friends with people you don't really know!
-Ram made friends with bacardi uncle! ha ha ha. yeah sure.


you pose with a bottle!
-yep, we did.

you go home, and do not open the gate. instead, you climb the gate!
-I did it.

you get scolded by your mum!
-and she comments on how you look rather drunk, and smell like alcohol.

you talk nonsense.
-a whole lot of it. and wonder if your friend is your friend. hahaha.

you call your friend's girlfriend, who is incidentally your best friend!
-and she says that you and her were drinking in spirit. comments on how drunk you sound and laughs at you. records your voice, and plans to play it in school. asks you to sleep. and listens to you blabber nonsense. while boasting how she can drink better than me, without proof. nyahaha.

you make your friend wake up in the middle of the night!
-and she comments on how tired she feels and yet does not want to sleep, listen to you talk nonsense, tells you how her day was, gets confused by you as another friend, unable to tell her gender, and then she complains about what a friend you are after many long years.

you sleep.
-ain't that obvious.

my advice to friends.

you may drink, but do not drink so much.
jou thinks drinking too much will lead to you spilling secrets.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Soh desu ka? (Is that so?)

I go tagged, by Shing and Beat. Ah.

1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

I'd rather be a fruit than be attracted to guys. O-o It's a girl of course.

First of all. You're talking about PERFECT right?

i) Super hot.
ii) Super sexy.
iii) Super pretty.
iv) Sweeeeeeeeeet.
v) Extremely lovable.
vi) Stuck on me. (lol)
vii) Have blue/green eyes. =p

But I know that's not realistic, so you better not dream liQi...

liQi: *Nod*

vii won't be possible unless I go overseas, I think. O-o

Here goes.

1) Strong willed. One who can get through the toughest of times with me. That'd be great.

2) Speaks the truth. Honest. Liars = 100% Fail.

3) Has her own opinions. Dares to speak out what is wrong and how things should be. Nod and follow = Fail fail fail.

4) Respects my decisions, but will not tolerate blindly.

5) Respects (and loves) my family. Do I need to elaborate?

6) Will let me know what is going on in her life, the problems that she is facing, and how I can help her.

7) Kind, gentle, loving. I don't care if you're hot as cili padi, (bad metaphor, i know.) if you're a bitch, you fail. =( [Though that gives me the "Aiya, wasted!" impression. xD]

8) Last but not least, love me as who she is and for who I am.

"Wasarena, Omae wo shinjirou. orega shinjirou omae de monai, omaega shinjiru ore de monai. Omae ga shinjiru, omae wo shinjirou!"

"Remember, believe in yourself. Not you who believes in me. Not me who believes in you. Believe in you, who believes in yourself!"


Followed by....

Keisatsu! (Certain Kill)


Annihilating the enemy in one hit.

And then, he passed away. =(

That was so GAR!


A term used towards male characters and individuals who are so overwhelmingly manly that your own masculinity is absolutely *buried*, leaving you naught but a whimpering, swooning girl-child before them.

Ex: Master Asia, Brolly, Archer, Kamina.