Monday, September 24, 2007

A girl.

Today, just as I reached home.

A Proton Waja passed by.

So I thought it was my brother, and looked at it.

( I am short sighted in case you forgotten. =| )

Then, it turns out it isn't my brother. Nevertheless, I still looked at it.

Or specifically, the girl sitting in the backseat.

From my short sighted pair of eyes, I thought she looked quite attractive, so I continued to look for a few more seconds.

And then.

She waved at me. O-o

I was pondering. Who was that? Seems like I know her and she knows me.

I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but my mum confirmed she saw the girl waving to me. =\

So, if you read my blog, please kindly identify yourself. =D

(Although I get the feeling I wouldn't get the answer for a very long time, if ever.)

Anyways, today Chern Yao asked the most retarded question ever.

I was (not so) happily doing my (not quite) endless pile of sejarah workbooks when suddenly his high pitched voice disrupted my (not so) peaceful mood.

"Why do guys need to wear underwear."

Holy shit, are you retarded or something.

The whole class was laughing at this.
Anyways, being the friendly classmate that I am, I gladly enlightened him.

"Why do I need to wear underwear!?"

"Chern Yao, you're asking ME why YOU need to wear underwear? I don't know why you wear it but I wear it for protection and hygiene."

"Really?" *laughters in the background*

And Bahrain cut in.

"Of course la, but I don't think you need to wear, you got nothing to protect!"

Of course, Chern Yao did the right thing --- Ignoring him.

"Actually you made a good point."

"Of course."

"Not you!"

"Eh, you ever tried wearing school pants without underwear?"

"Oh ya! It's gonna hurt right?"

"Yes, a whole lot of pain."

And he finally went off, bringing back peace to me and my new girlfriend, Book(s).

BUT, just minutes later.

"Doesn't it hurt to run when two things are dangling in front of you?"

I turned around. Chern Yao was asking others (notably, juan, yun wei, natalie and mel) questions again. I could only think.

"You mean this two things *points at lower body* or that two things *points at upper body*?"

Retard? I think not.
Over-curious? Definitely.

Ah. Seven days. Time to hustle up.

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