Sunday, September 16, 2007


Are cool and yet so cruel.

I had consecutive dreams about her, and how I can help my friend.

Sometimes these dreams just make you wonder... and question.

Dang. If only she liked him, and he liked her, just like in the dream, it'd be that much easier to help my friend, wouldn't it?

Haha, this is so cool.

Spring likes Summer, and ponders if Summer likes him as well.

I'm not sure what to say anymore. Can I live in a dream?

In the dream, Spring and Summer were walking to school. Summer nudged Spring with her head. Spring, ever the stoner, refuses to stone anymore. He took the chance to hold Summer's hands. After a long while, he asked. "Would you?"

I wonder. Probably no, ain't I right?

I have nothing but vague recollections past that. I was sure she walked away. But before that she said something.... something.

"... Not now."

Yeah..... But that gives me hope, at the very least.

I think I love you.

"Things aren't what they seem to be."

If you're any good with geography, have common sense, and know my character. You'll easily solve this riddle. But if you do. I sincerely hope you would not make my life harder. Use your judgements.

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