Saturday, September 22, 2007

Give thanks.

We have to give thanks! For all that we have. =D

Anyways. I feel amat the happy right now.

I just did a good deed!

Perhaps it's just as the Chinese idiom says.

"Zhu Ren Wei Kuai Le Zi Ben."

It means, helping others is the basis of happiness.

Okay. So when I got home from church. I took off my shoes, and left my bag on my couch.

It is a normal habit of me to take off my shoes, but not socks, and step into my house.

So as I was going to take off my socks, I spotted a familiar looking dog outside on the street.

I pondered for a second. Ah, it's my neighbour's dog, Scissors! I memerhatikan from afar, wondering what is it doing outside.

And then, I decided to alarm my neighbour of his "stray dog".

I put on my slippers and walked out of my house, I lured him near me.

HOWEVER, he ran into my house. So I sprinted ahead of him and closed my door shut, preventing him form entering my house. Then, I closed the gate to sort of "trap" it, preventing it from going somewhere I can't find.

I pressed the doorbell, notifying my neighbour, and led his dog back to him.

Ah, I feel so good now.

How the dog got out in the first place is beyond me though.

That's all for today, I suppose.

And remember, give thanks!


Puan Hasni will be proud.

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