Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I cut my hair yesterday. =D

It is very short. =|

But it's okay, I personally prefer myself with short hair. Although my friends' opinions differ.

At first. I was kinda shock at how my hair turned out. Not only was it short, it was like a freaking coconut. -___-

So, I asked him to cut even shorter. Which brought about better results.

Though this is really slightly too short to my liking.

Sorry, no pictures. I don't own a camera you see.

During tuition, Rahul again with his sick ass ways, hogged the limelight for the most part.

"Rahul, what is make out?"
"Make out is being friends in bed."

Great. Shall not bother to elaborate.



"Hello Lychee! I
going school
tomorrow. :)"



Lol. For some reason I laughed.

Right, so today I went to school...

What's so special about it?

A lot of things actually.

1) Jinwai didn't come.
2) Jou didn't come.
3) Yanyun didn't come.
4) Liesa didn't come.
5) Jenn didn't come.

as if it wasn't enough.

6) Vi Kie didn't come.
7) Boon Lee didn't come.
8) A few more people that I don't remember.

Basically, there was one empty row.

Of course, this is no match for other classes' attendance, or so I've heard.

Oh well, so I attended school.

Jeremy cut his hair!

Nicola said:

"My brother also went to cut his hair. We went to Centrepoint there. The lady damn dumb la, she cut my brother's hair like one straight line. I scold her like mad. (Ganas.) And my brother almost cried. (wtf.) Then we ask her cut shorter."

Okay. Chill Jeremy, your hair is still quite nice. Serious. =D

And Nicola also asked/said.

"Why guys like to wear their pants so low? Bahrain I can see your underwear."
"Eh, this is cool lah kay?"
"No it's not. Even my brother also wear like that and it's so gay. Why you all don't wear just like liQi?"
"Come on lah Nicola, this is the new age."
"My brother said liQi is like the only cool guy that doesn't drop pants."
"And it's true!"

Wow thanks Jeremy, and Bahrain. Never knew I was cool. xD

(Self publicizing. =x)

That's all for now. Ta. (Learnt from Jou.)

The red apple looks more delicious than the green apple. -__-

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