Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am (rather) drunk/

it feelsd rather good!~ =)


On second thought, it doesn't. But that's because I'm not drunk anymore. lol.

Well. It doesn't really feel good.

Being drunk, or quite drunk. but not very drunk. makes you do lots of stupid things.


you drink more!
-it certainly feels addictive sometimes. but doesn't really taste good.


you laugh alot!
-yes you do. you just feel the need to laugh when something funny, or just even the slightest bit of funny is said. makes you feel better I guess.


you sway!
-like captain jack sparrow. everybody likes him, no?


your head's density seems to reduce!
-it feels light and the weight of the world seems to have evaporated. (science mind, you see.)


you make friends with people you don't really know!
-Ram made friends with bacardi uncle! ha ha ha. yeah sure.


you pose with a bottle!
-yep, we did.

you go home, and do not open the gate. instead, you climb the gate!
-I did it.

you get scolded by your mum!
-and she comments on how you look rather drunk, and smell like alcohol.

you talk nonsense.
-a whole lot of it. and wonder if your friend is your friend. hahaha.

you call your friend's girlfriend, who is incidentally your best friend!
-and she says that you and her were drinking in spirit. comments on how drunk you sound and laughs at you. records your voice, and plans to play it in school. asks you to sleep. and listens to you blabber nonsense. while boasting how she can drink better than me, without proof. nyahaha.

you make your friend wake up in the middle of the night!
-and she comments on how tired she feels and yet does not want to sleep, listen to you talk nonsense, tells you how her day was, gets confused by you as another friend, unable to tell her gender, and then she complains about what a friend you are after many long years.

you sleep.
-ain't that obvious.

my advice to friends.

you may drink, but do not drink so much.
jou thinks drinking too much will lead to you spilling secrets.

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