Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Life Lately.

I feel obliged to blog today.



Okay maybe not.

Hello my faithful readers. I have returned! Ho ho ho.

Today marks the return of the "Notebook-Bearing-Days." A term coined by JENNers the Menace which apparently points to the habit of House Leaders to bring a notebook wherever they go. A.K.A. Busy period.

Tomorrow, saringan resumes. Not very good news to me. Not that I want to procrastinate, but I could do with a few spare days where I can clarify my athlete lists and make sure they know what they're doing.

But nooooo. En. Salahuddin never fails to inform us last minute, despite my pleas to let us know as soon as there's any changes. Instead, a half-asleep me was treated to shocking news this morning during assembly when I heard a familiar phrase...

"Lontar Peluru L1 dan L2"

Me: Wutt? *wakes up grimly* (Thinks to self: HOLY CRAP?) Eh Jinwai, what day he said ah?
Jinwai: Tomorrow.
Me: ( &$*()@&$*(!@)(!*^($*! )

So yeah, tomorrow there's saringan in the school swimming pool field.

And that marks the continuation of my search. Time to approach/confront a few individuals.

Namely: Asyiqin, Joey Chan, Sze Min.

Watch out, I'm coming for you! Haahahhahaha.

Oh and today when I was scouring the streets of SMKBUD4, I got ambushed by Pn Lee! Hehehehhee. Good thing is our relationship is not that poor, so she kinda let me off the hook, but only after I managed to convince her about the importance of approaching the athletes personally. And that'd be the ignorance of 82.4125% of the students towards assembly announcements.

*Looking towards the corridor.*
Pn Lee: Why do I always see you around?
*Turns around and sees Pn Lee coming down the stairs.*
(Oh snap.)

Classic. Ahahaha.

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