Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Emotions.

Lately, I've been approached by a few people.

"Eh Li Qi, why you always look so grumply lately one?"

"Li Qi, smile!"

"Li Qi, why so emo?"

"Li Qi, why so angry!?"

"Li Qi, you always look pissed!"

"Li Qi, stop making that face!"


Is my face that misleading?

I'm sorry people, but that's the only face I can make when I don't feel particularly expressive or don't feel any emotion. =="

Well, at least I've recieved "Li Qi, you always smile!" once.

And that's from a very smiley girl as well. Ahahahahha.

Many have attributed My Grumpiness to Green House and they might not be wrong.

It's kinda sickening when you have to approach this able athlete, only to find he's such an unable human being.

(very shortened version.)

Do You want to join-



No, I'm lazy.

Come on la, you're one of the best among them, just stay back one day la.

When ah?

2 30 - 4.

Wah, like that. I can go home and sleep until 4, come to school, and see you all lose!


You're beyond cure.

Sometime I wonder what goes through their minds.

Yet, I can never understand human beings like this no matter how much I try.

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