Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dear July,

Oh how I love you and dread you at the same time.

It's funny how in the middle of such a packed month, I still felt very inanimate. I still felt I needed a new lease of life.

Yet, in hindsight, I'm very pleased with how much I've grown in my mind and heart.

Something I didn't particular like and found a burden eventually turned out quite fun.

While some people I liked for a long time somehow seemed less likable.

Some things I used to do seemed very inappropriate all of a sudden.

I guess it's true when they say when you've been around for too long, you see the ugly side of things.


LOUD! seemed fun! Sadly due to my emcee duties I couldn't immerse myself in the atmosphere.

Being emcee had it's own element of fun though, so maybe I shouldn't complain! Haha.

Some pictures!

Steph and me, doing my standard pose of the night.

Foreground: Steph. Background: Me!

Trying to get the crowd excited.

Brave kid, not bad dancer too, did Michael Jackson moves. Was runner up to...

CRAZY DANCER! Jonathan from DJ if I remember correctly.
Just form 3 too!
He's Malaysia's Aiden Davies!

Winner of Pre-LOUD! Blogging Competition: Diong Mei Yih.

Steph and Me acknowledging the people.


All in all, a very fun and memorable night.

I'd take this advantage to thank a few people.

Firstly, Stephanie Ong for being my co-emcee and bearing with my nonsense!

Secondly, the rest of the Ongs for lending their house to be our practice place.

Not forgetting, Jared Ang and Lydia Ong, who were our tutors and predecessors.

Last but not least, God and my fellow brothers who prayed for me and gave me strength.

Thank you all.

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