Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cheer 2009.

Yo Blitzerz!
What's up? What's up?
What's up? What's up?
What's up? What's up?
You think about winning?
Forget about it.
'Cause you know what?
'Cause we're the best!
'Cause we're the best!
'Cause we're the best!
'Cause we're the best!
Go.... Blitzerz!


And we were.

Best Supporters 2009.
Best Make Up: Second runner up.
And of course....

In Zoe's own words, the 'ecstatic' Blitzerz team smiling in jubilation.

Every bit deserved?



The rabbit won the race.


I'm really happy and proud.

If this has taught me anything, it's that everything can change through sheer hard work. Zoe and the Blitzerz, I salute you. You all deserved it!

Good job juniors for the organization. Though there's always room for improvement. Well done for the most part though.

Thank you to all the vociferous supporters who shouted their lungs out. We are, the best supporters! For the rest though, shame on you! :(

(proper update some time later.)

As evidenced by the pictures. The atmosphere in the stadium was simply electric. Our section alone boasted about 400 loudmouths. Some more enthusiastic than the others, but enthusiastic all the same.

Needless to say, we caught plenty of attention and drowned nearly everyone out. Except maybe the larger Xavier/Adele group on Sunday.

Every volunteer from our camp went down with thunderous support.

Darren, Marwan, Kadri, Nazar and even Mr. Donald and Clara's mum all ventured on the blue mat.

They went with every ounce of support from the supporters and were good in doing everything that was asked (mostly anyway).

Nazar's Mercy was show-stopping! Hahahahaha.

Good job BUD4!


Some of the juniors couldn't resist taking some pictures with me. Haihz.... (syok sendiri. ==")

Well done kids, keep it up! You lot have a lot of potential.

So finally Chapter I of July 2009 came to a close.


Bring on the driving test.

July 4th/5th: Cheer 2009
July 6th: Driving exam. (!!!)
July 10th: Malam Bakat.
July 11th/12th: KAKA KRS.
July 18th/19th: KRS Kerja Amal.
July 26th: LOUD! Concert.
July 31st: Hari Kokurikulum.

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