Thursday, July 2, 2009


As I enter the seventh month of 2009. I'm faced by mounting challenges and even more responsibilities.

July 4th/5th: Cheer 2009
July 6th: Driving exam. (!!!)
July 10th: Malam Bakat.
July 11th/12th: KAKA KRS.
July 18th/19th: KRS Kerja Amal.
July 26th: LOUD! Concert.
July 31st: Hari Kokurikulum.

Factor in the numerous practices I have during the month and woohoo, it's a jam-packed July.

In fact, malam bakat alone is gonna keep me real busy.

After that, it's intense training for Hari Koko.

AND, if I am really elected to be emcee for LOUD!, it's gonna be a pain in the ass of a July.

But you know what they say, circumstances makes a hero.

And if I emerge from this month as a hero, you can bet I'll have a smile plastered on my face for a long long time!

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