Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sports Day.... The dreaded day that I had wished would never come (until I was properly prepared).

But of course, it still came. I wasn't the slightest bit prepared.

Marching was a mess. Not everybody were cooperating. I could've easily listed down top 10 most not-serious ahlis.

It's so much of a mess, we didn't get the formation done until that day's morning itself. Bloody idiots. I just want to scream at them sometimes. Why can't they think for the good of the House?

And so it came. Lintas hormat was no problem. It was never hard to begin with.

Great edit by hauyon.

Formation was fucking screwed up.

If you know me well, you know I'm damn serious if I drop the F-bomb.

I'm pretty much still bitter about it. Next year I desire to win even more.

Pompoms.... Oh well. Couldn't say much about it. The Green Girls were definitely shining. BUT, some grave errors allowed Yellow to snatch it. Yellow were the only group without huge visible errors.

Still, I maintain my claim that our house still have the best cheerleaders. Just some misfortune there...

We pulled off most of the tarik tali victories at the end, and were propelled to 3rd, quite close to 2nd placed Blue as well.

We were so happy when the team announced to be fourth weren't Green lol.

It's a dawn of a new generation. Belief is spreading that we can do better, and I certainly agree.

I intend to help the house be serious challengers to the throne long fought between the reds and the blues.

'09 will be a Green Year!

Til then, here's a Nazar.

Oh right, after that, I walked through Centre Park.

It seems that the rain that befell our region for several consecutive days has left a trail of destruction in it's wake.

The leaves littered the ground. Not a pretty sight.

Thankfully, we didn't have to swim for Sport's Day. In fact, it was burning hot, that it was somewhat unhelpful.

See you all. Hope you people will have a great weekend.

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