Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eve: DUMC -> SSMC

On to celebration after the eventful cell meeting. Maybe you would want to join our cell? :D It's fun! ;D

Oh right I forgot, we weren't just discussing about our pengetua during that session by the way, we were talking about in general how each race acts. But let's not get into that.

Celebration! Today is Holy Saturday. Yesterday was Good Friday and Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.

Oops, I said it wrongly.

YESTERDAY WAS FFFFRRRRIIIIIDAAAY!!!!! FRIIIDAYY! But today is different, today is SAAATUURDAAAY! And tomorrow will be even better. SUUUNDAAAAAY IS COMING!!!

Yes, that was exactly how the speaker, Pastor Peter spoke.

He had a very powerful westerner-ish slang, but is actually a Singaporean. Quite a funny man too.

When introduced as a friend whom Senior Pastor Daniel grew with (if I'm not mistaken), he jokingly stated this:

"Well, thank you very much Pastor Daniel for introducing me as a bald and fat man."

The crowd (or just me) was stunned. For a moment I thought that a commotion might have happened.

He then broke the silence:

"Well I guess when he said grew, he meant that I was growing sideways and frontwards. And then I needed to make room for more brains, so my hair had to make way."

And that drew some laughter from the crowd.

He spoke about what Easter meant to Christians and all, and what it is all about.

Next he also told us about how a man from America likes to preach in what they call a Black Church.

"...... Black church? As in a Satanic church or something?" That's what I thought.

But my doubts were answered. Apparently, a Black Church refers to a church where most of the residents near it's area are African Americans.

That man that Pastor Peter spoke of, was the only Caucasian man in the whole church. He says, he enjoys being in a Black Church, because the blacks will let you know how you're doing.

When you're doing good, they'd go...



And when you're doing not so well....


They make it known.

He once again showed his humorous side when he went:

"And if you say that later, I'm not coming back tomorrow."

AND THEN, some time later, when he was preaching, a youth shouted:


No it wasn't me. When I was plotting to do something similar, Jon gave me "The Stare" and said:

"Don't even think about it!"


And, Jung Kiang produced a drawing.... which drew.... LOTS AND LOTS OF CHUCKLES.

Then I added this.

And he drew yet another.


*This depiction is only meant to make people smile, and not to make others feel offended. I apologize beforehand for any unmeant harm caused.

After celebration, me, Koks and Jung dined at KFC and then took a cab to drop off Jung and pick up Huaj, before heading off to Shing's church.

The taxi driver was the most hilarious one I've ever met, I'll cover the conversation in another blog. Never in my life have I spoke to taxi drivers so much. I think I talked more to this taxi driver than all the taxi driver's I've ever met combined.

Yeah, so we reached SSMC, where we were invited to watch a movie by Shing about how an atheist wanted to prove that Jesus Christ was just another conspiracy, but ended up being drawn into Christianity instead. Karyee was there too.

Doesn't really qualify as "movie" but a great documentary nonetheless.

Then me, Koks and Huaj bummed at McD for an hour or so.... Talking lots and lots of crap.

We ejek-ed Huaj and his "muse/s". [He always calls mine "liQi's muse/s" so I'm calling his the same ;D]

We also played the best game of all time.


Bet you don't know what it's that.

If you want to, grab my phone.

And I also fixed my bracelet which I broke some time ago. Was tedious.

Yeah I know it's uneven. I didn't count before I fixed it.

Then we walked back to BU3, and camped at Kok's house.


No, seriously, we did.

The lots had... very.... eccentric names.







Houses were called Card Shops and Hotels, Duelist Centres.


In the end it was more of a game of sympathy as we kept letting each other go by after landing on a game-over lot.

Obviously, I won. /gggggggggg

Yeah, with my excellent mathematics and clairvoyance, I managed to predict Huaj's downfall easily.

On average he needed to pay me 5500$ per round, IF the game went on. But he kinda chickened out at the thought of bankruptcy and gave up. So I won. He admitted his loss too~!

You get my point? My EXXCEEELLEEENNTTTT clarity allows me to predict my victory.

[Basically we lost terukly to Huaj, and I made up stories that IF the game went on, he would ened to pay me 5500$ each round ASSUMING he falls on my every land every turn. But of course, with my brilliant clairvoyance abilities, I predicted that he will. But will he?]

Then we played Battleships. I beat Huaj again [not]. Despite handed the weaker of the two sets of ships when we messed it up, I manage to beat him.

I was handed the bigger ships because of careless sorting. Bigger ships are more prone to attacks, thus weaker. But I won. /gg xD

Hahaha, then we sleep.

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