Sunday, March 30, 2008

Random afterpool images.

So.... me and Koks go to swim quite often, particularly for our lessons. and.... we tend to get quite bored when it ends, and when we're still waiting for transport to arrive.

Here at my Dad's club.... there's a swimming pool. We learn to swim there. (Duh?)

I pointed out how the portraits were rather racist-ish.... and he got maddd...


Wtf? Now even the guys on toilet doors also must wear songkok? What kind of crap is this wei.

Kokweng will so anger that he england drop by 7 ranks.

Ahem, you can even read how traumatic he felt when he saw it. He sympathized deeply for Al the toilet doorman, now known as Ali, who was forced to join the Islamic religion.

True to his nature, Kokss sat down in dismay and talked to himself about how he could've saved Al and shed some tears.

[Okay fine, this is bullshit. lol.]

To cheer him up, I brought him to the nearby playground, where he had some fun.

Oh, this is the poolside btw.

I was trying to demonstrate how small the playground is compared to our sizes, but I overestimated the length of my arm and failed miserably. The hot weather didn't help either. You could tell how hot it was from the look of my face. Heh.

Here's a clearer view. At least that dude stopped worrying about Al. Ahhh...

Kokss: So fun!

Right, then we went somewhere else.

And there was a signboard. Kokss felt sad. He isn't a member. Haihz.

Which is why he rejoiced and jumped for joy when he saw the signboard for the visitor's car park.



Kokss: This one bigger la.

..... You decide.

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