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Cell: Racism.

Lately I've been more or less lazy to blog.... Here's a rare one..

But there's probably more to come. When I blog... I sort of get into a "Rush Mode".

Today I went to church. Was fun, undoubtedly.

We (our cell) talked about society problems and many nonsense arose courtesy of Jung Kiang and his leng chaiz (* leng chaiz here doesn't mean handsome, more like "konco") of lameness.

Such problems included....

- DotA Addiction among teenagers.
Jon dismissed this idea because the person in need of help is not someone else but just Jung Kiang.

-Increasing rate of homosexuality among men and women.
Once again, dismissed, this time by me, because the person in need of help, is of course.... Jung Kiang again.

-Severe incline of intelligence among people nowadays.
.... Need I even say? (*Victim is Jung Kiang*)

Then, we ended up talking about racism and how Ram is the victim. Quite comical.

Soon, racism entered a bigger fray. Not just a joke among friends anymore as it was with Ram.

We were discussing our school's recent ruckus involving the new disliked principle.

We sort of, unanimously agreed she was being biased, and many of her actions were invoking racial tension, instead of harmony.

We raised topics such as the now well-known incident during the PIBG Annual meeting.

This, was the only stage where the parents can effectively converse with the school's officials and sort things out.

This, was the only stage where the parents could speak their thoughts right to her face and ask what was her intention of doing certain things that has created a rift among her and the students.

YET, she amazingly brushed aside all those accusations and LEFT the meeting abruptly with the reason being, "Sorry, I need to pray now."

And she never came back.

*These were told to me by a witness who was present at the meeting. I'm sincerely sorry for any inaccuracies. But there shouldn't be any, unless I wasn't told the whole story.

There are also many other issues which annoyed me to no ends, particularly the infamous STAGED Q&A SESSION.

According to many sources (probably reliable, one of them being the question asker him/herself.), our headmistress gathered students from the school to ask questions that SHE HAS SET on the next Monday in a Q&A session.

No wonder I was left wondering what was with her fluency that she has never shown in answering questions. The reason? IT WAS STAGED AND SHE KNEW THE QUESTIONS BEFOREHAND.

The reason why students were unfazed by the challenge she made to answer EVERY and ANY questions, were because, THEY TOO WERE ALREADY NOTED TO ASK QUESTIONS (*Most of the students are passive and could care less to stand up against her, so it was quite shocking originally).

BUT, she couldn't keep her word.

Some students also said that she brushed aside certain questions that deviated from the original one she set and muttered some gibberish nonsense. Some also said that when another student wanted to come up and ask a question, she ignored it and said "It's over."

Some class she has.

Next was the infamous Chinese New Year Celebration incident.

She notoriously raised eyebrows of many when she pronounced that there would be NO DRUMS OR GONGS DURING THE LION DANCE.

This is..... retarded.


Then she gave probably the most (in)famous quotation in our school's history.

"The drums will attract Malay ghosts."


What kind of superstitious BULLSHIT is this? Loud noises attracting Malay ghosts, as she says.
This is the first time in my sixteen years of my life I've ever heard this nonsense.

Even some of the parents could not help but think "KNNCCB!?!?!"

In the end, after immense pressure from teachers and students, she gave in and allowed the drums.

HOWEVER, in what many students deem as an act of defiance, she once again, rose to the stage of fame by wearing the opposite colour of what every other teacher was wearing - Blue.

With every teacher, regardless of race, endorsing the big day of the Chinese by wearing red garments, she wore blue.

She was instantly recognized everywhere she went as "The Blob of Blue" on that day. (*See? Isn't the word instantly recognizable in this sea of red?)

This was a trivial matter though, and I could care less. She might not have even meant it to be an act of defiance. But whatever you think it is, it's up to you.

I would talk about the mandatory prayer every Monday morning, but I think that issue is already well renown enough, I wouldn't need to say anything about it. Just a recap though, for those who don't know and are interested.

Every Monday morning, we are now required to pray.

Not that I have an issue with this.

In her words. "Sekarang, disilakan semua warga Islam untuk angkat tangkat tangan dan berdoa."

Seriously I don't have a problem with this.

But a teacher pointed out. It's because of our carefree attitude that the government are minor-ising our race. We don't give much of a damn even though they're challenging the equality oaths they've sworn.

He/She states (some parts I've changed due to memory inefficiency), "Right now they're asking the Muslims to pray, but not us!? Why is she putting emphasis on the Muslims? That's already an act of inequality. Are we second class citizens to the so called bumiputeras? Just because we are the minority, they're now bullying us around? This is racism."

I couldn't help but agree? Are we second fiddle to the natives just because we aren't the natives? Native or not, we are still human, and why don't we deserve equal rights as you? What have you done to earn that privileges? Nothing, you were born here and spoon-fed with those privileges.

Are there any thoughts on this? Feel free to comment. Any insertion is appreciated.

I'm sorry if I've offended any of you. I was just letting out some thoughts I've welled up in my heart for some time.

Over and out.

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