Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Greatest Morning.

It might not have been the greatest day of my life.

But, I definitely experienced my greatest morning on 1/4/2008.

To all who've made my day such a pleasant one, you have my sincerest and deepest appreciation and thanks.

Especially Jou and Yy, who were surely the masterminds heh.

I'm truly grateful I have such wonderful friends.

Heh, few days ago, me and my friends were talking bout stuff..

We sort of said about how your friend celebrates your birthday signifies how you've been to them.

I must've been quite significant in their lives, to get such a wonderful party. =D

Proudnya. Heh. Thanks alot.

I'm sure Yy, Jou and Koks have a lot to say about how I was shocked by them and fell onto my bed when they appeared behind my toilet doors. =="

Heh, stunnya. I sort of knew they were gonna do something, but certainly not in my house early in the morning.

Yeap, so the 5 of us (+ huaj) ended up walking to school together. They were diverting my attention with Yy, but that didn't stop me from noticing kokweng was carrying some stuff and dodging my line of sight.

==" I'm not so dumb kay, just didn't want to spoil your fun, or mine. =D

I really really thank you all from the bottom of my heart. *bow*

What, that wasn't enough? Want a curtsy as well? Hahahah.

It was a really happy day for me.

Despite several people being unbelieving of my birth date, it was no matter. Nothing could stop today from developing into a great day.

Some people whom I did not expect to wish me did. So.... It's nice being popular every once in a while. =D

GUIDE: How to make the idiot happy.

Step One: Go up randomly to him and say happy birthday.

Step Two: Give a big big smile. =DDDD

Step Three shouldn't be needed. Heh.

Yep. So I was a real happy man today.

Thank you all. I'll drive you all out in a year's time. =)

And here's the cards I received. (First time I've received birthday cards. ==")

Jou's. As usual, great art.

Joel. Paying homage to my blog name lol. Very creative! You can move the hand to poke the girl's face. -.-

karMun's. Small (like her) but neat and nice. =D

Pou's. Damn Kua Zhiong. Needed hauyon to mail it to me (by bike) lol.

Group Card....

And this is last year's. =D

Once again, thanks so much to all of you. And Jou I want the pictures. Hah.

Yours truly, Li Qi the Lycheese or Qiraffe or whatever you want to call me! =D

The greatest friends. Will treasure them. :)

-Birthday Wish(ed): "I wish the best for all my friends and their lives..."

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Traumanista said...

Happy Sweet 16th, Liqi.
Gosh, you have such great friends. Who would have thought anyone would hide behind toilet doors for their birthday. I would have... fainted..
Anyways, great blog LiQi. I've always enjoyed your view on things. LOL. :D