Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bitter Endings.

Feuds have torn us asunder.

Conflicts, not just any number,

Some against one another,

And plenty alongside each other.

I saw the truth, but you pretended.

I told the truth, but they weren’t persuaded.

I begged for truth, but it only saw me injured.

You preached your ‘truth’, and left me disappointed.

There were many instances where you stole my flower,

And countless other times where you stole my thunder.

Often, I pondered and wondered in anger,

Why oh why were you someone I called my ‘Brother?’

Everything I’ve worked for, you plundered.

Everything I’ve wanted, you demanded.

My pleas and entreaties, you have shunted.

I can’t help but wonder, ‘Has it ended?’

(Yes I wrote this, stop asking.)

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