Friday, February 13, 2009

Being a Tomato.

Greens we need to be a tomato liau.

That is.. we need to.. ketchup.

Geddit? Geddit??


Ya, jokes aside... They did better than us, and we need to haul back the points now.

Cheer, Deco, Marching.... I expect the best from you all, please.

The gap is not impossible to close. We definitely still have a chance. I've spotted a few L1 prodigies which will do us good in the future.


Green house aside, I've signed up for BUD4 Idol. Support me please. Lol.

Don't even know what to sing.

Maybe I'll duet Uptown Girl with Huajie.

Or I Believe In You with Ash...

Or solo? I'm kinda sick of Ronan Keating winning every year though. First Zjin Fei, then Joey.


Something new please.

God bless me.

1 comment:

yongying said...

Haha good to know you're entering! thought you had some potential x) yeah don't do ronan keating. good luck qi!!! :D