Monday, February 2, 2009

More Than Best Friends.

Watching, watching and watching. That's all I've done.


You know, I've always wondered how it'd feel to have a girlfriend.

I've never had one and probably will not look for one until next year.

I'm kinda lousy when it comes to this.

So... How's it like to be in love?

(I'd prefer comments, easier to keep track of.)


beatrice jeanne tan said...

Waaah, so emotional all of a sudden.

Btw, love can be sweet, love can be a pain. Can't really say. Love's a feeling. You'll find out.

Til then, enjoy life and don't think so much you noobster :)

liqi said...

i knew it.

you really are gay.


huajie said...

jung is single and available ;D just a thought muahaha.

nur said...
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