Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Enter the Greens.

Sports Day, here we come.


Sukan Tara (however you spell it.) has just ended for the Greens.

What can I say?

We've done our best and we'll have no regrets.

While our best may not be the best, it is our very best and the best we can muster.

Good job Greens, may you people bring forth a vociferous crowd on Sports Day.

We're halfway there!

  • Cheerleaders looking good as always.
  • Deco is reliable enough.
  • Now if only the marching people will be more cooperative...

I kinda suck at speaking, so perhaps writing my speech here may help spurring you people.

Some of you may notice I was constantly looking in my book today when speaking.

You guessed it, I forgot what to say. =="

That aside... There are a minority who seriously have an attitude problem.

I seriously cannot fathom what is the difficulty in turning up and taking part in four (4) events without playing a fool.

Yes you have tuition, but is it an almighty loss to miss just one lesson? What would you have missed?

10 questions of Quadratic Equations?

10 questions of a = (v-u) / t?

Relax, it's still early in the year and you can well afford missing just one class.

Come on Greens.

Try your best, your effort is appreciated even if it bears no fruit.

"Aiya, I surely cannot one la... "

Honestly, if you haven't tried, you will never know.

I never knew I could beat HuaJie in 100m but I did today. (lol)

Prove to the other houses we're no losers.

We've lost enough times.

This year, our ambitions extend beyond 3rd place.

Make a statement to them.

Make a statement to the Red, Blue and Yellow houses.

That we, Greens are out here.

That we are here not to lose,

but to challenge for the very top.

That we are 300 people who will battle to the very end to seek out victory.

And that we are The Green House.

p/s: Honestly, best Sukan Tara in the five years I've been here. But how do we compare to Red, Blue and Yellow? We'll have to wait and see.

p/s (2): HIJAU HOT TO GO!

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